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In my formative years I was a "Yes" girl! I began playing out my intent at an early age as part of my general Numerology, to be in service for the highest good of mankind and humanity. Thus began my training ground for discernment and refining my path in life! I'm sure you may recognise this trait in your own life when others ask for help, especially family members and close friends who you feel may take your presence for granted. This carried on through my school, social and working life, until I began to feel totally drained and uncomfortable with the demands of others, and eventually found the strength to politely say "NO", which in fact was easier than I had imagined.

My everyday has become a constant study of humanity and the fact that whatever we think and say, we create as reality in our lives. Whether we have a negative or positive outlook, we are all projectionists!! We can look back on our lives and realise that as soon as we pop out of the womb others begin to control us, and that is how we are conditioned to live, then we project our ideas and judgements onto others as we imitate those around us. I have met the most intelligent people who have attained educational degrees and great success in their careers, yet they constantly blame other people for their unhappiness and life circumstance, and their home life is a disaster because of their need to try to control everyone around them. This behaviour then affects others, especially partners and children, who become very heavy hearted, as whatever you give out comes back to you in unlimited ways.

S T O P........

Ask yourself; "Am I a drain or a radiator"? Remember we are all in charge of our own destiny and have two ears and one mouth. When we communicate in this ratio and listen twice as much as we speak, use our voice with the gift of volume, timing, expression, and choose our words carefully with affection, care and encouragement, we can make such a difference to those closest to us in our circles of life as they begin to listen more. When we treat others kindly and ask for assistance, as opposed to ordering and demanding, can we appeal to the giving side of their nature and begin to create a pattern of proactive and positive responses.

If you find yourself in an unhappy situation such as an unfulfilling relationship or an unrewarding work environment, there are normally three options you can choose from; either nothing changes, everything changes, or you can change yourself? When nothing changes time moves on and you can find yourself in the same situation over the years, staying in a negative zone, becoming more heavy hearted and constantly giving every reason why it's someone else that is causing you to feel this way in life, affecting your health and emotions. Sometimes everything changes such as losing a job or having a partner walk away. This is often a catalyst for a new beginning and whenever I hear this story, after the upheaval, the person has landed in a much better and happier life circumstance. When you change yourself from the inside out and take the reins back in life, you begin to make structured decisions, take calculated risks and become responsible for all your thoughts and actions. Change is always guaranteed in life, and in my experience it is good to prepare and feel capable to deal with any unexpected situations that may arise.

Sometimes we choose our easiest option in making a calculated assessment of a situation. For instance if you are stuck in a traffic jam on a motorway, you have the option to get out and walk to your destination? However, it may take you longer and the consequence of abandoning your car is not really worth your while, so it's better to take the easy option, wait and be happy!

Fortunately I was introduced to looking outside the box of my conditioned life when I embraced my decision to study Feng Shui and began my own path of self development. During this process I began to challenge my past conditioning and honestly take a deep look at myself and how I functioned. I began to look at myself through new eyes of truth and realised whatever I gave out came back to me in unlimited ways. I began to constantly rethink and review my old ways and refine my methods and choices. These days I have learnt to speak positively all the time and take baby steps every day to ensure I have an easy, productive and harmonious life. I am always doing what I want to do and am with people I wish to share time. Whenever there is a situation that brings a ripple of discomfort within me, I immediately work through the power of peace, love and calmness as a tool to gain a deeper level of clarity and help myself visualise and move towards a positive solution. I get happy about the situation and put on a smiley positive persona and give affection, encouragement and love as an investment to create a bubble of joy and happiness for those nearest to me. I still play out my Numerology and help others, however I learned to help myself first and keep myself in tip top health, vitality and energy, with an open heart and mind.

We can begin to realise that as each person takes responsibility for their choices and actions in life and changes from the inside out, the world changes. Perhaps life is about gaining wisdom through the power of love and emotion in all our experiences. We can all turn the ME into WE through our thoughts, actions, care and kindness, and this investment improves our health and wellbeing in unlimited ways. When you are happy, you will influence people around you to be happy too. Be a radiator with your new persona, embrace your new golden pathway, increase your levels of joy and happiness in life and recognise a whole new you through radiating calm, peace and love.


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