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Affirm Yourself To Success Article

When I began to change my life and wake up to the potential that there may be a different way to deal with life and the many and varied experiences and gifts this life time offers, one of the first changes I realised and implemented was to completely transform my language and thinking that had been previously conditioned deep within me since my formative years. This became part of a MASSIVE re-awakening process as I started to look outside my comfort zone and stretch my mind into an alternative way of being. One of the first books I read was titled "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise L Hay. She suggests an exercise for the reader to look in a mirror and say an affirmation, which for me went something like this:
"Vanessa I love you exactly as you are, you are a
whole and perfect being of Divine Love and Light"!

At the time I found this extremely difficult and the experience brought up SO many old emotions and feelings of not being good enough, and everything else that goes along with old memories that no longer serve, yet hang around and get heavier and heavier until you manage to find a way to ascend above them and allow them to fly away into insignificance, yet recognise the strength, gift and talent that the experience gifted. I often recommend this exercise to my clients these days and receive the same response that I would have given at the time; one of great hesitance and disbelief! Louise L Hay's story is very inspirational in itself and she has published many different books and packs of inspirational cards. The cards I often use in my work are her "Power Thought" cards which overflow with positivity and suggestions to help you look outside your comfort zone and open the door to a new you.

Around the same time I invested in a book titled "Creating Money Keys to Abundance" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. This is now my "Desert Island Book" (if I could only ever have one!) as it overflows with inspirations and I continue to recommend it to everyone. I still make a practise of randomly opening the book daily and am shown a page that offers me some encouragement and inspiration which always turns out to be perfect for my day ahead.

After these initial experiences of beginning to integrate affirmations into my every day, I began to continually get creative with my language and use positive, strong, helpful and supportive words in every moment. This practise became a massive aid to help shift my consciousness, become a super positive person and completely change and transform my life. In my experience re-programming myself to use positive thoughts, words and actions then became my new "normal"; my standard sub-conscious thinking process which helped me to build a very strong foundation for success in all aspects of my new life.

With all my experience I perceive an affirmation as positive self talk, a little pep talk to yourself to brighten your energy and ideas, and a gift to help renew your inner strength and believe in yourself that you can achieve your dreams. So have fun in creating your own affirmations, and here are some ideas and suggestions you may like to try to begin to help create that inner shift within and seed that new YOU:

"I am a cash magnet living in the fountain of wealth with a millionaire mind"

"I am blessed with an abundance of loyal, trustworthy, helpful, happy people in my life who all support and add to my continued success and unlimited abundance"

"I am successful in all that I do"

"I easily recognise opportunities and move forward with action to my advantage"

"I'm happy, healthy, wealthy and free"

"I love myself, I like myself, I'm worth it"

"My life is perfect in every way"

"I'm pro-active all the time. I always find positive solutions"

"I easily release the excess in my life"

"I enjoy an abundance of time to do everything I need to do"

"I am gorgeous and everybody loves me"

"I am a powerful man/woman"

"I live the life of my dreams"

"I am blessed in every way"

"How lucky am I"

"I am as free as I wish to be"

"I'm a genius and I apply my wisdom"

"My life is completely tidy, organised and easy"

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