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In Celebration Of The Divine Feminine Article

Celebrating your "Divine Feminine" and uniting with your Higher Soul Self

When I first began to study for my diploma in Feng Shui I would have said I was a very practical hands on person with no understanding of what it meant to be "spiritual" - whatever that is! About a year before I registered on my training course I had the good fortune to visit Thailand, and one of the young guides who travelled with us kept talking about "enlightenment", and I remember continually asking him what "enlightenment" is, and of course he couldn't explain. I now realise it's one of those understandings in life that is quite intangible and completely illogical, yet just is! I consider myself really lucky these days to have gained some understanding, yet sense a true understanding remains unquantifiable in tangible terms.

Soon after I began my professional career as a Feng Shui consultant I did an introductory talk one evening in 1999 for a charity fund raising event. As I spoke of the significance of Love in our lives, with particular regard to the Relationships sector of the home, my body was filled with the most incredible sensation. I can only describe it as if I was bubbling on the inside and on fire on the outside. This experience was probably one of my first recognitions of listening to my Higher Soul Self communicating with me, as if she was confirming we were on track!

As I began to development my ability to meditate and connect with a very deep level of inner peace and self love, I seemed able to access this energy and gain an easier passage to a heightened level of consciousness, learning and understanding, and recognition of this aspect of myself has been a major catalyst in opening doors to opportunities for my spiritual growth, development and clear communication, with an amazing link to a source of infinite wisdom and abilities. In my experience sharing every moment with your very best friend as your "Higher Soul Self" makes life easier as you know you're never alone and you always have another purer opinion to help you consider your decisions and shape your life. I have found this to be a truly positive benefit in my life, yet it's only in experiencing the gift that you know it to be true, and life moves into wholeness, balance and unity. This state of being encourages self responsibility as you can link with an amazing source of spiritual intelligence.

Your "Higher Soul Self" is one of the most powerful and important aspects of your being, yet is little understood nor accessed for the positive benefits that it can bring. This potent part of you has direct connection to your guides, inner teachers and, above all, to your Spirit. It can call forth whatever is needed to help deal with a multitude of issues or problems that might beset you in your life. It is the source of infinite wisdom and can lead you into an understanding of what you need to do to find wholeness and balance within. It fully honours your free-will and will therefore not act unless requested. The onus is then on us to call upon and work with this amazing source of spiritual intelligence.

There is a book called The Secret teachings of Mary Magdalene by Claire Nalmad and Margaret Bailey (ISBN 1-84293-154-7) which I found very inspiring, and was often SO deeply moved to tears of bliss and great joy in the reading of it, as it seemed to confirm that everything I had been taught directly by the Etheric realms, was AS IS! This recognition seemed to accelerate my learning even more, and as in any schooling process, you take an exam in recognition of what you know and move on to the next level. I was also introduced to a book called Wild Love by Gill Edwards (ISBN 0-7499-2687-2), which I found very useful in recognising my understanding.

Energy is constantly changing, and I believe more recently we have given rise to a massive shift of consciousness for our planet. I feel there will be continued acceleration now as we move ever faster towards our TRUTH, as unconditional love becomes our new foundation. My personal experience of connecting and working within this energy is extremely special. All my senses have become heightened with an even greater softness and gentleness, and yet a true empowerment of knowing. It seems to touch any situation and change atmospheres and understandings on many holographic and multi-dimensional levels. It certainly magnifies the power of intention and shines a light on focus, clearness and clarity. It somehow goes beyond any words of explanation, you just need to open your heart to FEEL the joie de vivre! Enjoy!

I notice that Divine Feminine presence is being felt in ever magnified ways as more and more people recognise their new abilities and expand their senses, and luxuriate in this ambience as we continue to raise our level of vibration and embrace this time of renewed vision and growth.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, there is no measure. Be assured you are in the perfect place, at the perfect time, taking the perfect action. All we can do on an individual level is shine our Light as brightly as possible, continue to embrace a positive mental attitude and lifestyle, and most importantly walk our talk. In our every day experience of life whatever we do, in simplicity we learn from each other in different measures. This is most often through the power of emotions that go with each experience. Sometimes the pendulum of life swings to such extremes we seem unable to keep up with ourselves, and the road ahead can appear confusing and shady. To all of us the future is always a mystery. If the answers were blatantly obvious there would be no learning. Sometimes it may seem hard to be patient with ourselves, and with those around us. Always remember it is when we travel through our darkest night that the sun will always rise and show us the way to the next part of our journey as a new day on a clear and sunny path. The Light now shines brightly!

In my work with others I am experiencing a time of deep reflection with individuals as each and every one of us truly awakens to the truth in our hearts, and totally break free from the confines of the past. I have often used the analogy of the caterpillar to the butterfly. We sometimes overlook the chrysalis period; the period of alchemy and magic, when the constituents of the original caterpillar body completely change and liquefy, before totally reforming and moving into the freedom of Light. We cannot force or accelerate this final evolvement, or the butterfly will never fly free. Many of us have been on our Journey of Light for many years, yet there is no measure, we are all just a part of everything that makes up the whole. When we started our work our individual journeys seemed so fast and sometimes quite reckless and abandoned, as we opened up to the TRUTH in our hearts. We became so driven to re-awaken and re-learn as fast as we could. All our endeavours have allowed those following to accelerate their learning too. We are truly embracing a time to break free and completely evolve into the newness of Divine Feminine unconditional love. Allow this to pave the way for our new level of consciousness and "Way of Being" and expand your awareness in this particular realm of knowledge in action and open yourself to gain this beautiful Wisdom!

Since this initial understanding my everyday is forever full of wonderment and Divine surprises, unrolling my purpose as an ever refreshing stream of clear water of exploration and adventure. In my experience and understanding the soft, subtle, gentle energy of Divine Feminine unconditional Love continues to integrate and grow everyday like fine golden filigree, and sow the seeds around me wherever I am led to BE, and the softer and more subtle the energy, the deeper it can penetrate into everyone. BE BLESSED.

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