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Change Your Life Style By Changing Yourself Article

Your life style can be contributed to personal choices, and the power of your thoughts, language and past conditioning, which make up your sub-conscious programming.  If you are happy with your life and surroundings, that is wonderful.  Alternatively if you are unhappy and always looking for something else but can't quite determine what it is, perhaps now is the time to change yourself from the inside out.

If you think about your life so far, you have gathered a number of experiences, from which you will have learnt a lot and nurtured gifts and skills, which become your strengths in life.  Focusing on these will allow you to recognise what you are good at and what makes you happy, thereby increasing your levels of confidence and self esteem.  Then you can start the process of deciding what you really want to do with the rest of your life.  You have two basic options; to have a brilliant time, or not!  Ask yourself if you just want to exist from day to day as long as you continue to live your ordinary life?  Alternatively, you can make a decision right now to change your future and appreciate your life, and go beyond the bounds or your present reality! Open yourself up to your unique unlimited potential and allow yourself to go beyond your limits.

The only person who ever stops you achieving anything in life is you, your language and thoughts being the most powerful part you.  So if you want to change, start to listen to yourself.  If you hear yourself continually talking yourself out of achieving something by thinking you're not good enough or clever enough, or saying words such as "can't", delete this programming from your thoughts and language, and start to believe that anything is possible.  When you decide how you want your new life to be, the most important thing is that you don't change your mind, otherwise this can scatter your energies and take you off track. Surround yourself with focus, clearness and clarity so that your dream becomes your reality.  Any achievement involves risk especially if it is a career or life change, but expect to succeed and cultivate genuine levels of tenacity and determination.  As you plan your new life break it down into "bite size chunks" to ensure you easily reach the next part of your goal. 

Appreciate your life, what it can give to you and what you can give to others.  Giving and receiving is a two way thing; the more you freely give of anything, the more you can freely receive.  Encourage yourself and others to try new experiences and be fearless.  Be free with your praise and complements.  Live every day to the full and smile and be happy in every moment, and you will notice how your new positive attitude makes a difference to everyone around you too.

We are so lucky to have many opportunities available to us at this time.  So ask yourself "What is my wildest dream?", and go anywhere and do anything, but please grab the chance to do something.  Love your life, stay on track, don't change your mind and ultimately enjoy the experience of life.

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