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Healing Your Time Lines Article

Have you ever considered that within 4 generations there were 30 people who contributed towards making you i.e. your mother and father (2), their parents (your grandparents (4)), their parents (your great grandparents (8)) and their parents (your great great grandparents (16))! You may have known some of these people well and others not at all. If you add an extra generation there were plus 32 which totals 62. Then if you multiply those 62 by 62 you get 3,844 people in the picture - WOW!

Consider the complex stories of everyone who made a part of you. There may be some family history you can refer to gain an insight into their lives. Whatever happened, as that was then and this is NOW it is really beneficial for you to find a simple way to process and release any old conditioning that no longer serves you, embrace the real YOU and gift yourself the key to your own unlimited potential.

Consider the thought that the moment we are born into the world we represent perfection. Our formative years are those of fastest learning, and as little sponges we very quickly form a "Way of Being" as we are born within a body in a family unit. As we grow up we go to school, then college, then work, and experience relationships with everyone we meet along the way. In the past we have often lived conditioned lives based on what others think and say we should do, because they were previously conditioned to live their lives based upon those guidelines. Yet up to now many people have lived in very restricted conditions because their truth was based on what others had told and instilled upon them, and life has perhaps become very out of balance and led to health restrictions and great unhappiness. With the best will in the world any parent will want to give guidelines to their children to help them have a strong foundation for life.

As a self development and deep self reflection exercise I invite you to take a personal, honest and deep look at the "Power of Love and Relationships" in your own life, based on a normal archetypal existence. You may not have known all, or even any of your blood relatives, yet through the power of your mind you can link with them and tell them anything that may have been unspoken, especially using thoughts of love and forgiveness and releasing any past karma that may have created issues that hinder your progress and development in life. Learning to let go and embrace a new level of freedom is one of the most valuable gifts you can ever give yourself. Here are some ideas for you:

Your Relationship with Yourself

This is your most important relationship. How are you feeling about yourself today on a scale of 1 to 10? How full is your "Self Love" tank? We go through different stages in our life as we mature. From the ages 0 to 10 we are so enquiring during this rapid period of learning and growth with the what, why, where, when questions, it can be quite exhausting for our carers. From the age of 10 to 20 we know it all, can rule the world and are completely rebellious. Between the ages of 20 to 30 we are probably still rebelling but not quite sure of the reasons why anymore. From 30 to 40 we can start to question the meaning of life. From 40 to 50 we consider how we can make a difference. Some of the most inspiring people I have met and work with are in their 50s, 60s and 70s as they realise they don't know how much time they have left but they need to make the most of it.

Your Relationship with Your Mother

This is the first person you form a relationship with, as she carried you within her own body. Your mother gave you the gift of life and did the best she could at that time. In your situation today you can probably recognise that she had a number of balls to juggle in the air at any one time, because you've moved from the "Me/Me" of your childhood to the more understanding and compassionate person "Me/We" you are today.

Your Relationship with Your Father

In a relationship where the couple stay together to bring up a family, this is often the second person you form a relationship with. Whatever your experience he also did the best he could at that time.

Your Relationship with Your Grandparents

Often a grandparent will form a special relationship with a child as they have more time to gift than when they had their own children.

Your Relationship with Your Siblings (cousins or close friend if you were an only child)

If you are an only child you often wish for brothers and sisters, and if you have them you often wish you didn't, and we often refer to these relationships as sibling rivalry. Those of you who have them will remember your ups and downs, even to this day when your brother took your last favourite sweet ...

Your Relationship with Your Friends

These are special relationships in your life as we choose to get to know people and confide in them. Sometimes friendships last forever, and sometimes we lose touch or find different interests and grow out of each other. Be blessed with an abundance of friendships on all levels and treasure them in the moment.
Your Relationship with Your Partner/s through life
How many people fall in love more than once? How many people are still friends with their X(s)? What is this karma we call "Love" about? I have often noticed in life that sometimes people try to change others and end up living with a person to whom they are no longer attracted. When people move on or recognise that person is not Mr or Mrs Right after all, perhaps we can simply remember the fun times and all the shared pleasures we experienced and let go of old emotions and memories that no longer serve us?

Your Relationship with Your Extended family

These are becoming more and more common as people rely on close friends, who can take the place of original family members who do not live in the same locality any more and give us that extra support we sometimes need in life.

As we release old habits of trying to control others and accept everyone's individual desires and needs, and give them the freedom to follow their Hearts and recognise their Soul's purpose, we can all lead more relaxed and happy lives. These days more and more people are experiencing a new awareness and understanding of life and realising that they no longer have to stay in unhappy or restrictive situations, especially within the confines of their past mind and emotional conditioning. There is a new way forward to a fulfilling life overflowing with love, happiness and reward, as opposed to a life of struggle and hardship. Simply open yourself to this possibility in all aspects of your life and recognise that all of your past relationships with everyone created many different experiences in making you the AMAZING person you are today. Cherish them ALL and LOVE yourself!

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