Vandaeh Works


All of these links listed below are personally known to me and are offered in the spirit of sharing and exchange for your interest and information.


Jewells Art - My FABULOUS web site development Queen who also creates amazing commissions for personalised Artwork and your own bespoke website designs.

Animal Tranquillity - Tina works with the highest levels of sincerity, integrity and unconditional love in her healing work with animals and their owners for the highest good for mankind, humanity and the animal kingdoms, as a catalyst to help restore renewed balance and vitality through times of change.

Eileen Booth Holistic Therapies - Eileen works with the highest levels of love, sincerity, integrity compassion and understanding when sharing her natural talents and offering her beauty and holistic treatments. Her hands are the touch of Divinity as she takes you to a place of perfect peace, ensuring your total rejuvenation. Enjoy

Razwan Ul-Haq - Razwan Ul-Haq is an Islamic Artist, Poet and Writer, and a complete inspiration with a wonderful sense of humour. He often works in schools sharing insights through his Arabic Calligraphy artwork, and as a poet and writer. He invites creative genius from all age groups encouraging everyone to connect to a very deep level and find the freedom of their Soul.

Foot Reading - Jane Sheehan is one of the worlds leading Foot Readers and Reflexologists. She publishes a monthly e-magazine called "The Pampering Times" and often includes one of my articles.

Free To Be Kids - Some of my friends who have worked with underprivileged young people for many years set up this new charity early in 2016. I regularly volunteer and support them in any way I can as I have witnessed their high levels of commitment and passion for everything they do, and seen the difference a group effort makes in the life of a young person (Together Everyone Achieves Miracles).

Love This Life - I LOVE the words of David Culiner's "Love This Life" poem, and I often wear his T shirts as another great positive and uplifting version of a global peace prayer

The Monastery - Manchester's Taj Mahal - unique and inspiring as the prime event venue for the North West of England. "Inspiring the Future - Respecting the Past". A beautiful high energy space for concerts, weddings, spiritual celebrations, business meetings and conferences.

Peace Mala - A tool for all generations to remind us that we are all One.

Spiritual England - Helping People Lead Peaceful Lives.

Feast For The Soul - Promoting self-discovery, mindfulness, meditation and creative practices, based on the philosophy of Jelaluddin Rumi.


It is always an honour and a pleasure to share my work. Please contact me to discuss your interest. I look forward to hearing from you ...