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Creativity Awakens Consciousness Article

I often find that I receive a lot of inspirational words and visions when I am spending time by myself. Occasionally these thoughts often arrive first thing in the morning when I'm at a time between deep sleep and waking up too, and in fact in this semi-dream state I seem to have been fed a multitude of wisdoms over time that I have been able to translate and use in my work and everyday! I consciously remember a few years ago driving along in my car and having three very powerful words come to mind that have been with me ever since: "Creativity awakens consciousness!" On pondering these words deeper I realise how important it is for each and every one of us to find a life purpose we love, and recognise how we can be creative in magnifying this intention. I am very fortunate to be able to explore my ideas and musings in many different ways. These days in my work probably my most frequent type of creativity is writing, visualisations and meditations. In my play time I love to cook, sew, paint, dance, play music et al - anything that makes me happy and fulfilled in the moment! I am also doubly lucky to have the time and circumstance to put my ideas into action.

I was very blessed to enjoy a very creative summer during 2014, having been inspired by other friends and circumstances. On 11 June I created a 5 circle Labyrinth in my garden and I sensed it was very significant to BE in place 10 days either side of the Summer Solstice. It actually turned out to be quite simple to create, having thought about how this was going to happen for some time. First of all I looked at some designs and calculated how much space there was available on my lawn. It was a very hot day so there I was crawling on my lawn in my pink shorts and T shirt, with a pebble of Portland stone marking the centre point of my lawn canvas, and my tape measure giving me the dab points to mark the circumference of my first circle. I went from there frequently double checking my measurements against my printed design. After about two hours when my masterpiece was just about complete I heard my neighbours voice from over the garden wall saying "I presume there is some significance to all this!". When she came to walk and experience my Labyrinth the next day she giggled all the way round, and as laughter has a wonderful healing effect I'm sure she gained the immeasurable gift of "Joy". Needless to say many of my friends have since come to walk my labyrinth and have been blessed with some REALLY profound and deep experiences. Even though it's a small version (LESS is MORE) it appears to BE a truly wonderful POWER spot:-) Two of my friends said the following:

"WOW your labyrinth is very beautiful and looks like a goddess coming from the earth and going to the heavens."

"Sooooooooooooo Beautiful and it is a 'Living entity' which looks like a Goddess in the centre holding her arms in the air and beckoning us in."

On The Solstice itself, the 21 June 2014, I was inspired to paint a gold "Flower of Life" image on my wall which is about 90cm diameter. I have to say it's really FAB and I'm absolutely delighted with the result. It was SOooo therapeutic in the making and even glows in the dark!

Please enjoy a virtual spiritual visit anytime through these photographs. These artworks have taken up permanent residence and if you're nearby please contact me and we can arrange a time when you can come and walk the Labyrinth yourself in the sunshine with the accompaniment of birdsong, and/or meditate on the "Flower of Life".

One of my other crazes when I have time is to transform my old jeans into funky colourful and twinkly skirts, up cycling them into my own unique wardrobe. Have I got toooooooo much time on my hands or what???!!! We'll see what happens next!!!

In my earlier years when I hadn't found myself, my purpose, my passion and what I truly wanted to do in life, I remember I often felt bored and lost a lot of the time. Sometimes I see people now who look miserable, sad and forlorn, who take the stubborn and martyrdom stance and remain a victim in life, blaming everyone else but themselves for their circumstances as they just haven't yet found that kir-ching moment in life, lit their blue touch paper and woken up. I can recognise myself in this description as I was there once, and fortunately for me that time is now a very distant memory. In my mind my break through and emergence moment was saying to myself "I just want to be good at something!", and of course with that very powerful intention all doors opened and my life really began to move forward and completely change, as I took off all my own brakes and self restrictions from the past and allowed myself the freedom to fly free. Thank goodness as since then I've never looked back. The saying "When you find a job you love, you never have to work a day in your life!" is SO true.

The moral of this story is if you're not doing anything do something, and move some energy somehow, because as sure as you do something, there is a movement which stirs the cooking pot of life and gets everything started again, literally giving yourself an opportunity to re-birth and create your next persona. It could just be as simple as playing your favourite piece of music and tapping your fingers, then inviting your mind to run free from there. For a lot of people if you remember the games you used to play as a child, this can give you a clue to your purpose, as at that age you are very close to where you came from, and you may then remember what you came here to do. Perhaps as we're all living life so quickly these days we have a number of opportunities to experience many lifetimes in this one. Whatever you do I wish you a peaceful happy heart and an abundance of fun, laughter, happy smiles, fulfilment, inspiration and reward in your every day.

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