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The Effects of Unseen Energy Article

When I first began my studies in Feng Shui, and my teachers and mentors were introducing me to the concept of geopathtic stress and other historical energy that can affect properties, I found the idea that the energy that we can't see is often more powerful than everything we can see, completely out of my comfort zone! At the time I was very stubborn, rigid and inflexible in my thinking, and totally in my black and white box, and also my old self didn't think this is what I came to learn anyway! Fortunately I started to listen to the wise voice within and open up to the ideas, experiences and wisdom shared in the workshops I attended, and nowadays this work is one of my specialist skills.

As I began to put my learning into practise, my eyes were opened further as I witnessed miracles after implementing my new found skills. One of the first cases I was invited to work on was for a couple who had recently married. They had spent around two years renovating a fairly modern house, got married, went on honeymoon, then moved into their first marital home together. The lady instantly started to have a permanent migraine headache, and her levels of stress led her to sleepless nights. When she did surrender to tiredness she ground her teeth, which awoke her new husband, then he was the bear with the sore head! Obviously this was not a good start to married life. I used dowsing to detect two lines of geopathic stress (which are referred to as black streams), and they crossed where her head hit the pillow. On a scale of 1 to 10, they were both a strength 7 (7x2=14!!), so no wonder she had a big permanent headache!! I was able to release these lines using a method of earth acupuncture. Her headaches disappeared immediately, quality restful sleep returned and they were able to embrace a happy and contented new life together.

Another of my early cases was for a friend who had been diagnosed with ME in her previous home, and coincidently so had the previous occupant. Her new home was equally affected with geopathic stress, and I was able to transform the energy of this space, again using dowsing and earth acupuncture techniques. She quickly recovered to the point that the following New Year's eve was the first time she had stayed up till midnight for many years. She now keeps horses and often competes at events. Again this is a good reminder if you are moving home, or having issues in your current home, to raise the question as to what happened to the previous occupant, as often events repeat in the same home until the energy is cleared.

A few years ago I was working for a couple who both ran businesses from home, where the husband had a workshop repairing computers. He mentioned that in certain areas of the room the computers wouldn't even turn on and everything was difficult. It turned out there were a number of black streams affecting this space, plus a very strong line running over the threshold of this room. As soon as the geopathic stress was cleared his work became easier, everything went really well and the computers which came in for mending were diagnosed and fixed quickly.

Recently I was invited to revisit a couple as the husband had been off colour with increasingly sleepless nights, and then a chest infection. She was experiencing slight discomfort in her hip, and even the car had developed an intermittent fault. When I checked the bed where they slept there were three lines affecting the position of their sleep, two of them crossed at the point of the husbands chest, and one of them at the area of the ladies hip. Also, the garage where the car was stored was underneath. This time I cleared the lines with a mix of crystals. The husband returned to a restful sleep pattern and his chest infection quickly healed. Her hip returned to normal, and so did the car which is now running perfectly!

This part of my work is truly profound and intangible, as the only proof of the pudding is the openness of my clients sharing the results. Fortunately there is a lot of information available now to back up this theory. Richard Creightmore was my original teacher, and two books which I gained a lot of inspiration from during my initial studies are titled "Are You Sleeping in a Safe Place" by Rolf Gordon, and "Healing Sick Houses" by Roy and Ann Proctor. I have also run workshops over the years to share my knowledge and experience of this work too, and if you would like to read more of my own writing on this subject please visit my Articles website page.

With any issues in life there is a holographic learning experience presented to us, as life gives us an opportunity to learn and grow through the power of love and emotion, and gain knowledge and wisdom through the process. We are always in the perfect place at the perfect time, experiencing whatever we need, and when we gain wisdom this is knowledge in action. Clearing geopathic strength can be one contributory factor to health issues and anything in your life that is off balance and out of sorts. It is also very helpful to look inside yourself and be honest with what is happening to your emotions and life circumstance. As long as we're living and breathing there will be a memory popping up for us to process, and when we define the opportunity we can embrace it and clear the issue. With this in mind I often refer to Inna Segal's book "The Secret Language of your Body" to help myself and others on a deeper level.

I trust these real life stories and other inspirations have inspired you and opened up your mind, and I wish you tip top health and vibrance, and an abundance of love and happiness in all that you do.

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