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The Children Are Our Future Article

I consider myself incredibly lucky to have such a varied day to day, and during the last month I was invited to be part of a Primary school in the Manchester area on two separate occasions, with our "Global Peace Prayer".

The first day was on 24 May when the school was having a week of celebrating different Faiths, and particularly to share insights during the week before Ramadan. Razwan Ul-Haq, the Islamic Artist was sharing a day with the young people and educating them through calligraphy and meditation. It was a wonderful experience to be part of a classroom of over 30 young people who were so focused and happy in their work. You could almost see their Soul's growth as they used hand made ink and bamboo pens, and you could certainly hear a pin drop.

The second day was 21 June, our Summer Solstice. It was an extremely special day for the school as they had achieved "Peace Mala Gold Award" status (see for more information). Peace Mala is a bracelet of 2 sets of Rainbow beads and each colour represents one of our world's religions or belief systems. There is a clear bead in the centre which represents the individual, and the bracelet is held together with another clear bead. The Gold Award can only be achieved after a 7 year period and this school was the first school to achieve this status, which was to be awarded that morning.

As a group we were joined by many faith representatives to celebrate the event, and also the Mayor of Trafford who had only been in the post for a month, and had been extremely busy with many moving experiences due to local events. There were around 300 children in the assembly hall. They had been designated a no uniform day, and asked to wear a colour of the rainbow depending on their year group, the eldest wearing red, going through orange, yellow, green and blue. The nursery children were wearing indigo and violet and were to join us in the playground for the whole school to unite after assembly.

I found this assembly one of the most moving experiences of my life so far! The Head Teacher was more like a compere and the young people made their voices heard in planned performance. THE most moving part for me was the whole school singing a song titled: "I am the Earth" (see YouTube: I started singing along as you do... until the children's voices literally raised the roof as they completely engaged with their music teacher in numerous part harmonies and followed his hand movements to use volume, timing and expression... Well, I literally was so very moved I had tears of joy in my eyes and Heart at the holographic sense of achievement for the whole school. Experiencing the intention of these young people to create a peaceful environment and world was a complete DELIGHT.

At the end of assembly we all moved into the playground on a beautiful sunny morning and all the young people created a rainbow of colours. The Mayor was obviously very touched by the whole atmosphere and ethos of the school and was really complimentary as he gave the award. To close the occasion everyone sang "Over the Rainbow", which had been sung by Ariana Grande to close the recent "Love Manchester" concert.

Wherever you look at the moment young people are speaking up and having their voices heard to help seed a peaceful world for our future. There are role models such as Ariana Grande at the tender age of 23, and another young lady at the same age of 23 at the tower block fire in London promoting love. The report I read described her as the most articulate person they have ever seen in this situation. She said, "We are calling for people to be calm. There are loads of peace ceremonies being conducted.... we want to be peacemakers because there is enough of grief ... And also, we don't want that to be confused so that the kindness is taken for weakness."

Both of these young ladies are perhaps older than their years, and yet they are putting their thoughts into action and sharing very powerful and profound insights, and inspiring this next generation. Our role is simply to hold their hands as they cross the bridge into the future, seeding an abundance of love and support, to enable this to be passed on and magnify in our world.
The Head Teacher of the school lives by the words of the Whitney Houston song:

"I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way".

All her staff are incredible and the word TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves Miracles) is certainly working magically. All we can do is leave a positive legacy of LOVE and support to all in our everyday and anchor peace in our minds and Hearts, and spread this LOVE to all. Work your MAGIC and BE LOVE.

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