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Earth Healing and Dowsing Article

When I first began my studies to become a Feng Shui Consultant, in my ignorance I did not expect that learning to dowse was part of the plan, I had no idea that geopathic stress existed, or that to be able to clear and transform this energy was to become a vital part of my new work.  These days I believe the energy we don't see is as important as that which we do see.  I realise this is an extremely profound statement, yet my work since 1998 has proved this time and again to be the case.

Very early on in my training I was introduced to the theories and philosophies of dowsing, geopathic stress and balancing earth energies.  Our home is a mirror of our life, and also like a tape recorder on permanent record, harbouring the residue of energy of all the events that have happened over time, and even before the property was built. The ideal home experiences a good predecessor energy where positive events have happened, such as people moving on to a bigger or better home or job. Sometimes homes can be affected by negative energy and record disruptive events such as illness, divorce, bad luck, or loss of employment, which often leads to great unhappiness.  In retrospect I can look back at my own life's circumstances and realise that I began to experience the effects of this energy at a very early age.  In the different homes that I and other members of the family lived, I believe they were all affected by negative energy, contributing to illness, unhappiness and unfortunate events.

As my experience and knowledge of this subject grew, it has become one of my specialities to work with the release of old, stuck energy to help individuals wipe the slate clean and allow new energy to integrate into our homes and way of life, and encourage and support a fresh start with new ideas.  During the past few years I have seen many people change their lives for the better. My experiences have shown that when the home is free of the blocked energies of geopathic stress and other historical negative energies, which can affect health, sleep patterns, cause extra stress and bad luck, the occupants are able to take back control of their lives. By changing the energy of the home into a nurturing environment and sanctuary, they can empower themselves by living in a positive and supportive space on a new level of vibration.  People with very sensitive natures can be affected by these energies more than those with a stronger constitution.

In my initial training with Richard Creightmore, I was introduced to the practise of "Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture" as a way to physically release the "black stream" lines of geopathic stress on site.  I practised my new dowsing skills, initially with a pendulum and "L" rods, and there seemed to be a new language available to me, which enhanced my awareness and accelerated my learning.  As I became more sensitive to energy in general, and more open and willing to connect to the power of prayer (the use of positive language and intention) and link with dimensional energy, my abilities developed to be able to clear this energy from a distance.

These days whenever I am invited to do a full consultation for a property I insist on receiving a ground floor plan and a location map marking the exact site of the property.  This enables me to clear the home of any geopathic stress through the power of ceremony and prayer before I leave my home, transforming the space to be positive and nurturing before my arrival.  Then I know on the day of the consultation I will arrive in a vibrant clear space which allows me to dedicate quality time to my client and ensure there is no outside interference.  Then we are able to define a clear list of intentions and introduce Feng Shui enhancements accordingly.

Over the years I have experienced many great results.  I worked with one of my first clients in 1998 who at the time was experiencing sever symptoms of ME.  She gradually improved so much that she was able to event her horse, and now lives a very full and active life again.  Another gentleman I worked with early in 2000 was at that time not even 60, yet severely affected by symptoms of Dystonia, which is a condition that affects the control of your muscles.  His morale was greatly affected too which in turn led to digestive issues, and general weakness and depression.  Fortunately since that time he has made a brilliant recovery and has enjoyed long holidays abroad and an active social life.  His latest gift is a new grandchild, which has given him another new lease of life.  This work has helped many of my clients with other health issues, those who generally feel stuck and irritated in life, homes that have been for sale for a long time have benefited by being sold very quickly, and even horses in livery yards have improved their characters, vibrancy and performance.  I have also received work from abroad, through word of mouth recommendation from other clients, and this has proved to be very helpful to individual circumstances too.  I am so passionate about this work I often share my knowledge during workshops with groups of interested people.  Many of my students have gone on to enjoy their own successes and support their work in other therapies with their own clients. I continue to learn and grow from every moment of every day.  As my understanding continues to evolve in this work, I feel my enlightenment becomes brighter all the time.

There is a well-known saying; "If there is harmony in the home there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation there will be peace in the world". Taking this one step further, I believe that everyone can make a difference in our world today.  As we all raise our level of vibration and live in homes that are vibrant, and support and nurture our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs, as individuals we will feel more at peace within ourselves.  As we combine this way of BEing with unconditional love, we can join together as a Universal Consciousness and create a peaceful future for our World today.  Whenever I light a candle I do so with the intention of sending Love, Light and Healing to our World, and ask that the time of world peace, unity and harmony is now. As more people choose to do this simple act every day, initially raising the energy within their own home with the purity of love, just think how effective it will be.  As "Love conquers all" let us unite and move forward as ONE.

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