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Tantalise Your Senses With Love and Live Life To The Full Article

On a visit to Granada in Spain I was very fortunate to visit Alhambra which is described as "A Garden of Paradise". There was a plaque giving this description; "The Nasrin garden was inspired by the Muslim concept of Paradise, a fertile place which provides pleasure to the five senses: colour, light and shadow for sight; perfumed flowers and shrubs for smell; sweet fruits for taste; the symphony of water for hearing; and the texture of itís materials - wet or dry, smooth or rough - for touch."

These lovely words remind us we are naturally blessed with five senses that we often take for granted in life. To recognise them to the full we can consciously breathe slowly and find a new level of inner peace and relaxation, and consider the magic of nature in all itís glory. Letís magnify the use and awareness of our senses and consider how we can expand our mind power and naturally enhance these gifts.


This is our main tool of listening to help us communicate. Some of us have a heightened sense of hearing and can hear the sound of a pin drop, whereas others hear better at a louder volume. We are all different, yet we have two ears, and one mouth, and perhaps we should listen twice as much as we speak. This is especially important within our relationships as when we listen and understand, then we can take action to please and create win-win situations.

As we create stillness within ourselves and move into silence, our ears can become accustomed to hear the smallest sound and whisper. Recognise how your higher voice communicates with you too and clearly hear those precious words of wisdom. Hear MORE than you have physically heard in the past and listen with LOVE to help you understand language and sound in a new way, and gain a new clarity beyond what is being said.

Listen with focus and think before you speak as you can never take words back once spoken, and listen with your eyes too.
Experiment with your depth of hearing - can you hear a pin drop?
Consider how loud does someone needs to speak for you to hear clearly?
Listen to your partner breathing and their heart beat.
How do you feel when your partner whispers to you?


This is your most acute sense, your sense of scent and fragrance. Your nose can find a new heightened sensitivity as you smell the sweet fragrances around you. These can help your mind to travel through space and time to re-awaken your past memories, inner knowledge and understanding and link into the Highest Universal truth and wisdom, as an aid to bring to the fore all of your gifts to enable you to fully rise to your purpose and potential. Your soul can truly awaken as every fragrance around you becomes the pure perfume of LOVE.

Smell flowers, incense, oils and essences and discern what is right for you.


Children often share with parents that they see invisible friends, or colours around other people. Most of us were conditioned to reject this potential, as because our parent or friends could not see the same as we saw, we were told "donít be silly, thereís nothing there". You may want to think back to your own childhood to retrieve this memory. These days generally people are opening up to these special gifts and thankfully encouraging young people to explore their potential. Encourage your own "Inner Child" to embrace this skill and re-open your awareness to grow into your true self.

We share through communication all the time, and we describe what we physically see to others. Are you allowing your gift of vision to work to itís greatest potential? A way to expand your awareness of sight is to soften your eyes and look at someone or something for a length of time. It works well in a group situation such as a meeting or training session, or if you can look at someone in a completely relaxed state. Often as you look at someone speaking passionately about something that really inspires them, it is as if an electric light bulb has come on behind them and they are surrounded by Light. Continue your focus and colours may also come into their energy field and aura. Many people have shared their gift of vision with me and they have explained amazing colours, cords and shapes. See MORE than you have physically seen in the past with colour and Light energy around people and places and allow your sight to become a new language of awareness as you see everything through eyes of LOVE.

Maintain eye contact with someone and link soul to soul and listen to what the eyes are saying.
Soften your vision and look at someone for a while as they sit against a light coloured background and begin to see their energy field light up with colour.
Look at a flower, a piece of fruit, or even your skin and notice the colours, textures, shapes and patterns and the great natural beauty and sacred design of all things.


Your tongue is your strongest muscle. Eat slowly and with purpose and allow every taste bud to explore and delight in savouring delicious tastes with excitement. Come alive, as you consume the divinity within the food you eat, and bless yourself with delicious banquets freshly prepared with care and LOVE. Gift yourself a hunger for the experience of life, and a fulfilment that goes beyond. Nurture yourself and allow the delicacies to dance as every flavour becomes a taste of LOVE.

Experiment with a nurturing diet and try different foods.
Drink lots of water to keep yourself clear on all levels.


Every part of your body is super sensitive, yet some parts seem more sensitive than others. Our sense of touch is amazing, and it can move beyond a need to physically touch. Every cell in your body dances to the rhythm of life, and the heartbeat of your soul. Enhancing your sensuality comes with an openness to use all of your senses in total harmony, with the gift of timing and the power of touch it is SO important to us all. Feel a new sensation of Lightness and allow it to pulsates around and within you as you deepen your touch to LOVE.

Rub your hand together as if you were warming them, and gently hold them apart and create a ball of energy with your hands.
Hold your hand away from your skin and see how closely you can get before you feel your energy presence.

6th Sense Ė The Power Of The Mind

As you experience and embrace all of your senses on a heightened level, you can awaken to a new level of awareness and potential. Your body can re-align and surrender to serenity and inner peace, as each individual cell of your body is refreshed and cleansed and you embrace your empowerment and truth.

I also found these words at Alhambra: "Distinction is a dish that is difficult to pair. At times it lies in the feel of an elegant refined atmosphere. At times it merges with the hustle and bustle of the city. Some find it in rest and care, while others devour it with the hunger of a scholar. There is no one recipe for the exquisite." Recognise your senses as a wonderful gift and know we are all different and meant to be that way. Embrace your senses in a new way and illuminate the pure ecstasy of your potential and LOVE and LIVE life to the full.

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