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Feng Shui In Action - What a Difference a Bedroom Makeover Makes Article

I consider myself extremely lucky in my work, as my name is often passed on through "word of mouth" recommendation by those I have connected with, as they share their positive experiences with friends and family. This was the case recently when I was contacted by a young lady who had found me through a family member, and asked if I could help by giving some guidance about her bedroom. She felt in a muddle in life and was especially looking to improve her career, and also find a lovely mutually caring and affectionate relationship where she was nurtured, supported and encouraged to be herself. She still shared the family home and had her own small bedroom, which in Feng Shui terms was her own space. I have previously experienced great results in guiding those in similar circumstances, including students in temporary accommodation. Whatever your space, it is a mirror of your life, and all you need to do is put your Feng Shui eyes on to read your current story, then make suitable changes as a catalyst to create your new life.

We began by having a telephone conversation and then she emailed me some photographs of her bedroom, which gave me a great deal of clarity on her situation (see "before" photograph). With my new pair of eyes and her willingness to change, this is what I highlighted:
  • Her room was a bit untidy, and her bed overflowed with cuddly toys and items from her formative years. I suggested these items be removed as they were keeping her in the past and mirrored her subconscious belief that she was still feeling very young and vulnerable and taken advantage of in all her relationships.
  • She had chosen a photograph of a very grey American street scene full of yellow taxi's as the main artwork for this room. This created feelings of overwhelm, tiredness, stress, congestion in her life and being stuck in all her endeavours. It was really not appropriate in creating a gentle environment for nurture and aiding a good sleep pattern.
  • Her lamp base was a mirror mosaic which reflected everything was shattered and broken in her life.
  • There was also a computer, printer and desk in her room which reflected her subconscious mind never switching off and giving her the quality rest time she needed.
  • The colours in her room were random with regimented patters on the fabrics, encouraging her subconscious to be unfocused, regimented, restricted and to play by life's rules.
  • A floor to ceiling mirrored wardrobe magnified the energy and effect of everything.
Over a period of a month this young lady took my advice very seriously and implemented a complete transformation of her room and her life. She also read a lot of the articles on my website ( and accelerated her own self development, knowledge, wisdom, understanding and enlightenment to help recognise a whole new persona. Although restricted by the size of the room and the fittings, I encouraged her to keep her thoughts and visualisations positive to help manifest what she did not have space for, and this is what she did (see "after" photographs):
  • Her room was completely cleared and the cuddly toys removed.
  • The American photograph was replaced with colourful artwork of lovebirds and uplifting adventure.
  • Her mosaic lamp was replaced by a beautiful "Infinity" lamp representing Divine Feminine unconditional love.
  • Her computer, printer and desk were removed, transforming this space into a restful bedroom environment.
  • She chose some beautiful new bedding and curtaining in a rich red colour, with a touch of pink, to help reflect this new level of inspiration and feed her passion in life and her 9 Star Ki "Fire" energy.
  • A beautiful piece of gold voile was fitted over the floor to ceiling mirror, giving the room a lighter feel and a higher vibration, and changing the energy of the mirror.
The whole process of implementing these changes mirrored in her life. As she completely transformed her room she began to feel a lot more empowered in making positive decisions. She also felt recognised for all her efforts and received some beautiful thank you cards of appreciation from people in her circle. She has grown into herself and become more independent, her work life has greatly improved, and it sounds like there is a new relationship on the horizon too! These are some of her comments she has emailed to me over time:
  • "I'm feeling really good and my bedroom feels like a completely different place now, for the better."
  • "I've started to see pictures in a different light after speaking to you in looking at the deeper meaning and I find it all so fascinating."
  • "Thank you so much for helping me achieve this beautiful new room - I LOVE my new room. When I walk in from work, I can't wait to go and see my all new, warm, tidy, relaxed and comfortable room. It gives me so much peace and it's a happy place."
  • "I can't believe how much of a transformation there has been. It's soo cosy now and feels like a bedroom. Thank you for helping me with this massive change."
  • "I want to thank you with all my heart, I'm noticing a HUGE difference in myself. I'm SOO much calmer within myself and every night I go to sleep with one hand on my heart, falling to sleep, saying "love, peace, harmony" with my other hand on my lower chakras. I feel I'm getting to know myself more and more."
  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have guided me through this adventure and I'm VERY VERY excited as to what the future holds :-). You have helped me grow up, built me into a woman, made my thoughts clearer and CHANGED MY LIFE within such a short amount of time. Please keep doing what you are doing, you are a true inspiration."
No wonder I continue to be completely inspired in my work, and I am SO grateful to all those who choose to ask me to share all the guidance I have gathered over time as a catalyst to help change their own home and surroundings. As everyone is always very unique and different I continue to learn and grow too from each experience, and my fulfilment, satisfaction reward and heart felt depth of gratitude goes beyond measure to all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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