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The Wedding Season

Some very close friends of mine recently married on 1 May, and my friends had chosen to include a traditional Pagan Handfasting ceremony as part of their special occasion. I was deeply privileged to be invited to lead this part of the ceremony and to say the words of a special wedding prayer I wrote to celebrate their unity. This was all done prior to a Dove release so you can imagine it was a really special event and wonderful for me to have the honour of being part of their special day of unity.

When my friends initially and intuitively chose the date of 1 May to formalise their unity, they were unaware of the depth of meaningful implications connected with this date. Traditionally May Day is a holiday of Union between man and woman, God and Goddess. It is a time of fertility and harvest, for reaping the wealth from the seeds that we sow to celebrate life and unity. Beltane is the season of maturing life and deep found love, the time of vows, handfasting and commitment to celebrate perfect love and trust, and the return of vitality and the passion of summer.

It also came to their attention that 1 May is "Global Love Day", so another beautiful reason for everyone to gather together in their celebration and share and magnify the energy of LOVE gifted to us all.

I have written the words of the prayer below in a generic fashion which can be shared with anyone who's getting married to help magnify their intentions for the future. You can visit the link on my website and print a pretty copy as a gift. When you frame the words you magnify your intention further. The link for "A Wedding Day Prayer" on my website is Here. I have also written "A Lover's Prayer" which is a slightly different version and the link on my website is Here.

Keep sharing the LOVE and enjoy special soft blissful happy moments in life whenever you can.


We celebrate the unity of our bride and groom today as they formalise their union in honour of their mutual adoring love for each other

We ask their lives always be intricately laced with love, fun, happiness and laughter as their relationship continues to develop and deepen in the gift of time

May they mutually enchant, cherish, support and respect each other with loyalty, acceptance and understanding, and cultivate an ability to be in the Diamond moment of NOW as they attune their gift of listening to each others' desires and needs

May they enjoy an abundance of fun, play, spontaneity and happy times together as they continue to discover and explore new horizons and nurture their need for new, exciting and fulfilling experiences

May they continue to be blessed with an abundance of loving, happy and supportive friendships on all levels of life, and luxuriate in the company of special people who love and nurture them

May they be blessed with great levels of health and bright vitality, fabulous fitness, an abundance of wealth, every happiness, family harmony, inner peace, trusted friendships, comfort in all things, many play days, Unity and ever magnified levels of LOVE, and may all their needs, desires and goals be easily met

May an essence of the love and happiness they share, be taken to the Heavens, and from hereon after thrive in harmony into eternity and beyond

We give thanks in abundance for all these continued and ever magnifying blessings and thanks for their provision and ask that this or something better may now manifest for the Highest good of all concerned

In Love, and Light and Healing

Let this be so Written

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