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Embrace The Guarantee Of "Change" In Life Article

Most people who are drawn to work with me have reached a point of crisis in life and they are ready to change and grow. In any emergency situations there is an opportunity for emergence and transformation, and a chance to embrace new butterfly wings. As soon as we are born, our life will continue to go through a series of changes, and perhaps life is all about experiencing and learning through all our relationships the powerful effect of love and emotions. Our mind is SO amazing and at times can actively contribute to draining us with constant worrisome thoughts, which can sometimes get out of hand, and create situations that may or may not happen. However worrying never helps anything! The best approach is to become focused and embrace a new level of clarity and discipline to change our thoughts, words and actions and actively become proactive as we implement positive ideas, inspirations and solutions. We can only change ourselves not others, yet as we change, others often follow our example and change too. With the understanding that whatever we think we create that reality, we can begin to recognise how in the past we have manifested situations with our thoughts, words, dreams and ideas. As we begin to change our past conditioning we can embrace a new level of calmness and balance into our lives through practises of meditation or yoga, and any healing therapies we are drawn to use, and allow our minds to become more focused and alert to positive opportunities. We can realise that we create our own reality by whatever we think and say, and accept the concept that the only person that ever stops us achieving anything in life is ourselves.

At this point there is a lot to be said for the saying "If it isn't broke don't fix it!" and if you are happy with every aspect of your life then read no further! However, it is always good to have a regular life review and fine-tune our aspirations and goals. This allows us to consider who we currently are, and more importantly who we wish to become. It's human nature that life will always continue to change, and as we achieve one set of aims we can then review where we are and refresh our intentions and embrace new horizons.

I believe the key to completely re-modelling and creating a whole new persona is to simply walk free of the past and release old negative emotions and experiences, yet recognise the gift you were given through the process of time. Although we are unable to turn the clock back and have a second chance at dealing with our experiences, the secret is to let go of any negative memories and feelings associated with the past. This is possible through implementing the art of love and forgiveness in your life, and also using the philosophy of Ho'oponopo. I have seen many miracles over the years when clients have embraced these practises and simply let go of their old baggage and conditioning. We can recognise that every circumstance and person we have met along the way in our journey of life, has helped us to polish our potential as the very beautiful multi-faceted Diamond we have become and the person we are today.

We are ALL totally unique and extremely special and there has never been a better time to take full responsibility for all of our actions and move into an empowered future, and understand that to truly create a new life we need to leave the past behind. In every moment of everyday we continually make choices, as our life is a constant journey full of roundabouts and junctions where we make decisions. Ancient Chinese wisdom tells of Heaven's Luck, which is our fate and destiny, Earth's Luck which is our family and circumstances we are born into, and Man's Luck which is the 33.3% choice where we have an input into whatever happens in our life. Perhaps we should consider that if we think our life is all down to fate and destiny or in the lap of the Gods, we have totally released responsibility for all our life choices? Allow yourself to grow further and faster by recognising the unique and individual potential you carry in your Diamond Light, and embrace your changes as an opportunity for personal transformation to find the real you, and be in love with life.

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