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A few years ago I would not have understood the significance of how a choice of name and logo can affect the long term potential and success of a company, group or individual. However, over more recent years I have worked with many people and experienced the power of the use of words in our thoughts and language. I have also studied Numerology in depth, gaining many insights in how we can help ourselves, or conversely self sabotage our success.

Our name at birth is very powerful as we repeat and say that name, and have it said to us throughout our lives. If you have a strong positive name it will naturally have a similar influence in your life. For instance one gentleman I met had the choice to change his surname when his mother re-married. However he chose to keep his original name as "Dukes" which was the more empowered choice. At such a young age he made this very wise decision as he naturally commands respect and success in all that he does in a very charming manner. Alternatively I once met a person with the surname of "Struggles". You can imagine when you are always told you struggle in life, you will, as that is the mind programming of your sub-conscious.

Other examples we can look at are names of successful bands. "The Beatles" dominated the planet in the 60's and 70's. Beetle insects are everywhere! The "Rolling Stones" rocked and rolled around our globe. As they rolled they kept moving, yet being stone they were steadfast and solid in their goals, and are still going strong today. "Queen" regally ruled the world in the 70's and 80's. The "Kings of Leon" and "Kaiser Chiefs" are two of the current bands who stand strong in modern day music. Alternatively I heard of a band once called "Blind Summit" that were not successful, perhaps because they were always having to slow down as they could not see what was ahead? So you begin to see and understand the picture! When you choose a new company name, have this concept in mind too as your name will stay with you a very long time. The same goes for logo designs and company tag lines (refer to separate article titled Relaunch Your Business with Feng Shui and Fly High for more information).

If we are in the habit of working with gratitude for those around us saying words like "Thank you. You are an Angel", of course you'll be surrounded by people who want to help you with love and gentleness. Alternatively if you are always accusing people of negative behaviour, that's what you will manifest in your life and you will create a very unhelpful circle of friends and colleagues.

Every person, as long as we live and breathe, has a level of intelligence, and I have met some amazingly clever, intelligent and intellectual people from all walks of life over the years. I have noticed that whatever people think and say, this is what happens. Fortunately I meet a lot of positive people who easily create success in their lives as they believe and expect they will achieve their aims, and stay very clear and focused on their intentions. Sadly there are others who constantly talk themselves out of what they say they want, as their belief is that whatever they wish for in life wont happen to them, so it doesn't, and they become very deflated. We have two ears and one mouth; listen to your self talk! I came across some very wise words some time ago; "Focus on your strengths. Decide what you want. Unlock your potential". I'm convinced these three short sentences saved my life. They were the key to re-awakening my life purpose. Another powerful phrase is; "Desire, ask, believe, receive". Consistency through BELIEF is the only key to guaranteed success. I am so convinced this is the Global way forward, I believe the power of positive words and thinking should be an interactive part of the school curriculum, hence the creation of our "Global Peace Prayer". Ghandi said; "Be the change you wish to see" Let's do it!

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