Vandaeh Works


I am in ALL humbleness overwhelmed with gratitude for ALL the continual encouragement I receive from AMAZING people from all walks of life.

Here are some of the very BEautiful words I have received over time.

ALL WAYS know that whatever you see in me is a reflection of YOU as your own MOST BEautiful self




"I first met Vanessa over 20 years ago and I instinctively knew that this would be a life long connection. From attending her 'Introduction to Feng Shui and 'New Year, New You' Workshops to having one to one sessions with Vanessa I always leave feeling motivated, uplifted and inspired. Vanessa has a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field and her passion and enthusiasm shines through in everything she does. I would highly recommend Vanessa to anyone who wants to improve their lives on many levels. Her teachings and one to one sessions always exceed my expectations. Thank you Vanessa!" Joy White, Peterborough

"I bought a copy of your Archangel Raphael Crystal Gemstones meditation disc and I want you to know I feel very blessed by it and have found it far more effective than many of the more "produced" meditations I have used, with music, sound effects, etc. Your voice and words alone are all that is needed. It was a great pleasure to meet you and you have a great encouraging, uplifting and loving energy. Thank you Vanessa for believing in the magic which is our reality and inspiring others to do the same."

"I have been reading your prayer as part of my daily meditation so you and your words have been close to my heart. It was wonderful to meet you and inspiring to be around a woman whose anhata chakra is so radiant and abundant. You boldly spread your message and gracefully bring joy and love to all you meet, a true ambassador of peace."

"How strange the minute I put the phone down and thought of your lovely words the pain vanished. Magic - thank you!!!"

"Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic and incredibly mind warming day. So many positive things have occurred since and my super positive attitude seems to be inspiring others, which provides me with a lot of satisfaction. I have been praised by numerous people at work, and have seen many of my regular customers that I had not seen for a while return to the store to see me, which is great. It is incredible how a positive mindset and positive affirmations make a tremendous difference to someone's lifestyle and even more so how someone is perceived by purely adopting an uplifting persona."

"Your "New Year New You" workshop is fantastic and really got me motivated, and gave me so much energy. Thank you for all your help and guidance. You're an inspiration."

"Immense gratitude for your call - I can't thank you enough. The difference it made was incredible. I am so looking forward to hearing from you again and moving forward with my property and my life!"

"Bless you for BEing my Angel. As always you bring Light into my life."

"I often think of you and am most grateful that my life has been blessed and enriched by you coming into my life all those years ago." 

"Just to say many thanks for your love and healing. You are an amazing person and so many people must be helped and touched by your positive Light."

"I love hearing your voice .... You have an enchanting tone ...! I am so glad to have met you and I think you are truly an angel on Earth. You do, say, create amazing things and your love is very felt Vanessa. THANK YOU."

"You are truly gifted and I'm so happy & blessed to know you."

"I have just been looking around your website. You do wonderful work! I felt compelled to say how brilliant you are."

"Just thought you would love to know that the office is all a BUZZ this morning with staff ecstatic about the wonderful day yesterday. When I arrived at work there was a card on my desk from the deputy manager with the following comments which she asked me to pass on to you: "I would like to take the opportunity to say thank you for one of the most inspirational 'training' sessions I have ever taken part in. I am sure that everyone present feels the same way - ME time in a pure essence".

"Vanessa has the ability to smooth and soften sharp edges of everyday life to a level which is acceptable for our Souls to thrive. Her zest for life is a wonder to behold and infectious to all who have the opportunity to meet her."

"The Vanessa experience is both nurturing and dynamic. It is an incredible experience of deep love and Vanessa is one of the most giving and effective healers and facilitators of self-empowerment I have ever met. The one to one sessions with Vanessa reassure you that you are on the right track. Vanessa so totally envelopes you in love and peace at the same time as what she calls "gently challenging" you to make steps towards doing what it is that you want. I went to see Vanessa for a session as I wanted to release the last vestiges of blocks and challenges that held me back. Afterwards I felt clear and free. This is absolutely a phenomenal experience of Love."

"I think everyone should allow themselves the opportunity and the time to have this amazing experience. Vanessa is a force of beauty, courage, power and of course Love, changing the world one step at a time by helping people to do the same."

"With blessings and gratitude for your caring gentle energy that emanates such positivity and effectiveness in our world."

"The whole experience was unique and uplifting. Our home feels much happier and we know that this is just the start of the journey forward."

"Since you have completed the distant healing for my home the house "feels" different, my energy in the house has increased, and I'm feeling more at home."

"An amazing catalyst of inspiration to us all, giving us courage to allow our Light to shine."

"The meditations really raised my consciousness. Thank you so much for helping me learn and grow to know a higher way of BEing. You teach us to spread a beautiful way of BEing and living."

"Thank you for helping me to BElieve in myself and for opening my eyes to new experiences."

"Thank you for making the day SO special, it was such a BEautiful experience and our home feels wonderful."

"Thank you for your infectious enthusiasm and inspirational guidance. You fired my soul."

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom and giving me the strength to BElieve in myself and trust my guiding angels. I now have the job of my dreams."

"We thoroughly enjoyed our day with the warmth and wisdom of our group, and truly felt we left with something practical and precious. If our experience is anything to go by your work has a value that can change worlds and hearts."

"You really inspired me to make the necessary changes in my personal life and career. I feel very energised and uplifted. A truly magical day and very powerful indeed!"

"Thank you so much for a wonderful day. Our home feels and smells wonderful!!"

"Your enthusiasm for life blazes brightly!!"

"You have unleashed some new creative energy within me, and a desire to harmonise my home, family and life!!"

"I am sleeping better already and feel very positive and energised!!!" 

"Many lovely positive events have happened since the distant healing of our home."

"Thanks to you at the age of 56 I feel my life is beginning. You have bought laughter into my life and a BElief that everything is possible. WATCH THIS SPACE!"

"Listening to the CD "In Celebration of the Divine Feminine" this morning after a walk by the sea, has given me a wonderful state with which to begin the day."

"Thank you for making me look at myself long and hard and for introducing me to the notion that I have the potential to get out there and have a ball."

"It is with great joy that I am putting pen to paper. The experience of listening to your voice on your CDs is magical. The timing, quality and sincerity with which you deliver the words and meaning are wonder-full. It is very rare for me to be able to surrender in such complete trust to the voice and message of another. Being a hypnotherapist myself, usually I am in two minds listening to CDs of this kind. However with your truth, wisdom and love pouring into your speech, it is easy for me to follow the path you so lovingly describe. Thank you so very much for giving me a heavenly space, which I can re-visit with your guidance, again and again." 

"Your positivity is uplifting and an inspiration to me, so thank you. I can't say how much I appreciate our time together. You have set me on the right road." 

"I felt very very calm indeed when I left you and at the same time excited and much clearer. I woke up this morning and lit a candle and I am still feeling both calm and excited about everything all at the same time." 

"It was great to meet and learn from you this weekend! Thank you for your warmth, love and high spirits, and the energy you communicated! You're a gem - a healing crystal in your own right! "

"Keep up the good work, which goes far beyond the knowledge and logic of the illusion of any ego!"

"I listened to your inspirational talk and your words in regard to forgiveness and love keep repeating in my mind. Thank you for giving everyone so many the seeds to sow in their spiritual growth, including myself. I was mesmerised by your aura - it was so bright, glowing all around you." 

"I always like listening to your talks Vanessa as you always seem so positive and 'light'. Thank you for what you do. You are like a shining beacon."





It is always an honour and a pleasure to share my work. Please contact me to discuss your interest. I look forward to hearing from you ...