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The Power Of Healing Energy In Cellars and Cubby Holes Article

Not many people have cellars these days. However if you do have a cellar it is important to remember that this space reflects your lower aspirations, where you've come from and your foundation in life. Many cellars overflow with broken items and old storage that is no longer useful to anyone, and you can imagine the mirror effect on people's lives.

Years ago I was invited to work in a home that belonged to a lady who had a new partner, yet the home had been previously shared by her now ex husband. The large cellar was used as storage and overloaded with items that belonged to him, and therefore created stagnant and blocked energy. She was trying to sell the house and it had been on the market for some time, with no movement. I explained to her that his belongings were blocking the sale as he was holding on energetically, and guess what? As soon as this old storage was cleared the home sold quickly and easily and they were able to move on with their lives.

Recently I visited a client who I have had the great pleasure to work with for many years, as it seems she is living a number of lives in this one life time and we continue to peel away layers. Yet again she experienced a major shift forward as one miraculous synchronicity led to another. Also she always embraces my work and intuitive suggestions wholeheartedly, and every time I visit her I am gifted another heightened level of awareness, learning, wisdom and understanding.

This lady had invested in the ground floor apartment of a beautiful home which had originally been built in the early 1900's, and very soon afterwards also invested in the adjoining ground floor apartment, which was very quickly rented out to a tenant. We had worked together earlier in the year when we were guided to make a visit to the cellar, where we noticed there was a lot of very old storage. I suggested the cellar be completely cleared. However, as these items belonged to another owner occupier within the building we came to a bit of a standstill. Soon after this her tenant had commented that he often heard banging noises in the night which woke him up. Again I suggested on a practical level clearing the low energy of clutter from this drafty, dark and damp cellar would help.

One evening the power went off in the home. The electrical switches for the main power were in a cubby hole which was extremely difficult to reach and situated directly over the main entrance door to her apartment within the building. Tentatively she asked for help from her tenant "Knight in Shining Armour" to come to the rescue, climb up the step ladder in the dark and turn the mains switch on again. However, our "Knight in Shining Armour" then turned into an "Energy Detective" as his curious nature took over. When her looked around the small cubby hole which was about 3 feet 6 inches high, 3 feet wide and 5 feet deep he found some very negative large scrawled pencil writing on the wall, which during a normal consultation I would never have found! He took a photograph which my client then sent to me for my opinion. I instantly realised that this intention and energy was continuing to affect my client and all the other owner occupiers in the building, and suggested it would be very beneficial for them all to clear and release this historical heavy energy.

Soon afterwards I arranged to visit my client and energetically and physically cleanse and clear the space to enable everyone in the building to move on and embrace a new beginning. I had suggested to my client that I wash the wall and give it a coat of gold paint to raise the level of vibration, to which she readily agreed. Arriving around lunchtime my client generously fed me as we sat in the garden on a glorious summer sunshine day. I then suggested we have a wander around the beautiful garden. As we walked the boundary we noticed two old sheds in a very dark corner. One which stored some old belongings, and the other which was completely falling apart. Again I said the garden would benefit from a massive clear up and sort out.

After lunch, and our wander, with my very old clothes on I climbed the step ladder, pulled myself into the cubby hole and initially cleared it out with a dustpan and brush. Then I lit three tea lights with the intention of love, light and healing. My client then passed me a bowl of hot soapy water with a scrubbing cloth. However before I washed the writing off the wall I inspected it, and noticed the number 68. I sensed this number referred to the year 1968, and the writer who had worked in this space was most probably in a very dark space at the time, and held a grudge against his employer, his Soul had been in poverty consciousness, and the residue of this energy still lingered. Whenever I do this work I channel the Highest levels of Love, Sincerity and Integrity to facilitate the energy shift and as a catalyst to heal on a multidimensional level. I scrubbed and cleaned the writing and washed the wall. Then I smudged the space with frankincense to cleanse, clear and heal through space and time. Finally we moved the tea lights to the lounge downstairs to finish glowing in a safe space and I gave the wall the first coat of gold spray paint in the shapes of Heart and Eternity symbols, to raise and completely transform the energy. I sensed the spray paint should have at least three coats.

We then visited the cellar again and low and behold one of the doors to a room we had previously looked in, appeared to be locked! I also spotted an old fire extinguisher which had a notice "CONDEMNED" on it!! We did some healing work down there and I again suggested it would be really good to clear out the cellar and said I would be happy to help.

As we returned to my client's apartment, she had a phone call from a tenant from her shared house property, to say that she was locked out of her room as the door lock had broken. I suggested we immediately visit together as this home was only a 10 minute drive away and I knew it very well. We managed to tweezer out the broken pieces of the lock mechanism and open the door, then visit the locksmith 10 minutes before he closed to buy a replacement. The young lady insisted she could fit this new mechanism herself, and we returned to the original house. Later that evening the tenant sent a film of the door opening perfectly.

Well..... what a difference a day makes!!! It's as if all her blockages and locked doors in life instantly freed themselves up!! Within a very short time the elderly lady who was the owner of all the memorabilia in the cellar agreed to share the investment of a skip with my client as she wanted to completely clear the cellar!! Also, another person in the property wanted to have a clear out so suggested my client order a bigger skip and he would pay the difference. We did arrange for me to go and help but by the time I arrived everything had already been done physically. Also, this had been a catalyst to unite everyone in working together, honouring the space, and sharing information. Even the garden was cleared and they found a snake who had apparently lived under the old shed for 20 years, perhaps as a guardian? We did explore the garden again and plant some miniature crystals as love seeds around the boundary, space clear the home, cellar and cubby hole again with frankincense, and layer more gold paint in the cubby hole. We shall see what happens next!

By coincidence my client also found the deeds of the house which dated back to 1968, when it had been divided into apartments, and apparently the previous owner of her apartment had always struggled with money, even though her father had been a very wealthy man.

In one of my previous articles I mentioned that I consider my "Angel" logo helps to heal people, places and time. The energy that we can't see is often more powerful than that which we can see. This is an instance where the profound and intangible really come to life and make a difference in our lives. I trust these words gift you enlightenment, and encourage you to have a MASSIVE clear out of all those cellar spaces and cubby holes, and clear any old energy that may be affecting your present. Good luck with your clearing!

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