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My definition of a good "Feng Shui Cure" is an item that enhances your space, is meaningful to you, and keeps energy and atmospheres clear and moving. When introducing a cure ensure you really love your new enhancement and find it inspiring, and place it with purpose and intention to activate the new energy. Choose carefully and remembering all your pictures and ornaments are symbolic and reflect what is happening in your life. It is always advisable to clear the clutter in your home beforehand as sometimes clutter clearing is all that is needed. Also, be aware that some cures will work against each other, for example it is not a good idea to hang a wind chime beside a mirror as they will work in conflict with each other and cause disagreements in the home and in your life.


These are mirrors, multi-faceted glass crystals, glass crystal balls and lights. Mirrors are symbolic of Water in Feng Shui and represent wealth. Be careful in your placement of mirrors as they have a very active yang energy and they will magnify whatever they reflect, so ensure this reflection is what you want in your home. For example, they are good in shops if they reflect the till as they magnify the income, but not so good in offices where they may magnify the paperwork but not necessarily the profits. They can emphasise whatever is behind the position of placement, be it artwork on the other side of the wall, or clutter in an under stairs cupboard. They can correct for absent or missing space, as can multi-faceted glass crystals hung in a window. Mirrors placed opposite each other can cause distorted energies which can make people feel uncomfortable and lead to arguments. It is preferred NOT to have split mirrors or mirror tiles in order to avoid a broken and imperfect reflection of yourself. Also, make sure you keep them sparkly clean to ensure the reflection of your image is untainted. Small mirrors can act as deflectors. Convex mirrors disperse energy and concave mirrors attract.


Wood or metal wind chimes can be used to disperse stagnant energy and break up and slow down energy in long corridors. 5 rod metal wind chimes suppress energy, and 6 rod metal wind chimes activate. Bells and music can also be used as enhancements. Ensure you really like any sound they create.


A vibrant and healthy home nurtures and supports everyone and everything living as children, people, our plants, flowers, pet animals, birds and fish constantly release energy. Choose health and vibrancy and nurture, look after and love everything. Open your windows and invite fresh air into your home in warmer weather. Choose plants with rounded leaves and ensure that all living things are well tended and healthy. It's especially wonderful to keep a fresh vase of healthy vibrant flowers in the home as a gift to yourself and your home too. Be aware that cacti can contribute to prickly relationships with those around you, and avoid plants with pointed leaves to avoid a "dagger" effect, which is symbolic of unsupportive relationships in your life. Be aware that as dried flowers are already dead they do not attract good, vibrant, healthy energy.


When introducing colour into your home, the MOST important question to ask yourself is "Do I feel comfortable when surrounded or wear certain colours?". Each colour has an energy of its own, for example the colour red is a colour for passion and drive and attracts energy into any area. Colour helps to set the mood and create the best environment possible for you in your home. Your intuition is the best personal tool you have to define your emotion so begin to recognise how colours make you feel and choose good ones to support yourself. As you bring all the colours of the rainbow into your life, you will find you naturally become more creative and balanced with a greater zest and energy for life.


YELLOW: Stimulates the logical left side of the brain and is good for passing on factual information. It is also a happy colour and is good for promoting conversation, sociability and family harmony.
ORANGE: A prime communication and mediation colour.
LIGHT GREEN: Good for rapid spring time growth, introducing new ideas and a fresh approach.
DARK GREEN: Denotes long nurtured traditions.
BLUE: Good for communication, peace and relaxation.
DARK BLUE: Represents safety, security and authority.
RED: A powerful colour for passion, energy and drive.
DARK RED: The colour of the already successful.
PINK: The colour of love.
PURPLE: Creative and innovative, good for bringing ideas to fruition.
LILAC: Promotes spiritual healing and psychic awareness.
BROWN: Good for rustic homeliness.
BLACK: Absorbs information.
WHITE: Clean and clear cut with no emotional baggage. Sets an example.


Pictures, photographs and ornaments that surround you are symbolic of what you are attracting into your life.


Moving objects such as mobiles and windmills can be used to move and lift energy. Mobiles can be especially useful in an open plan under stairs area.


Statues, stones and heavy furniture can be used to ground and/or stabilise energy and are useful if placed around staircases or in rooms over a void space such as a garage. Quartz crystal and semiprecious stones carry their own energies. These can be used if you feel in harmony with them and remember to cleanse them often.


Televisions, computers and cash registers increase the energy in an area, but be aware of the electromagnetic energy fields they create around them and unplug them when not in use. Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Tourmaline on top or near a computer can help to neutralise the energy. Fountains and waterfalls symbolise flowing money.


To counteract the downward energy of a beam, you can place two bamboo flutes with their mouthpieces facing upwards either side of the beam at angles to imitate three sides of an octagon. Also anything that symbolises upwards rising energy can be used such as pictures of hot air balloons, feathers, or stencils of birds, butterflies or dragon flies.


Keep the bathroom door shut
Ensure the lid of the toilet seat is kept down when not in use
Keep plugs in the sink and bath
Introduce plants but no crystals
You can place a small round convex mirror on the outside of the door at the highest point, or a highly polished brass or metallic shiny plate indicating WC, toilet or bathroom to reflect energy away from this room Introduce some green towels to help drain the water element and avoid using blue in this room.

* * * * *

When introducing your new cures use your intuition and make sure it looks right and feels good in the barometer of your Heart. If you recognise good thing happening during the next couple of days you will know all is well, if not maybe you need to tweak your placement? Enjoy your creative inspirations, learn as you go, have fun and expand your horizons.

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