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Are you loving yourself enough Article

A few years ago I had no idea that my life would change so very much. Since I made the decision to step from a conditioned, stressed, and stubborn life (can you ever believe it!?) and open my mind to ALL the new and wonder life can gift with it's many experiences, I have learned to live without judgement and attachment, and simply BE in the moment with LOVE. Fortunately for me because of this I have experienced a massive influx of wisdom and learning and been hugely blessed with a much easier life. I now realise and understand how much my outlook on LOVE has been the biggest key in changing my life. Perhaps this should be termed an "in-look" instead?

With retrospect and the all mirrors in life that we constantly see around us, perhaps the first question we should ALL ask ourselves is "Am I loving myself enough?" Perhaps most of us can initially honestly say "no" in response to this question, and certainly I did in yesteryear. Fortunately for me my answer would be a BIG YES these days. Over time as we learn to work with truly forgiving ourselves and then others, we can begin to walk our path of freedom from the past and build a new foundation for the future. Time is a great healer. Although we may not forget past events from our memories, we can learn to release the less savoury moments and use the experience as a gift to add to our tool box of life, LOVE and understanding. As we embrace our individual future and travel towards our unique and unlimited potential, we can realise this is actually our Souls' purpose and yearning. The more we realise this and combine our physical action and choices with the guidance of our Soul, our human path becomes so much easier. Everything in life just seems to slot into place and become easy and effortless. "Things happen when we're happy!".

Once we learn to truly begin to LOVE ourselves, we can share generously this self generated LOVE to others in our circles of family and friendships and sprinkle it like a confetti of LOVE in our homes and workplaces. As we all spread LOVE with every footstep, action and word and live every moment in LOVE and JOY, we raise our level of vibration as the whole. It is my belief that no one person will change the world, but more a pebble in the pond effect as everyone changes and affects everyone else in their individual world. Each person being a microcosm within the

I first realised the importance for me to speak about LOVE in my work when I was doing an introductory talk on Feng Shui in 2000. As I was talking about the "Relationships" sector and working with LOVE in all areas of your life to bring more harmony into your every day, it was as if I stood under a shower of energy to confirm I was on the right track. I often find myself simply thinking the words "absolute LOVE, pure unconditional LOVE", where ever I am and whatever I'm doing. LOVE brings huge acceptance and understanding of everyone and events, and helps us to tolerate some happenings that we sometimes find hard to accept.

One of my skills has become to use my Heart as a barometer and fortunately for me these days I am in a position of choice to do whatever makes me happy. Realising I have the strength and empowerment to choose my action in any situation, instead of doing what I thought other people wanted me to do, has helped me change from a "Yes to everything and a people pleaser person" to the new ME who makes empowered positive choices and finds solutions to whichever scenario presents itself.

I am often blessed in meeting new and inspirational people who then become a catalyst for a new level of energy and insight. A couple of years ago I was fortunate to meet a lovely person and between us popped up a phrase we created which we playfully call the "Love and Happiness" vibe. This phrase has since been shared liberally, and seems to go down very well through all generations when given with a smile and an imaginary sprinkling of LOVE confetti! In the summer when I'm volunteering there is a "Daily news" sheet to ensure the whole TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves Miracles) knows exactly the events of the day, and the words are often used within the final sentence of the news. A lot of the young people and volunteers on the project playfully LOVE to spread the vibe too, which of course helps everyone to share the energy of caring, and amounts to extra levels of fun and laughter.

As a world population perhaps we can seed the idea that fighting and wars are out of date, old fashioned and what happened in previous centuries. It is my view that every living person deserves a roof over their head, food on the table and a comfortable bed. We are generally SO lucky to have all of these things. The least we can do is hold our positive thoughts for those who are less fortunate, and keep the faith that world peace is now and all suffering alleviated, which will help to support our New World and Age of the 21st Century to embrace this aim through the power of the mind and positive thoughts.

So are you loving yourself enough? What is enough? Are you recognising the power of your beauty within? LOVE is the answer, what is the question! LOVE is the gentlest energy, and yet the MOST powerful energy. Allow yourself to work with the fullness of this energy in your every day and be constantly surrounded by miracles and LOVING experiences. Practice LOVE in every thought, LOVE in every word, and LOVE in every action. Understand the power of manifestation and be willingly responsible for our world.

The Beatles song "All we need is LOVE" carries a great message for our time. As we live every moment in LOVE as our gift of the present, memories of LOVE will become our past, and we can walk into LOVE as our future. So find bliss in every moment of every day and be blessed with an abundance of fun as you LIVE IN LOVE, and remember one LOVE is all LOVE and LOVE conquers all.


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