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Global Peace Prayer History


My work as a Feng Shui Consultant helps to bring balance and harmony into people's lives and heal our homes. Our Global Peace Prayer came about when I innocently thought to myself "What can I do to make a difference in our world?" I decided to simply meditate once a month specifically focusing on the intention for our world to find peace. At the end of each session I was inspired to write a positive sentence. Over a 12 month period these words created the basis of our Global Peace Prayer.

Using this intention provides consistency in the power of positive words and thoughts, and helps us to understand that whatever we think, say and do we create as our reality.
I first published and shared our Global Peace Prayer on the back of my brochures and newsletters in the Summer of 2006. In early 2008 I was blessed to go on a Yoga Retreat to Kerala in India. In this space of complete rest and relaxation, I pondered on how to spread this message even further and faster, and I was inspired to have some postcards printed. Very soon after I returned home I collected the first 5,000 postcards, and within 6 weeks they had all flown away from me on the wings of love, to be shared by others who were inspired with this positive message. It's now January 2016 and at this point in time there are over 195,000 Global Peace Prayer postcards flown away from me and are travelling around our world on the wings of loves, thanks to many wonderful people I have met who find themselves in tune with the words and have willingly shared them with their families and friends.

A really powerful way to read the words is as a mantra as you go to sleep at night, thereby feeding your subconscious mind with positivity before you move into dreamland. It's also really empowering for you to read the words for yourself as an individual: "I celebrate the time of world peace, as I surrender to my higher self....." and so on, thereby healing your own inner world, and like a pebble in a pond, your intention ripples out to increase the swell of goodwill around our world.

There is a book called "Microtrends: The small forces behind tomorrow's big changes" written by Mark Penn. He states "It takes only 1% of people making a dedicated choice - contrary to the mainstream choice - to create a movement that can change the world". Our Global Peace Prayer is as a result of putting my innocent question into action, perhaps using my "inner sense", and my small way of helping our global population move towards our tipping point for peace.

Based on the information provided in my weekly web site statistics, I am in a state of constant surprise and wonderment at all the countries across the continents of our world the postcards have already travelled, as they have been the conduit for people to connect to my work. I have already listed 118 countries, and one of my weekly reports listed a RECORD 861 sessions, with 16 people staying on my site for over an hour, and 16 countries listed in Asia alone. 

I have begun to receive photographs of where people have placed our Global Peace Prayer postcards on their travels If you are happy to share any of your own photos I will be delighted to add them to my "Travels of our Global Peace Prayer" photo gallery on the Prayer page of my very educational website;, where you will find the words spoken in French and Spanish, by a child of our world, and by me too. It is also currently translated in French, Spanish, Portuguese and German languages.

A huge quantity have been shared from Gorton Monastery in Manchester. This is thanks to my wonderful and supportive friend Elaine Griffiths MBE, who has been gifted with the purpose of inspiring and guiding the restoration of The Monastery to become a wonderful event venue and spiritual centre for the North West of England. Visit The Monastery website for more insight and information

Please help to spread this positive message around our world. Contact me and I will happily post you as many as you're willing to share. My e-mail address is: I gift them to you with love and only ask that you pass them on with love. Each time you share them with your own family and friends in your circle of Light and Love, you become an Ambassador for Peace, and help to magnify and accelerate our global intention and create our tipping point for WORLD PEACE.

Our Global Peace Prayer is leading me on an amazing journey and has been the conduit for me to meet some very wonderful and inspirational people. Thank you for all your AMAZING support with this project. I wish you all the BLESSINGS of this prayer and intention.

Vanessa Edwards January 2016


It is always an honour and a pleasure to share my work. Please contact me to discuss your interest. I look forward to hearing from you ...