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Feng Shui For Your Bedrooms Article

Having visited many bedrooms over time in my capacity as a Feng Shui Consultant, I swear the state of this room ALWAYS mirrors the state of the Relationship in question! It's a complete give away with the choices of images and appearance of the room. Often when I meet a client in their home for the first time I give them a lesson in Feng Shui and then let them tell me how their choices have been supporting them - or not ... I list three examples:
  • One client was experiencing sever relationship issues, and guess what - when we went into the bedroom the influences were obvious. The main reason was a picture of a single naked woman laying on an unmade bed asleep - need I say more as this represents being by yourself, unprotected and unconscious to opportunities. There was also damp plasterwork in the room, and problems with water always indicates difficulties in relationships. Ironically she used to have one of the well known Robert Doisneau romantic photographs in the room, but hadn't recognised the fact that it was when she changed her picture her relationship transformed too!
  • I asked another client once to describe her bedroom, as her husband at the time had just suggested they divorce. She said it was awful, the curtains were never finished as she just cut the length off to fit the window and had never hemmed them properly. Also the room had never been decorated since they moved in so they were sleeping in other people's energy, and because she was studying to be a dance teacher there was a poster on the wall defining and naming all the muscles of the anatomy of the body. Interesting that her husband had spent all his time by himself at the gym defining his muscles!
  • Another client who experienced two relationships that quickly finished one after the other had hung a mirror opposite her bedroom door, which had the action of mirroring people out of her life. When she moved the mirror her next relationship became long term.

Let's have a serious look at our bedroom and see how we can REALLY improved our Relationships with the person we LOVE the most. Our bedroom is a place where we can enjoy complete rest and quality sleep patterns to enable the body to repair and regenerate the millions of cells it needs to replace daily. As the room where we get the most nourishment and support, it is important this room is totally focused on restful sleep. However, it is a multi-use room and a space of retreat, healing, nurturing, love, intimacy, romance, a dressing and grooming room, and a playroom.

Surround yourself with images that you love and find inspirational. In the bedroom the best choices are pictures of happy and/or passionate couples. Avoid hanging any pictures behind the bed. You can further enhance your relationship by introducing two red (for passion) or pink (for unconditional love) candles and rose quartz to activate the love energy within the room. Constantly revitalise the energy of this room by introducing fresh flowers, refresh with clean bedclothes, and change things round. Use a splash of red for passion. Have an unspoken "rule" that you do not discuss problems in bed, and never complain as your partner is going to sleep, or sleep on an argument. Kiss and make up!

Choose a solid wooden or fabric headboard to help generate more support and stability in life. A round shape is good for introducing harmony and clarity. A soft cloud shape is good for love and creativity. Metal headboards magnify any negative energy and can drain your vitality, and also make you feel caged. To maintain intimacy, avoid sleeping in a bed with a split down the centre. Sleeping under beams in the ceiling as can cause problems with health, and in severe cases can lead to separation of relationships if there is an invisible divide. Also, avoid sleeping with cupboard units over the pillow area, as this invisible heavy energy can cause headaches and sleepless nights.

Try not to have mirrors in the bedroom, especially at the head or foot of the bed, reflecting the bed, placed opposite the door or reflecting another mirror. They have a very active, yang and expansive energy, and the bedroom ideally needs to be a yin and passive environment. If you do have large mirrors in the bedroom and are unable to remove them such as wall to ceiling mirrored wardrobes, the best you can do is create a window feature with muslin curtains to cover the reflection at night. With regard to decor, avoid geometric patterns and use of the colours grey, blue or black. Rather choose patterns with flow, movement and passion within their design and choose warmer lighter colours. Prefer to use a mixture of natural fabrics of cotton, chenille, velvet, or silk and go for texture on your walls to create a warmer deeper feel to the room. When you move in to a new home ensure it has at least had a coat of paint to freshen up the space and make it your own.

Ensure this room does not become a multi-activity centre, and avoid family photos in the bedroom and any children's toys. Also, ideally do not have any clutter, computers or exercise equipment in this room. A pile of books or written work beside the bed has a very yang energy and will stimulate your mental energy rather than your emotional calm. If you do have to work from your bedroom, hide all trace of any office equipment at night, perhaps by using a screen divider or a pretty throw.

If you are looking for a new partner, make space to accommodate him or her by making the bed up for two with matching bedside tables and lamps. Get rid of any photos, gifts or souvenirs of old lovers from the past. Create a "Wish list" of all the characteristics of this new ideal partner; one of my clients asked for "Someone as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside". Make sure you include their age range, and state single, loyal, and faithful and place this list in a red envelope.

Now go and have a look at your bedroom with your new "Eyes of Truth", have a good old sort out and take action to bring more LOVE into your LIFE, BE blessed with an abundance of the "Love and Happiness" vibe and enjoy your new space.

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