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This photograph is of a 5 circle labyrinth I created in my garden, and it is said that you find yourself when journeying a labyrinth.
I am passionate about my work and trust that my talks and workshops are awakening experiences for you, and the words you hear are a catalyst to help you find the real you. I love to share my knowledge and experience with as many people as possible to inspire and educate, weaving in real life stories to accelerate your understanding. If you would like me to do a talk for a group of like minded people please contact me.

See the various options and content descriptions, as follows:

Recognise the Power of your Pictures with Feng Shui

Have you ever thought about the concept that your home is a mirror of your life? We fill our homes with artwork, ornaments and items that we collect, and they often reflect who we are and where we've been, as opposed to who we want to be and where we truly want to go! Begin to understand how your home is a mirror of your life and how your choice of artwork reflects your circumstances. Working with Feng Shui enables us to have a life review and re-style and jump start our lives. Realise how to create a nurturing sanctuary within your home, and help support yourself as you move towards your dreams and goals. Learn how to bring your life into total balance and harmony and embrace a future of opportunity and unlimited potential. Embrace the gift of a new pair of eyes and be in love with life!

Having worked professionally as a Feng Shui Consultant since 1998, whenever I visit a home it tells me exactly what is going on in the occupants' life before they share any of their innermost thoughts. Particularly the powerful effect pictures have on their sub-conscious mind in the choice of images. The way you choose to display them says it all! They often reflect who you are and where you've been, as opposed to who you want to be and where you want to go. The first visual image you see when you wake up in the morning and the last you see when you turn off the light, being the MOST powerful of all! During an enlightening Power Point presentation I will relate many real life experiences with animated humour. I promise to send you home with a new pair of eyes.

Improve your life and prosperity with the power of positive thinking

This talk will focus on the power of our intention; our inner Feng Shui. Understand that we create our own reality. Whatever we think and say, we project into our future. Lasting changes happen from inside out. Our thoughts and dreams are our seeds for the future. Consider upgrading your language and thought patterns, and connect to universal energies to accelerate and enhance your life path as you work towards your unique unlimited potential. I promise to send you home with a deeper understanding of the phrase "Be careful what you wish for!"

Understanding the Power of Prayer and Intention

Insight on the origins and journey of my "Global Peace Prayer" and how the continual use of positive words and language raises our own individual level of vibration and changes lives in our world today. Mark Penn has written a book called "Microtrends: The small forces behind tomorrow's big changes" and says: "It takes only 1% of people making a dedicated choice - contrary to the mainstream choice - to create a movement that can change the world". Share a new understanding in your own Circle of Light and help towards magnifying our intention and create the tipping point for WORLD PEACE.

Pay it forward and our Global Peace Prayer

There is a film called "Pay It Forward", which tells the story of a simple message created by a 12 year old boy called Trevor. He was involved in a school project where he had to think of an idea for world change and put it to action. He thought he would start by doing something good for 3 people, and instead of paying him back, he asked them to "Pay It Forward" by doing a favour for three more people thereby creating a new currency and a long chain of human kindness. Through active discussion we can focus on how we as individuals can all make a difference in our world in the smallest of ways using the gift of time and sharing simple kindness in our lives. We can look deeper into the words of our Global Peace Prayer and use this as a strong foundation and basis for life, seeding the words deep within you, within ALL you do and ALL you are. As change happens within the individual the ripples around the world create a tsunami of LOVE. Make sure you're part of this whole new way of BEing.

Introduction to Meditation

Experience filling your body with inner peace and calm.  Generate the energy of pure and unconditional love from your heart as a key to total relaxation. Gain focus, clearness and clarity to enable you to make the most of each and every situation and make a difference in your world.

Love and Relationships

Is life all about experiencing love and relationships?  We can look around our own individual worlds, media and world news and realise there is room for improvement everywhere!  I've always believed that to make any relationship work you need to give until you think you've given enough, then give a bit more ... This falls into place, as one of the Laws of the Universe is whatever you give unconditionally and with LOVE will come back to you in many unlimited ways.  An active discussion of ideas to magnify the wonders of love in your life!

Work with the Power of Love by uniting body and soul energy

As we live this life our Soul can yearn for connection with the Light.  As you merge your consciousness with your Soul energy you will naturally be able to live your life in love, joy and happiness as you recognise yourself as a whole and complete Being of Divine Love and Light.  Practical ideas and active discussion on how you can physically help yourself, and how dimensional energies can help you define your path to achieve your unlimited potential.

An Introduction to a Way of working with Angels

Share your Angel experiences and seed new ideas of learning and possibility, to help expand your awareness and abilities as you travel on your own unique and individual "Angelic Pathway to Love".  An inter-active discussion of experiences and suggestions on how to work with Angels in our everyday, allowing our lives to become easier and welcoming a higher level of understanding, compassion and awareness into our circle of life.  Realise how you can access these higher dimensional energies to help bring more love into your world.   Be in love with life!

Working with Earth Healing around the home to improve your health and opportunities in life

This talk explains the concept of geopathic stress and other negative energies that can have a draining effect on our bodies and affect our levels of good health, energy, concentration, performance and temperament.  It can also block opportunities in life.  Enhanced with real life stories this introduces you to the concept of how the unseen energy within and around our home, can affect our life.

Introduction to Nine Star Kiology Astrology

This is a logical theory, which can help you to understand the time element of Feng Shui and guide you in major decisions in your life.  It is also invaluable in helping to understand your relationship with yourself and others.  This can be a life time study in itself which can lead you to investigate the energies of your family and friends, and other more known personalities as your fascination with the subject grows.


It is always an honour and a pleasure to share my work. Please give me a call to discuss your interest. I look forward to hearing from you ...

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