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What do you think the feet of the Houses of Parliament look like?

To all you foot readers out there I pose the question What do you think the feet of the Houses of Parliament look like?. Not very attractive I'm sensing with all the emotional experiences it's housed through the years! I've never been much for politics so you may wonder why I would choose to write an article with this title, and I too have asked myself this question as I have to say my knowledge of politics is minimal and I realise this is a huge subject. It is therefore in my innocence I am drawn to peruse these ideas coming from my inner sense, as in my humble opinion the current situation is really not working and serving the country as well as it could. So these are my thoughts on how I would advise people in a similar situation, which can be translated and used to help the bigger picture.

Whenever I do a Feng Shui consultation for a home or business the first thing I consider is the history of the property and the land, and what's been happening since my client moved to this address. If we consider the history of this land and building it has experienced nearly a thousand years (and probably even longer) of disputes and fighting. Certainly in my lifetime I've always associated the building with people continually arguing, being very rude and not listening to each other, and displaying infantile and raucous behaviour.

Clearing old energies can be like peeling an onion as people constantly leave a trail of energy behind them that mirrors how they feel. We all have a choice to leave a trail of love and care, or other more draining emotions. You can imagine the build up of years of negativity after all the heavy emotion and adrenaline rushes that come with every argument and aggressive behaviour. It's time to break the habit and mindsets of the past and embrace a different more sensible way of communicating and negotiating, listening twice as much as we speak, as in our bodily mirror of two ears and one mouth.

I did visit the building a few years ago and was saddened to see the halls and meeting rooms full of pictures of people arguing and fighting with each other. These images are not supportive to the subconscious mind in seeding collective positive behaviour in working together in harmony and unity to help recognise and implement positive global solutions.

These are my personal pro-active positive solutions for change:

  • Move government meetings out of the Houses of Parliament and change the use of the building to one of celebration, as the practise and way of debate, the historical negative energy the building holds and the artworks do not serve the nation or the world.

  • Hold the meetings in a newer building such as Excel outside of Central London for easier access.

  • Find a different name for the current term "Opposition" to describe other parties, as the power ofthe subconscious mind expects resistance, hostility, objection, criticism and obstruction with that description. As a suggestion perhaps the term "Alternative view parties" may encourage more active listening as opposed to the current argumentative default position of opposition.

  • Define a more considered approach to world situations in a structured way, focusing on finding positive solutions for the population.

  • Define a new way of hearing each person's views as they speak for the population. Encourage ministers and others attending meetings to listen with focussed attention, with a rule of no interruption, in order to create and recognise positive solutions that will be efficient and effective for everyone.

  • Arrange meeting times from 10.00am to 12 noon, and 2.00pm to 4.30pm to take advantage of the natural cycle of the most productive times of the day, and expect full representation of members. Any other meetings and activities are to be arranged around these timings.

  • Consciously create less paperwork, be more time efficient, take positive action and ensure effective results.

  • Elect a young people's alternative parliament with a variety of attendees from different ethnic backgrounds which can set an example and birth new ideas for implementation, as they are the future of the country and very much in touch with the needs of the younger generation.

  • Accept that TRUTH is the new foundation, and each representative take an Oath of Service to work for the highest good of the population.

  • Fill the building with positive artwork of people working together in harmony as a TEAM, as in "Together Everyone Achieves Miracles", and "TEAMWORK makes the K". This will give a message to the subconscious minds of everyone in the building to communicate well and work together in balance and harmony.

  • Ensure the building is completely smoke and alcohol free and the restaurant provides fresh fruit and vegetable juices, a very creative and tasty salad choice, and an abundance of fresh fruit to ensure all the people working there are imbibing living vitamins, minerals and enzymes from freshly prepared foods and beverages created with care. Also encourage everyone to drink quality still water to keep their minds fresh and alert, and be in the moment to all discussions. This will ensure good health, vibrant energy and aliveness to help focus at meetings and make structured sensible comments and decisions.

The world will always continue to change with time and there is a need to progress and deal with situations in a positive way and find workable solutions, as opposed to have different segments of society oppose each other. We are all very fortunate in the UK to live in a democratic society and be blessed with freedom of speech. There are of course others who are far more opinionated with their views than myself. However, I'm sure that a huge majority of our population would really like everyone involved to stop wasting time arguing and focus on finding positive solutions and create win win situations for all.

There is a saying "If you always do what you've always done everything stays the same!". Change has to start somewhere and I find sharing ideas and thoughts are a sure way of sowing the seeds towards instigating transformations. I would love to see all those involved in leading the country enjoy successful careers and be open to expansive opportunities to ensure satisfaction, creativity, fulfilment, security, stability, inspiration and reward in their everyday while serving the collective population. This ancient Chinese saying says it all:

"If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world"

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