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Change Your Signature and Restyle Yourself Article

Years ago when I was a spec of the person I am now and had a very rigid and inflexible attitude and perception of life, if you had told me my signature was a mirror of my life and you could read my personality characteristics by looking at it, I would have found this idea very difficult to deal with! I first heard about this theory when I began to study Feng Shui and attended a workshop titled "Feng Shui and Prosperity" in which a wealth of wisdom was shared and one of the topics was insights on signature through graphology. Thankfully by this time my previous old stubborn attitude had begun to melt, a little bit like the wax on a candle as the flame becomes stronger, and my "Inner Light" began to glow more brightly. I began to look at my signature with this new inner sight I was developing and I realised that my signature did in fact mirror a very regimented person who was very stuck in her ways, as at the time my signature was very clear, neat and orderly and I always completed my signature on a downward slope and finished it with a full stop! This realisation wasn't in line with the new person I had in mind to become, so I decided that it would certainly be a very good idea indeed to develop a new signature in line with my new persona. However, initially my old stubborn self had the thought "Well - how on earth can you finish an "s" on a rising stroke?" as the last letter of my surname is an "s". Fortunately for me I had began to listen to a very strong voice in my head which gently began to challenge all of my old restricting thought patterns and support me in embracing my new found freedom. Needless to say I soon developed a very bold and energised signature which I felt reflected my new persona and still does today.

With all of the experience I've been blessed with, when I'm working with others I often ask them to sign their name to give me another clue to how they're feeling. I used to work with groups of ladies with "Positive development" workshops. Sadly they were most probably at their lowest ebb in life at the time. However, this opportunity turned out to be a wonderful experience for me to hone my presentation skills and become really energised to engage and wake up my ladies and get the best out of the these sessions as they used to start at 8.00am in the morning! One of the tools I used was signature analysis. Most of the ladies would sign their names in very small script and just use their initial of their first name and their full surname, and within their signature were lots of full stops, especially at the end! An example is Janet Smith would sign in very small writing "J. Smith." As I analysed each signature they thought I had studied their notes and knew everything about them. It was really useful and very interesting for me to be able to study group behaviours in this way and enhance my own development of this understanding too. The biggest gift for me was by the time we reconvened the following week they had often completely changed and practised their new signature, and it was evident that this guidance was playing it's part in helping them to positively change their life and embrace a new way of being. These are the signature guidelines we worked with at the time:

Signature Guidelines
  • Finish your signature on a rising stroke (remember the NIKE tick). In doing this you can seed the new thought of "I'm always on the up" every time you sign your name.

  • Write your first name in full as this represents your personal intent in life. If you only sign your initial you may be prone to staying unnoticed. Sign your full name: and stylise it! Remember Super Stars sign BIG! (that is of course if you wish to be one?).

  • Stop any full stops, as this stops you moving forward.

  • Loops in your name are your money bags so the more the better, and the shape of an "8" indicates abundance. Creatively writing some letters can look like symbols of abundance, for instance an "L" can look like a " " and an "S" or "B" can look like an "8".

  • Do not write over your name in going back and carrying on at the same level and negating your existence.

Occasional when I asked my clients to sign their signature they tell me they have two signatures, and of course I ask them to sign them both. This tells me they have two different personas. In one particular instance my client had one signature which was very creative and finished with a flurry, which happened to be his personal signature for use with friends. The other signature was scribbled over which happened to be his work signature. This action negates your existence and sadly his work experience reflected exactly that as he had been made redundant a number of times!

I was very fortunate that my new signature metamorphosed over time and I didn't have to go through any official channels, just sign in my new style when I needed a new passport, driving license, et al. If you do make a massive change I suggest it's best to formalise your new signing as required, and remember there is always a way!

I'm always interested to have a peek at a signature, and if I ever see one in a publication I can't help myself but have a look and perhaps gain a hidden insight into the person's character. perhaps you would like to consider these ideas and have a look at your own signature and do a little bit of gentle self analysis, and if inspired allow your creativity the freedom to stylise a new signature and sculpt a new you! Happy writing!

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