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Recognising Messages Through Dreams, Meditations and Everyday Experiences Article

In my experience I believe dreams are really magical messages from our subconscious and beyond, and they can gift us invaluable information when we learn to read the simplicity of the vision.

I have on occasion said to a client; "I had a dream about you last night", and of course instantly they are keen to hear the contents. On one occasion I said this to a client whom I had worked with about 6 weeks previously. The dream was about her under stairs cupboard which was stuffed to overflowing with storage and clutter. This was in the area of her home that represented Creativity, Projects and the Future, and the symbolism of this was her future was blocked with no room to move, and she was of course feeling extremely stuck in life. During the consultation I explained this to her and suggested she take everything out, discern what was useful to her and suitable for storage and regular use, and let go of anything which no longer served her future. I also suggested she give the cupboard a massive clean and a new coat of primrose yellow paint to bring a fresh level of sunshine joy and happiness into her future, and clear the way for new beginnings (the yellow Earth colour supports the Metal element of the Future). My dream reminded me of this and although I had spoken to my client regularly since our initial meeting and asked her if she had taken action, she always said she hadn't had time. This dream message reminded me of the importance of the guidance, as her circumstance was that she had just become self employed and needed regular work to ensure her wellbeing. When I told her the contents of my dream the phone line went silent, to the point that I thought our connection had been cut off. Then she said; "Well, if I'm keeping you awake at night I had better do it!!". Within 24 hours the job was done and the best news is within a week her diary became fully booked for the next 3 weeks. It was only later that she told me most of the storage had belonged to an ex partner who left 5 years previously!

When I look back I realise I have been gifted the most incredible amount of knowledge and guidance through my dreams, meditations and inspirations, and these days this information is fed to me at any time in my everyday life, particularly during a conversation when I hear myself saying something which appears random, and turns out to be a catalyst for deeper discussion and transformation. Often this happens when the last thing I am thinking of is being spiritual!

When I am trying to stay in my dream of divinity and am at a time between deep sleep and waking up, and in fact in this semi-dream state I seem to have been fed a multitude of wisdoms over time that I have been able to translate and use in my work and everyday! This direct knowledge can be priceless to us, and it is up to us to recognise the individual message of each dream sequence, idea or inspiration which is so freely given. Sometimes I am given guidance for a specific person. Other messages have gifted me a heightened dimensional knowledge and added further understanding to my work. Occasionally I am given a gift just for me - then I know I've had a really special visit! Also, I can be shopping or driving and a wonderful quote will fly into my thoughts which I can use to upgrade my language and actions. One such lovely surprise were the words; "Creativity Awakens Consciousness" which made me smile and jump start my creative energy to birth some new projects and ideas. I have also received lots of inspiration to ensure a deeper level of nutrition in my meal preparation such as adding coconut to my cooking in the form of a pack of coconut cream to soups and risottos. One time I had been working with a client who had experienced a major issue with his throat and couldn't swallow easily. I was shown the most exquisite "Angel" dessert and I was able to share this with him through a meditation while channelling gentle healing energy through my hands at the sides of his neck. It was not dairy and sugar sweet, but coconut and fruit with swirls of apricot, mint and chocolate, with a mixed texture of marshmallow, mousse and ice-cream, and it really did just melt in your mouth. Completely YUMMIE DELICIOUS** I still need to work out how to create this Divine masterpiece!

When you have a dream I recommend you at least make a note of this coded information in your diary, or ensure you make a mental note of the vision that you can easily remember before it slips away. Some people keep a dream journal beside their bed. Even if you think you forget your dreams be assured they are logged somewhere within your superpower brain channel of Universal information and consciousness. Learn to use this information and access your filing system in the most efficient way and translate the language into understandable forms that work for you.

I really recommend you awaken to this higher level of wisdom and as the saying goes; "Wake up and smell the roses". We are all geniuses and all we need to do to simplify and ease the path of life is implement this wisdom, as wisdom is knowledge in action. We are blessed to have so much information available at the touch of our fingers now sourced from the internet and books. Meditate on your dreams, find an interpretation of the message, personalise it to your circumstances and move into understanding the ease and flow of life.

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