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Using Ho'oponopono At Work, Rest and Play Article

I first heard of the Ho'oponopono philosophy through Jane Sheehan when she was on oneof her international travelling adventures in the early 2000's. To keep in touch she wouldoften forward an email inspiration, and this particular story was the "in a nutshell" versionwritten by Joe Vitale who was writing about Dr Hew Len and his experiences with the Ho'oponopono philosophy. I know many people have seen this version over the years as I have often forwarded a copy myself to others in times of need. My initial reaction in reading these words was: "Yes - that's going to work isn't it!" and I put the idea on hold forsome time. It took me a visit to a client who had the book "Zero Limits" written by Joe Vitale placed on her coffee table, to encourage me to take this philosophy more seriously and begin to put the idea into practise. I ordered the book as soon as I got home and eagerly digested the content as soon as it arrived, and then began implementing this work.

At the time I had the opportunity to work with many people who had experienced adversityin their lives. I was also fortunate to have the freedom to share my knowledge my way, and help inspire these people to regain their confidence and self esteem and take their power back in life. Of course one of the philosophies I used was Ho'oponopono. I would relate the outline story, give them a copy of the article and show them the book, and emphasise that they didn't have to physically say these words to anyone they had experienced conflict with in their lives, simply just think the words and use the power of their mind. I explained that the words of Ho'oponopono can be a very soothing mantra as you go to sleep at night, and they may like to try placing one hand on their solar plexus and the other on their sacral chakras as they went to sleep thinking the words. I have heard the words spoken in different ways, and the phrase I use and the gist of the mantra is:
"I love you, I forgive you, I'm sorry, thank you"
My understanding from the initial article and reading the book explains that as you take responsibility for your life and you are a part of everything, you have the opportunity to heal yourself and like the pebble in the pond ripple your thoughts out and heal the world. My weekly experiences of working with these people became my next level of education that I could never have paid for, as I practised my belief and put it into action. The feedback was completely inspiring as I heard how these people changed their outlook and became much calmer, more peaceful and more loving to themselves and others, and changed themselves from the inside out.

I was recently gifted a recording of a full weekend conference of "Ho'oponopono" which was recorded somewhere in America and Dr Hew Len was speaking himself. The way I heard his words simplified the philosophy even more as he simply said:
"I love you, thank you"
His explanation was: I love you and thank you for giving me this opportunity to clear and cleanse any issues in my life.

I have introduced this philosophy to numerous clients over the years and I have witnessed many miracles of clearing and seeing people move forward in life. Only recently one Sunday morning around 10 o'clock I answered the phone to a lady in uncontrollable tears and in an extreme emotional state. She had been given my number by someone I met over ten years previously who had suggested I may be able to help her? In this situation I always have to think on my feet and make every word count! Initially I was able to helpher calm her breathing by guiding her to inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. As she began to listen and regain her composure and help herself I was able to talk her through the Ho'oponopono philosophy in a very simple way. I asked her to use her overriding thought for the rest of the day as "I love you, thank you" and I asked her to say these words several times to me there and then. After a few minutes we were interrupted as a friend had arrived to help and give her some moral support. I ended the conversation by saying if she wanted to speak again later I would be at home that evening. She did call back later, and was totally composed and although she still had her emotional issue to deal with, throughout the day she had become mentally stronger, more focused and able to deal with her life situation.

If you would like to understand and use this philosophy in a deeper way, and as a starting point would like me to forward you a copy of the original article, please send me an email to:, or alternatively indulge yourself in a copy of the book. One of my clients was inspired to write a song after hearing about my experiences and you will find the link on my website: I am not a qualified "Ho'oponopono" practitioner and please forgive me if in your eyes my terminology is incorrect in any way. My simple experience goes to show that if we gently open our heart to ideas and opportunities, follow our inspiration and implement ideas with love and compassion whenever we are guided, we can all be a catalyst for change for the greater good and liberate ourselves mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually in unlimited ways. "I love you, thank you".

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