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When I first began to study the philosophy of Feng Shui I felt it was just an extension of Interior Design for the home. I had no concept of the totally life changing personal transformation I would experience as my knowledge with this subject grew, in effect changing me from one of life's caterpillars to a truly liberated butterfly !

I have been working professionally as a Feng Shui Consultant since 1998 and continually support my clients in realising their dreams and magnifying their intentions. My clients include people from all walks of life, and in the business world I have worked with marketing and media companies, dental practices, chiropractics, beauty salons, travel companies, garages, catteries and many retail outlets. Many individuals have been very successful with their careers, some becoming top sales people who enjoy lucrative salaries and bonuses. Others have experienced great improvements in other areas of their lives such as health, work and relationship situations. One of my clients describes my work as gifting her a "Script for Life", and perhaps good Feng Shui is simply the Art of Living in Balance and Harmony wherever you are in life. My aim is for your continued and magnified success.

I honour Ancient wisdoms and combine this with my innate sense of positivity and the power of positive language, enabling me to share what has become a unique tool box of creativity and success. I openly share this knowledge with others during individual consultations, workshops, at public speaking events and through my writing and meditation downloads. I am blessed with the joy of helping to empower others to access their own unique and individual unlimited potential.

I am known for my "Global Peace Prayer" which I believe is the epitome of good Feng Shui. These positive words are a culmination of my work and what I believe every living person deserves, should they wish to ask for these many blessings. I believe the power of prayer is simply a tool to quieten the mind and help magnify your intention. When I was learning to clear energy it was always emphasised we needed to put something positive back to help build a new foundation. I was inspired to create this prayer as I felt that consistently using the same words would help to focus my intention and create magnified results. There are so many people doing fantastic work towards world peace, I feel this prayer is my small part to add to the swell of goodwill and consciousness in action, and a consistent way to guarantee success. The words were originally printed on the back of my brochure and have been on this website since 2006. In March 2008 I was inspired to have them printed in postcard form to help accelerate their travel around our world and there are currently over 195,000 distributed on the goodwill of those who wish to share them within their own family and friendship circles, and they have travelled to 118 countries so far. I remain immeasurably grateful for everyone's continued love and support.

I am passionate about my work and give very humorous and entertaining presentations which includes real life stories in a very graphic way. In sharing this message I aim to help accelerate your understanding and wisdom, and inspire you to put this knowledge into action in your own world.

February 2016


It is always an honour and a pleasure to share my work. Please contact me to discuss your interest. I look forward to hearing from you ...