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The Power Of a Business Logo With Feng Shui Article

The Power of your Business Logo and Promotional Literature with Feng Shui

I very innocently designed my "Angel" logo when babysitting a young child one day. We were drawing together and I used a simple pencil (see attached sketch), and this was a long time before I considered becoming self employed. At the time in my 3 dimensional head, I thought I was designing a glass panel for the entrance door to my home. It was only as I completed my studies to become a qualified Feng Shui Consultant, and seeded the thought that a logo to represent my work was a good idea for future use on all my promotional material, that this little sketch began to come to life and make her presence strongly felt through my psyche! My initial sketch was then placed in the hands of a trusted graphic designer, who with some extra design guidance created her, and she has since proudly represented my work.

I am referring to her as "she" as through the years since she was created we have developed an amazing understanding as "she" is a mirror of me and represents who I have become. When we look at the symbology of the design you will see there is a Heart at the centre radiating love, which represents all of my work being based on the highest levels of unconditional love, sincerity and integrity. There are two lots of trinity energy as the head and arms (or wings), and the three parts of the gown she wears. When we consider Numerology, the number one leads The Way, and the trinity energy reflects the first solid as a triangle. Adding these together (1+3+3=7) creates seven which is the number for magic and alchemy. The "Angel" is then cocooned and protected in two oval shapes. The number two represents harmony in relationships, and the oval egg shape reflects nurturing. All of the numbers together then add up to nine (1+3+3+2=9) which is the number for being in service to mankind and humanity and joining Heaven with Earth.

Initially she had pride of place on my promotional leaflet which was simply a folded piece of pink paper with black print. As she began to expand her horizons she found herself on a beautiful gold printed folded white leaflet, which then also expanded into a separate magenta leaflet describing my workshops. Then the internet landed and she found herself heading my website, and she proudly sits at the top of all my Global Peace Prayer postcards, and the other prayers I have created too, leading The Way.

From the very early days of her presence in my work I trademarked the design and had printed on my promotional material, prayers and website this sentence: "The "Angel" logo is a registered trademark and helps to "heal people, places and time". So the story of my logo has become a mirror of me and the expression and expansion of my work, and the perfect way to represent what I do and who I am.

When you are starting up in business it is very important that you choose a logo image which represents you and your work which is really meaningful to you and has the potential to support you for many years. I have given a lot of Feng Shui logo advice to businesses over the years and sometimes it has been a simple recommendation to flip the image so it faces towards the right (from a Feng Shui perspective into the future), as opposed to facing left (where you are always looking into the past and never moving forward). Sometimes you can reinvent yourself and your work with choosing a new logo. When you do this ensure you look at the subconscious and esoteric meaning of the symbol you are considering. You can also be aware of the colours you are choosing and what they represent energetically (see another article on my website which gives insight and information about your colour choices; The Power Of Colour in Feng Shui.

When considering the Feng Shui logo placement on your business card, promotional literature and website design, I recommend you position your logo in the top left hand corner, which is the Wealth and Blessings sector of the Bagua energy grid. With specific regard to a business card it is ideal to simply have your logo, name, telephone number and website (see attached image of my current business card for reference). Any other information and positive company tag lines and descriptions can go on the reverse. Your name should be the biggest print in the centre of the card so you can easily see who the card represents. There should be NO text above your name otherwise you stunt your growth as there is no room to move up in the world, nor any text or design to the right of your name, otherwise you block your future and you wont be going anywhere! When you incorporate a number 8 into your design you move into the eternal flow of Divine Feminine unconditional eternal love, and the number 8 is also a number for abundance.

If you begin to look at logos of global companies and consider what is happening to them, you can gain a deeper understanding of the depth of these incredibly powerful images. The simplest one to look at is the "Nike" tick which heads a multi billion currency industry. It was a simple idea, and a "tick" gives everyone the feel good factor, for instance when you received a tick for good school work or you tick your list that you have achieved a goal. From a Feng Shui perspective the energy of the image moves freely upwards and forwards to the right and into the future.

In my experience and opinion working with Feng Shui gifts an opportunity to deepen your understanding of life in a holographic and multilayered way, and reflects everything that is around you as a mirror of you. I trust these words gift you an opportunity to look deeper into your own business world, and an understanding of how your logo is working for you. As always, I wish you a productive, rewarding and successful career.

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