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Recognise The Power Of Your Pictures Article

Having worked professionally as a Feng Shui Consultant since 1998, one of the many gifts I have received and cultivated is the ability to understand that your home is a mirror of your life.  Whenever I am invited to work with anyone these days their home tells me exactly what is going on in their lives before they share any of their innermost thoughts. I am particularly inspired to remind you about the powerful effect your pictures have on your sub-conscious mind in your choice of pictures and ornaments.  The way you choose to display them says it all!  They often reflect who you are and where you've been, as opposed to who you want to be and where you want to go. The first visual image you see when you wake up in the morning and the last you see when you turn off the light, being the MOST powerful of all!

I demonstrate this by relating an experience with one of my clients. I initially did a consultation for a successful lady in October 2002 who at the time was living in a terraced stone cottage.  Afterwards she experienced a wonderful string of events and successes. Early in 2005 she moved into a more modern home and we immediately did a consultation, and again she experienced many positive changes.  However, in January 2006 she started to have a run of bad luck:  She followed her satellite navigation system on the M25, to be led to a police only area and received a ticket. She experienced credit card fraud to the sum of 1,000. She split up from her partner. Most of all she had this over-riding feeling that she was going to die and all the life force was draining away from her. Not a good situation!

Having worked with this lady for some time I felt she had already undertaken a good understanding of the subject.  I kept asking her if she had introduced something into the home that was having a powerful detrimental effect on her sub-conscious mind, such as a picture or ornament showing destruction and death, but she categorically said "no".  She was feeling so awful that I agreed to go and check the pictures and do a second space clearing.  As soon as I arrived I found the main problem as a photograph that was at the top of the stairs and representing the "Future" area of her home.  Her partner who she had recently split up from was a game-keeper and culled animals when necessary.  The photograph was of his son who had shot his first deer.  The deer was very big, his son was beside the dying animal and the weapon used was laying across the body of the deer with the barrel of the gun pointing at the sons head!  Fortunately I know the lady so well, there was no faking my horror that she had allowed the picture to be placed anywhere in her home!  As soon as we took it down she instantly felt so much better.  Later that day she chose a picture of a group of people enjoying food and wine together in a luxurious setting and having lots of fun. 

Needless to say this lady's life hastily got back on track and life very quickly returned to MANY fabulous experiences! 

The following week when she was out with a group of girlfriends, she met her future husband.  Within 6 months she had sold her house and moved in with him into his flat.  They then sold that and bought a beautiful new home and enjoyed a fairy tale wedding in October 2006.  How lovely!  Suffice to say the first thing she did when she moved into both the flat and their new home was to have a full consultation to create a very solid foundation for their new life together!


There is a range of artwork called "Spirit of Place" Art ( which has some very useful Feng Shui images and is also created with a very pure and powerful intention. I freely recommend this work and many of my clients have invested in this range of artwork and have experienced some fantastic results when they have placed these pictures in their homes.

The "Magical Waterfall" has ALWAYS been extremely successful, as water represents Wealth in Feng Shui.  Here are some of the stories:

  • The gentleman who bought the very first picture continues to enjoy great abundance and good luck.  He often says "How lucky am I!", and he IS! SO empowering!
  • One lady had her home on the market since early December 2006, yet had NO interest whatsoever. She collected the picture on 27 January 2007.  The following week she had four interested parties come to view, two of them were cash buyers, and ultimately the sale went through very quickly.  Also since then her therapy business has experienced a constant flow of growth, bookings and abundance.
  • Another couple had their home on the market for a few months. Again, soon after the picture arrived a buyer came along, and the sale of the apartment and the purchase of their new home happened very quickly. Also, they both achieved even more success in their careers.
The "Divine Feminine Rose" has ALSO proven to be extremely powerful in renewing the energy of love in relationships. ENJOY!


Look around your home NOW with a new pair of eyes and ask yourself these questions about all your pictures and ornaments:
  • Do I really love this image?
  • What does it represent and do I want to experience this in my life?
  • What do any mirrors reflect and magnify the effect of?
Ultimately, have you got what you have been asking for - or do you really want something else? We can all change and grow and this is naturally the pattern of life. Consider, if we are born with Heaven's Luck as your fate and destiny, Earth's Luck as your family and circumstance, and Man's Luck as your element of choice.  Your pictures and ornaments form part of this choice. Choose well and support yourself and use your Feng Shui awareness as a powerful tool of change and transformation to accelerate and focus your path towards your unlimited potential!  Enjoy the ride!

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