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Which World Will You Choose To Live In In 2017 Article

"What a question to ask?"- is this what you're thinking? There are many changes and events happening throughout society and the world at this point in time which are acting as a catalyst for many personal and international changes. Perhaps this current awareness is helping us all to reconsider and re-evaluate our lifestyles, and may lead us to grow out of our current throw away society, into a new way of BEing which honours the Source of all things. In encouraging ourselves to "Look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves" (as my grandmother used to say), and we can review what we eat, what we wear, if we need to travel and how we entertain ourselves. We can recognise that quality TIME is our MOST valued commodity and allow every second to be a MAGICAL DIAMOND MOMENT. If we get off the hamster wheel of life and slow down a little, we can recognise what is really important to us and what we value most in life.

Children live in their own worlds and in fact I was driving one of my little friends (aged 4) back to my home one day and she asked me this questions: "In YOUR world is there a big hill?". It took me a moment to consider what she actually meant, and then in realisation I enthusiastically replied "YES there is!!". At which point a HUGE grin came on her face as what she was referring to was a humped back bridge on the approach to my home which always gives her butterflies in her tummy!! Being with children is always so inspirational because they live in the world of "I CAN" and often will never take "No" for an answer. They will share with you all their ideas and dreams and really believe that is what they will do. For me this is "MY" real world too. We can all make our dreams come true with baby steps and enjoy our journey, and allow every experience to help us to shine the facets of our own individual diamond of life.

At the beginning of the year I find it really helpful to list my aims in very positive language and sign and date the paper. Knowing what we know about the power of our thoughts, words and actions, we can choose to raise our level of responsibility a few notches higher and listen to what we're saying and act on it. As we recognise each individual makes up the whole, we can take responsibility and decide to BE actively positive and smile all the time. I saw a lovely saying recently; "Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, and sometimes your smile is the source of your joy". As we all support and share with each other more and more, our unity will overcome the old ways. I see this actively happening now. What has been happening over the last 2,000 years has not worked, so it' s time for us to go back to basics and work with LOVE to create our new reality and future. You can register on and take your "Oath of Positivity" and receive daily positive inspiration from Mike Dooley with his "Totally Unique Thoughts", and also look out for the newspaper "Positive News" ( for good, positive and happy news stories.

Helping others less fortunate than yourself is a brilliant way to help re-awaken your Soul purpose, and apparently there are more people volunteering now than ever before, and you always see this in action with a happy smile and an open Heart. A lot of inspiration is offered to us as philanthropists practise their generosity and share their money and time. Ask yourself the question: "Who can I help?" Of course as a priority it's always good to help and support those nearest to you first of all with yourself and your own family, friends and neighbours and there are SO many other opportunities out there too. For the last few years I have considered myself lucky to have volunteered at the Salvation Army in Peterborough on Christmas Day, and have found it such a very humbling experience to be in service to those less fortunate than myself. I LOVE the Salvation Army motto: "Belief In Action" and there is some amazing work done by volunteers at this organisation in so many different ways; gardening teams, befriending those who can't get out from their homes, day centre and cafe staffing. If you have some spare time and energy you may like to consider getting involved wherever you are led.

Ultimately listen to what you're saying and thinking and always remember you are the Captain of your ship making your own choices, as we always move towards our most dominant thoughts. Ask yourself if you're you taking the easy option or DOing what you really want to do? I believe there has never been a MORE important time to take responsibility for yourself and create your own reality, but most of all HAVE FUN and enjoy yourselves bathing luxuriously in the pure essence of LOVE.

I wish you a very wonderful 2017 laced with an abundance of "Love and Happiness", great levels of health and vitality, and continued good luck, success and prosperity in all that you do. Most of all BE blessed and enjoy your everyday.

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