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Feng Shui In Your Therapy Room

There is a saying; "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always be who you've always been"! It's a good idea to periodically look around our living and work space with a new pair of eyes and see what is reflected in who we are and where we want to be in life, and ensure we are on track with our intentions.

If you are a therapist with a room dedicated to your work, this is a very good idea to help give your working life a boost. The best way to do this is to approach your space as if you are a stranger. Meditate for a short while before you begin your process to clear your mind of any conditioning and familiarity and look at your space as if you are a client coming for your first treatment. Open the door of your room and consider (without attachment) how you feel? Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression and ask yourself; Is this room welcoming? Is the energy light and bright and do you like the decor and artwork? Is it clear and tidy or is it cluttered? This is a great opportunity to be honest with yourself and reenergise your space. You may like to take this opportunity to completely empty and redecorate this room to give you a fresh start and a new beginning. Here are some suggestions:

  • Ideally this room should feel welcoming and clear, with your equipment easily available, clean and ready to use to ensure your client feels completely relaxed and ready to enjoy their treatment. Ensure you only keep items you need for your work in this room.

  • Choose a light colour for your decor that you LOVE and be aware of the energy it represents. You can introduce more colour with your towels and blankets, and curtaining or blinds.

  • Be very conscious of any artwork on display and choose relaxing images such as a beautiful garden scene to create a serene work space. Alternatively images of people having fun at work rest and play will help magnify your "Helpful Friends" and invisible help in life. I really recommend choosing a range of Louise Braithwaite greetings cards as they have helped create miracles for many of my clients. One of her cards is titled "Spoil yourself", which depicts exactly what you're doing; a lady enjoying a beauty treatment and sipping some bubbles, with a vase of abundant stargazer lilies and a few oranges on a table. This is all good imagery for the subconscious mind in supporting your intention (website link:

  • If you have enough space a vase of fresh flowers and a candle burning in a safe place will help to keep the room fresh, alive and welcoming, and it is always lovely to have living healthy plants in here too, especially a round leaved healthy Money plant representing abundance.

  • Only keep reference books you need and keep them tidy and easily available, and remember information is freely available on the internet.

  • Displaying certificates is a very personal choice. I find a range of them on the wall too busy for my liking. I have only been asked to show my certificate to my insurer and for my initial membership application to be a registered consultant with the Feng Shui Society. Personally I prefer certificates be available in a pretty folder and shown on request.

  • Ensure any washing and rubbish is taken out of the room after every client to keep the room fresh and vibrant.

  • You may like to clear your space before you begin your work by using the power of prayer and intention combined with sound, and/or burning sage or frankincense. Carefully chosen crystals can also enhance the energy of this room. Ensure you clean and clear them regularly.
I have been visiting my holistic and beauty therapist for many years now and have seen her through five house moves. Her therapy room is always her first priority and is quickly made very clear and welcoming to allow her to continue her work.

All of these suggestions are of course common sense, good design and maintenance, which is the basics of good Feng Shui. I trust these suggestions inspire a new beginning for you and wish you every success in all that you do in your refreshed work space, and an abundance of very happy, healthy and loyal clients who freely recommend your work to their family and friends.

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