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Real Life Feng Shui Garden Transformations Article

Whenever I am invited to work with a full Feng Shui consultation in anyone's home as a catalyst for change and transformation, I am always very excited as each persons' story is unique. Working with Feng Shui is very inspiring and often accelerates taking action and moves life on very quickly. Everything around you is a mirror and an opportunity to help you change from the inside out. I am very fortunate to keep in touch with a lot of my clients on an ongoing basis and hear how the next part of their life's journey is flowing.

One particular client had a beautiful two bedroomed period stone cottage in a very old market town. She moved into this home in December 2012, and asked me to work with her in February 2013. Inside her home was beautifully finished and quite minimal in her choice of ornaments and decor. This lady is a very colourful personality and her home reflected this too.

Her garden was extremely long and thin, as is standard in a lot of this type of historical property. However it appeared to have centuries worth of other people's rubbish, with plastic tarpaulins and moss covered stones, as you can see from this "before" photograph. I explained to my client that ideally it needed to be cleared, with lots of tender loving care and attention, and perhaps she should start from the top of the garden and work towards the home.

Often my clients are so inspired they get on with their "Feng Shui To Do" list straight away. This particular lady wasted no time and found a very good landscape gardener who COMPLETELY transformed the garden, as you can see from this "after" photograph. For an investment of £6,000 he completely cleared the garden and took away all the rubbish, laid attractive paving and steps to a seated area, and created beautiful flower beds.

When I first saw these photographs I was absolutely AMAZED and couldn't believe it was the same space!! This lady shortly afterwards found a more modern cottage which was located nearer to her friendship circle, so decided to move. So from a purchase price of £137,000 in December 2012, to a sale price of £174,950 in August 2014, this cottage turned out to have been a handsome investment and her profit much more than covered the investment of her Feng Shui Consultation.

When the estate agent revisited the property they told her it had been undervalued when she bought it, as the garden was obviously bigger than it looked. Also, the ceiling price on the road at that time was a maximum of £160,000. However she insisted the selling price should be higher. She actually had 5 offers very quickly, and sold it to a cash buyer.

Another client had a 1930's terraced home and a friend she met when they were both walking their dogs recommend she contact me for a Feng Shui consultation. As is often the case in these homes the buildings are "L" shaped which gives missing space in one of the Bagua sectors. In this case her "Relationships" area was missing, and not only this it also overflowed with all her old rubbish and storage, and this was reflecting in all her relationships in life.

Again she got on with her "Feng Shui To Do" list straight away and within 48 hours this space was cleared and she had placed some very pretty garden lighting in this small dark area and made it very inviting, along with other recommendations I listed for her home. Well….. soon after the very same friend who recommended the consultation introduced her to one of their friends and she recently emailed me to say she had "met an absolute treasure of a chap, and her life has totally transformed and she has never been so happy or felt so cherished and supported". How very lovely is this!!

You can see how very much I LOVE my work and the thrills and pleasure I receive when I hear these stories. Have a look around your home with your Feng Shui glasses on and make a few changes, and you may surprise yourself. Good luck!

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