Vandaeh Works

Legal Obligation

It is my responsibility to point out that my work and sharing as a Feng Shui Consultant and Holistic Therapist during private consultations, courses and talks is a personal expression of my professional knowledge, experiences and beliefs gained through working in partnership with others. Each person and situation is always unique and individual. Any advice or guidance shared with individuals should be followed only if an individual chooses to do so of their own free will. My fee is entirely related to payment for my professional time, irrespective of the specific contents of the consultation. I will always honour and uphold an individuals right to discern whether my work is something they wish to embrace within their lives, or not.

This statement is willingly made to uphold the legal requirement of The Consumer Protection Regulations (2007) which incorporates an "Unfair Commercial Practices Directive" which means that from 2008 all Mediums, Healers, Psychics and any other Spiritual services will become subject to consumer law.


It is always an honour and a pleasure to share my work. Please contact me to discuss your interest. I look forward to hearing from you ...