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Cleanse Your Mind, Body and Soul and Embrace a New You Article

"Better keep yourself clean and bright. You are the window
through which you must see the world." - George Bernard Shaw

Why Cleanse Your Mind?
There is a lovely saying; "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always be who you've always been!". As soon as we are born there are people around us who look after and guide us, and they do the best they can based on their own understanding and perception of life at that time. We are very fortunate these days to live in a democratic society and have the freedom of speech to share our thoughts. A lot of us are now realising that our old programming is not serving our higher selves and we have already taken action and started to change our old ways and are living much more liberal and confident lifestyles. We can certainly see this playing out with todays young people as they aim high.

It's really healthy for us now to cleanse our old thought patterns and destructive and limiting beliefs, and embrace a new and positive way of being with our eyes wide open. As you merge together with your Higher Soul Self you can ascend over your normal everyday experiences and use your senses in a heightened and more attuned way, and begin to listen to yourself and hear in all honesty and truth what you're saying. Sometimes I've worked with people and they have realised it wasn't their voice in their head they were listening to, and what they were hearing wasn't their truth! As you embrace your new Super Soul personality you can learn to LOVE yourself and rise into your true purpose in life. I'm convinced everyone's natural ideal is to live life in an abundance of love, every happiness, great health and vitality, good luck and continued success and prosperity. Creativity awakens consciousness and leads to joy and freedom. Your mind can be your best friend, or you can constantly self sabotage yourself, and as we discipline ourselves to be positive more and more in every aspect of our lives, things happen when we're happy.

Having a life review is a very powerful reality check to help you discern anything you want to change in life.
Why Cleanse Your Body?
Often our language has become a habit from the past, so too is what we have chosen to feed our bodies physically with the food we eat. Our bodies needs are simple and perhaps it's time we reverted to a fresh and healthy diet, choosing the raw option as much as possible to ensure we imbibe living minerals, vitamins and enzymes.

We need copious quantities of fresh clean water (ideally between 3 to 4 pints per day) as our body is approximately 80% water. In Dr Batmanghelidg's book "The Body's Many Cries For Water" (ISBN 978-1903571491) he states that the biggest problem with human health is severe dehydration. His work is incredibly insightful on how we should take water much more seriously than we do, and choose water as our preferred beverage. When we change our dietary habits and shift from regular use of tea, coffee and other caffeinated drinks and avoid sugars, alcohol and chemical additives, we can naturally detoxify our bodies and aim to become more alkali based.

When we think more about the quantities and qualities of foods we eat we can begin to shift stagnant weight and increase our energy levels. As we change our dietary patterns and avoid processed food with added chemicals that the body has to process, you will notice your skin becomes clear and glowing, and your mind becomes calmer, and you will gain a greater discipline in how you live your life and choose the healthy option in what and when you choose to eat. When you decide to change to this healthier way of eating it's good to embrace an organised eating plan for the week and stick to it if possible. This will support you to embrace a new structure to your eating patterns, which will naturally improve your overall health and wellbeing.

If this is the first time you have ever cleansed your body you will begin to notice a HUGE difference. Your colon is like a big sausage constantly churning away in it's function of digestion. I have heard that the colon can have residue from as long ago as when you were a baby with remains of your mother's milk! Your body needs to work as efficiently and as effectively as possible so it makes sense for us not to take in more than we need and stay light, fit and healthy.
Why Cleanse Your Soul?
I perceive life this way. Your Soul carries your purpose in this life, and your body is a gift to your Soul to fulfil whatever you're aiming to achieve in this lifetime. It would be easier of course if we could remember exactly the plan we arranged throughout our every day, yet the game of life deems that we should forget the plan as we leave the comfort of the amniotic fluid in the Mother's womb (experiencing amnesia!), and learn again through life's experiences. Sometimes life can teach us seemingly hard lessons and leave our minds with too much to think about, and then we are unable to focus clearly and can live life in a fuzz with lots of drama and little real progress.

If you're lucky enough to have come across yoga, tai chi, meditation techniques and/or any other ways to calm your heart, mind and inner self, you may begin to connect to your Higher Soul Self. I guarantee as soon as you do this life becomes so much easier, and it's a huge relief to know your very best friend is within you all along. I really recommend you begin to use your Heart as your barometer. When you get a really light happy sensation in your Heart at the prospect of an idea or suggestion, go for it (as long as it makes common sense of course and your not intentionally putting yourself or anyone else at risk in any way!). Alternatively if your Heart feels really heavy, have the empowerment to avoid the situation and learn to say "No" as and when necessary.

As your Higher Soul Self becomes clearer and calmer and releases any emotional baggage from the past you no longer need to carry, you will feel lighter and freer and more able to take action on your inner ideas and creative inspirations. BE the BEST you can possibly BE and fly free!

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