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Most people I speak to are saying how quickly time is flying by these days, so there is even more importance to be concise about your thoughts and actions, cherish every moment and keep sharing beautiful and bountiful levels of the "Love and happiness" vibe with everyone you meet in your circle of life. Listen to yourself really carefully and ensure every word you think and say is positive and loving. If you would like some more insight and encouragement with this "Way of BEing" and a daily reminder to stay positive, do consider receiving Mike Dooley's messages from "The Universe" at (Totally Unique Thoughts) and take your "Oath of Positivity". I have found his work really inspirational over time. My desert island book is titled "Creating Money Keys to Abundance" by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer. I have recommended this read to so many people as it really helped me to positively change and re-programme my language and thinking, and consequently totally transform my life. I still practise opening this book regularly and read a random page to gain a message of inspiration for my day. I'm listening ...

There has never been a more important time to look at the potential in everything, as a seed you plant in the garden. Look deeply at your dreams and thoughts as the birth of new ideas, and inspiration can freely flow to you. Are they full of the promise of glorious beauty and full rainbow technicolour? Can you see yourself living your dream? Connect to how you feel when you think about it and carry that emotion as if it's already happening. Keep your vision high, fresh and new. It's the balance of understanding and recognising where you're going that leads to make it happen. It is general opinion that we are born with Heaven's luck, which is our fate and destiny, Earth's luck which is our family and circumstance, and Man's luck which is the 33% choice and overall a huge influence on the outcome of our life's experience. Birth your new beginning now and continue to mould the person you are into the person you truly want to become. As long as we live we will continue this process. Every person makes a difference as we create our ocean of Love. We all deserve to see the sparkling beauty of life in every moment. The biggest tool we have is the power of our intention, and the greatest skill within this asset is to stay focused and don't change your mind on your final goal. However it is fair to say that we could have a life review every six months, and realise that some of the things we thought we wanted before, are surplus to our requirements now. We may have already achieved them or realised the experience was a little diversion along the way and let it go. Our life is a continual flexible journey of travelling from A to B, and we have the choice to travel on the freeway fast route getting straight to the point of the matter, or sometimes enjoy the more rural and tranquil journey. Recognise that whichever route you choose to be on, it is absolutely perfect for you at that time. Delight in your journey of abundance! Enjoy your days! Be carefree! Be love!

My experiences on both personal and group levels have been so full and expansive for all. Many times I have heard people say at the end of another day of inspiration and enlightenment; "I feel so fantastic - if only I could keep this feeling with me!" Know that you can! Whenever you are blissfully happy, wherever you are, consciously capture that moment as a time bubble you can return to whenever you are in need to connect to and infuse a sparkling moment of fun, love, laughter and energy in your life. LET'S BOTTLE IT! Capture it as if you were bottling the finest perfume, use it lavishly and pamper yourself with the feel good factor! Bottle the essence of your finest experiences and link to it forever, to the perpetual ecstasy of the moment, and bathe in the Lightness of Life! Enjoy!

One of my most inspiring clients is always saying "How lucky am I", and he is! I recently heard a line on the radio: "The heart never grows old. People never stop wanting to be loved". As we are all growing to be ageless and timeless remember to keep having lots of fun, laugh a lot, enjoy yourselves, share all your good news, BE LUCKY and LOVE ALL, all the time…

With this in mind I would like to share a few reminders that I've put together over time for ALL you S U P E R S T A R S



You create your own reality. Listen to yourself. Be aware that what ever you're thinking and saying happens. Re-programme your thought patterns and language to support your success. Think yourself LUCKY. Onward and upward!

Good honest communication is everything so everyone knows exactly what to expect. If everyone knows what everyone wants, we can all work together as a TEAM to make sure it all happens!
(Together Everyone Achieves Miracles!)

Cultivate great friendships for your support network. Work with trust and openness.

Listen to others but work with discernment. Decide your own path and follow your own truth. Take responsibility for yourself.

DO or DREAM. Are you a DO-er or are you a DREAM-er?

Work towards your wildest dreams. Write them down to cement your intention and sow the seeds for your future. The only person who ever stops you achieving anything in life is you! EXPECT TO SUCCEED. WORK towards your GOAL.

Don't do anything because someone else thinks you should. Do it because you want to. Take PRIDE in all your actions.

Be passionate about everything you do and believe you are the best at what you're doing. Visualise only good things happening to you. Make your heart sing every moment of every day. Do what you love! Love what you do!

Work with focus, clearness and clarity. Be efficient and effective. Make the most of every opportunity anytime, anywhere. You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Keep learning, growing and inspiring others around you. Be flexible. Life will always change. The secret is to ride the wave and maximise on all opportunities.

Release the old draining experiences of the past. Remember the vacuum effect. Let something go to receive something new! Time is a great healer. Move forward NOW

To perform to your maximum potential you need to enjoy excellent health, fitness and high levels of energy and vitality. LOOK AFTER YOUR BODY.

A SMILE is the shortest distance between two people and an international language. Cultivate your smile and allow it to work wonders for you.

Remember what ever you give out comes back to you in many unlimited ways. Keep your promises. YOU ARE THE FUTURE!

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