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Feng Shui for Children and Young People Article

I am often invited to work with Feng Shui in family homes where in most cases young people are very fortunate to have their own bedroom space. Taking into consideration the aims of the family as a whole I recommend a number of suggestions for the general living space. However, the bedroom of each person is very individual to them and "their patch" so to speak, and the room should ideally reflect and magnify their aims and intentions. It is really important to honour the choices of your young person's space and at the same time guide them to make good Feng Shui decisions, which reflect common sense, good maintenance and design.

Initially as a new baby is gifted into a family, the decor and choice of furniture are those of the parents. At this very early stage I suggest light pastel colours are used and the room is kept as clear and uncluttered as possible, creating a soft and restful environment to encourage good sleep patterns and a nurturing peaceful environment. As the child grows up they often begin to influence their surroundings and make their space more personal to them, and become more private and protective about their rooms, and this is where I have many stories to share, a selection of which follow:

  • Teenagers often have a good collection of old mouldy half eaten sandwiches and half drunk cans of coke, together with a collection of socks, undies and other clothing ready for washing stashed under their bed! This can create a very stale smell in the room and stagnation in life. I always recommend a good clear out and a new beginning.

  • Young boys often surround themselves with images of aggressive fighting cartoon characters and behave in the same antisocial way! Whatever you see first thing in the morning and last thing at night has the biggest influence on your subconscious mind and behaviour! I recommend these images are removed to encourage a more peaceful and restful lifestyle.

  • One young boy had chosen to paint his room black, and of course instantly became very introverted, lazy, dark and depressed because he was living in a dark cave! I suggested to his parents they clear and redecorate the room with shades of lime green walls and decor, which is a Wood colour that represents fast and rapid growth, and this also supported his 9 Star Ki 3.4.4 (all Wood energy). As soon as this was done his personality transformed overnight.

  • A young boy had one of those holiday pastel portraits done which took pride of place in the lounge. However the piece of artwork was very dark and miserable and created late at night when he was feeling tired and he didn't want it done. His behaviour reflected this feeling after he returned from holiday as all the family saw the portrait for most of every day!! I recommended that be taken down and of course his demeanour changed overnight!

  • A young lady at university was preparing mentally to leave home and take all her furnishings with her. She had chosen an oversized bed which was very impractical for the room in her parents home. It was a beautiful sized peaceful room with windows overlooking the garden. It also had an en-suite which had problems with a leaking shower unit, reflecting issues with money or emotions? I recommended the leaking water be fixed as soon as possible and a new standard double sized replacement bed be purchased for this spare room when she left home.

  • Please have a look around your own homes and recognise how your artwork is affecting everyone in their moods and behaviour? Below are my recommended guidelines to create a good Feng Shui space for your child and their bedroom:

  • Young people can enjoy a freedom to create their own space and support their goals and nurture their growth, which will most probably change as they develop new interests and they meet new people and embrace new opportunities in life.

  • A solid head board provides a feeling of support and stability in life.

  • Avoid mirrors in their rooms as this will magnify any mess and clutter.

  • Photographs of groups of happy friends encourage a great social life and help to generate lots of support. Encourage them to take photographs at happy events and create a collage of all these happy faces for their rooms.

  • Ensure their space is very positive in displaying any creative words of aspirations and intentions.

  • Images to help them focus on their interests and strengths are very appropriate and supportive as a mental reminder to help them achieve their goals.

  • Encourage them to let go of any items they grow out of and no longer use.

  • Encourage them to keep the room tidy and hang clothing in wardrobes, as they will be able to rest and focus more easily if their space is clear and uncluttered, and experience quality sleep time. Clear tidy environments help to generate clarity, which allows methods of efficiency and effectiveness.

  • To help create a "yin" and gentle environment and support quality rest time, keep the room clear of any mobiles, wind chimes and multi-faceted crystals.

  • Unplug any electrical equipment at night to ensure there is no electromagnetic stress to help quieten the energy of the room and create a pattern of quality sleep.

    We have a saying that "Every picture tells a story". Realise that whatever we surround ourselves with is a mirror of how we behave and feel, and a message to our subconscious mind. This is why I feel it is very important to teach the basics of Feng Shui in schools to enable our young people to understand the power of their subconscious mind and make good choices from an early age. I remember my own formative years well and know as teenagers we are naturally revolutionary and know everything, and are often reactive to suggestions, rather than being pro-active.

    However, in my experience I have found that young people have a natural curiosity about my work and will often try implementing a few suggestions when they realise the reasons why this may help them to achieve their aims and intentions. I trust this information encourages you to share these words and enlighten your own young people, to help them in a positive, structured and proactive way to move into the flow of a positive, successful and rewarding life. Good luck.

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