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Why Have a Feng Shui Consultation?

I was volunteering with some young people recently and one morning one of the young girls was wearing a gorgeous brightly patterned red T shirt with the wording "Do what you love", which reminded me of a phrase I often use: "Do what you love, love what you do". Around the same time I received a wonderful email update from one of my clients with some amazing news which really made my day, so I decided to share my work as a Feng Shui Consultant with you that I absolutely LOVE.

I first heard of Feng Shui in the early 1990's and started my official Diploma training in 1996 when there was a lot of interest in the subject in newspapers, and on radio and television. I have been working professionally in sharing this knowledge and inspiration since 1998, and my education and experience continues to magnify with everyone I work with being my next teacher, as each person's circumstance is always unique. My clients decide to invest in a Feng Shui Consultation for various reasons which can be due to moving home, extending or renovating a home, experiencing life changes with work, relationships or illness, generally feeling stuck or stagnant in life, or feeling blocked and are unable to see a clear path ahead for their future.

I begin the process by having a telephone conversation to clarify the aim of a consultation, and sometimes this is all that's needed to light the blue touch paper and begin the process of moving on with life! When we have agreed a date for me to visit a home for a full Feng Shui consultation I ask for a ground floor plan and a location map of the property, and also the dates of birth of each person living in the home. All of this information helps with preparations prior to my personal visit.

I like to begin our meeting on the day around 9.30am so we are fresh and energised and start our work as early as possible, as I am normally at a home for around 5 hours. It is helpful to understand the theories of "Yin and Yang", the "Five Elements" and the "Bagua Energy Grid" and how they work hand in hand together, so during the first part of our meeting I share an accelerated simple Feng Shui lesson to enable you to understand my recommendations. During this time my clients have often become experts within an hour, when they have recognised their past choices and become ready to embrace change. As our home is a mirror of our life I begin to read everything I see as whatever we choose to have around us is a reflection of who we are and how we're feeling, so even if words are not spoken every image speaks volumes. I have seen the consequence of material choice time and again when visiting homes in the reflection of what is happening in the person's life before they say anything. Sometimes people have items from the past which no longer reflect the opportunities they currently wish for, and they have surrounded themselves with unsupportive visual memorabilia.

Often the rest of the day is spent suggesting and implementing changes and categorising pictures and ornaments. This may result in placing items in different areas of the home, or realising the effect they may be having on the subconscious mind and perhaps deciding they are no longer supportive to current aims and it is time for them to move on. If there is a lot of storage in certain areas we can realise this stuck and stagnant energy may be blocking certain aspirations in life.

If you specifically require business advice I highly recommend you begin with your home, as your intention and the effects of this work magnify. A business consultation is different again and along with general Feng Shui recommendations considers company logos and tag lines, seating positions and staff Ming Kua directions. Both consultations are easily combined for efficiency and effectiveness.

One of the most empowering parts of our meeting is recognising the power of your pen and intention. As I become more familiar with you and your home we discuss your aims and intentions based on the sectors of the Feng Shui Bagua energy grid, which in my experience is a huge part of a consultation and gifts you the opportunity to engage in a very deep life review. As we become more fluent in the use of Feng Shui principles and begin to listen to ourselves we can become wonderful wizards of powerful manifestation and an inspirational idea becomes potential in super quick time. This understanding enables us to become more discerning with our thoughts and more focused with our actions in life, ensuring they are all positive and gifting us the potential to be blessed with a creative life overflowing with inspiration, fulfilment and reward. When you sign and date this list you cement your intention and commitment to making everything happen. This can have an amazing effect and the more you realise this and tune into your empowerment, instant manifestation can be yours! Every day is a new learning for me as I see this happen with everyone I meet, talk to and work with in all walks of life, and witness what ever they say they create!

My visit is followed by a full easy to understand typed report and your list of aims and intentions becomes the first page. The second page is your ground floor plan with the Feng Shui Bagua energy grid drawn over it which confirms how the energy is working for you. Then there are some pages of specific recommendations for your home, and finally my general notes for your interest and information. This report enables you to review your Feng Shui choices and have a permanent reference from our day together.

We can introduce good Feng Shui into our lives as a gateway to maximising our individual unlimited potential. As you begin to understand your home and focus your intention, you invite your life to become full of colour and glorious rich patterns, as the wings of the butterfly lift you in your individual transformation and create new horizons in your life. As we live in homes based on good Feng Shui principles, we understand and implement our learning, and can correct any weaknesses, re-balance and move forward.

Everyone uses Feng Shui as this philosophy can be described as simply the way we chose to live our lives and display the contents of our home and surroundings, as everything in life is a mirror helping us in realisation to evolve and grow. The words "Feng Shui" are Chinese and the literal translation is "Wind /Water". Although we understand these original philosophies as being Eastern and thousands of years old, all our ancestors across the world understood the importance of working in harmony with nature and their surroundings. We can also look at Egyptian, Celtic and South American history to see how different cultures lived to create supportive and natural living spaces. Feng Shui has more recently been introduced to the West as the art of harmonious placement and a catalyst to manifest prosperity. It can be described as using the earth's natural energies which surround us to bring balance and harmony into our lives and heal our homes. Good Feng Shui is based on common sense, good design and maintenance for both your home and self. In my experience it is an empowering tool of change and transformation and a catalyst to improve our future. I really recommend we embrace this philosophy into our lives today in a way that works and supports us.

These days have proven to be very empowering experiences where I share my passion and wealth of knowledge and experience about the subject and help you translate your intention into action. They act as a catalyst to help you to focus on the future of your dreams and accelerate the conclusion of any outstanding issues, and I always feel greatly privileged to be invited to work with anyone, and continue to remain in a state of wonderment as I witness the transformations, empowerment, and the outcome of the experience. I am very lucky as most of my clients come to me through word of mouth recommendation, or are people I have previously worked with who have found our past work together very beneficial, especially when moving to a new home. Some of my clients also like to regularly have a review as their lives move at a particularly fast pace. I honour and thank you all as you continue to teach me as I learn and grow as an eternal student at "The University of Life".

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