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Feng Shui Tips For The Home At Christmas Article

25 December is historically the date chosen to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus. In our culture Christmas has become a time of giving and receiving gifts. Working with Feng Shui will always bring more balance and harmony into your life, and at this time of the year it is wise to invite the warmth and goodwill of the season into your home to help make the most of the festive period. Traditionally Christmas is a spiritual time, so it provides a good focus for us to recognise the achievements of the year and get ready to begin the new cycle.


Prepare your space by having a good clear out of all the old, worn out or unwanted items you have around you in your home. Think of the words "LESS IS MORE". Our society leads us to being very prone to hoarding, so make a new rule for yourself: When something new comes in to the home, allow something old to go out. This is an excellent idea for children as they grow up and outgrow their clothes and toys. Encourage them to have a clear out so they can pass these items on to someone else who is not so lucky. Physical objects take up space in your life and can block the way for new opportunities and introductions. A big clear out will create a vacuum effect and make space for you to receive gifts, and also to welcome in friends, family and opportunities for the New Year.


Remember that what ever you give with love and unconditionally comes back to you in unlimited ways. If you choose to send Christmas cards take the time to sign and create your unique Christmas messages, and send them with thoughts of peace, calm, love and friendship to help distribute positive energy to all those who receive them from you and spread this energy around your world, as it is your chance to connect with those you may not see so often.

Choose your gifts with creativity and understanding and realise that home made gifts are especially precious. When you give with love, positive thought and intention this makes the gift more precious and valuable than the price of the item. Select presents which will be well used and enjoyed, giving you the pleasure of a gift which is gratefully received. Also, wrap them with care, love and intention to add to the joy of the moment. Consider the most precious gift you can give to anyone is quality focused time.


The traditional Christmas colours of red, green and gold always attracts energy and a high vibration. Invite more warmth into your home at Christmas by using these colours in cushions, table covers and seasonal decorations to make rooms feel more alive. Generate more harmony at family gatherings by eating your meals at a round table. If your table isn't round, use several round objects instead such as mats, dishes and table decorations.

The ideal plant for the Christmas season is the poinsettia with it's bright red leaves. Round leafed healthy plants will always boost the energy of your home as they help to keep the atmosphere clean and they also represent growth. Decorate your Christmas tree and fill your home with festive lighting and safely lit candles. Remember the residual energy of the fun and laughter created when decorating the tree will linger in the home a long time and create the basis of your Christmas atmosphere.

If you are lucky enough to have a real fire, light it to create a deep warmth for the home. This will help to cleanse and regenerate your own energy, and create a nurtured temperament to help you cope with the long nights, short days and cold temperatures, as often we don't see very much daylight at this time of year.


Now we can honour the events of the old year and put them behind us, and carry forward our strengths and gifts into the future. The New Year is a time of celebration and appropriate for more physical activity and enjoying the more material aspects of life. Good Feng Shui is making sure you have a full fridge for the New year, as this is a potent symbol for your potential wealth for the year ahead. Also, start the New Year with a clean slate and pay off any debts, settle any outstanding disputes and create a clear pathway for good fortune to find it's way to you in the year ahead.

May you enjoy an abundance of love, every happiness, great levels of health and vitality, good luck, and continued success and prosperity every New Year.

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