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A Pathway To Meditation And Finding Inner Peace Article

A long long time ago, which even seems like a different lifetime now, I was drawn to the study of Feng Shui. I can now recognise at that time I had a very tense, fixed and rigid outlook on life due to all my past conditioning in leading a life that I sensed others expected of me, and I had experienced a number of different work situations and never found fulfilment, always blaming others for what I considered to be my lack of achievement. I sensed this new work I was developing for myself would gift me a sense of reward that I had never previously found, and lead me to meet new and interesting people in beautiful homes. All of this I do of course, yet little did I know the fullness of my development, how many other ideas I would be introduced to, and how incredibly fulfilling and rewarding my work would become.

As I look back now and reflect upon that time of change and transformation it was as if I was being led with a blindfold on, and yet fortunately I was developing an open Heart and Mind, as gradually I was introduced to a lot of REALLY quite "outside of my box" ideas! One of these first suggestions was to learn to meditate. Now... I have always been a girlie that likes to run before she can walk, and more of a doer than a thinker, often of course diving into the deep end before considering my actions and the outcome. One of my first thoughts was; "There must be a "Learn to Meditate" kit? Fortunately at that time I was inundated with SO many new inspirations, ideas, thought patterns and possibilities, I began to SLOW DOWN long enough to listen to a higher voice in my head and open up to my unlimited potential.

Initially during our Feng Shui meetings we would often sit in a circle with the soft sound of background music and a calming voice leading us through a process of slowing our breathing in a deeper way and clearing our minds. In my local area I found some like minded friends and we made a practice of regularly sitting together in similar meditations. At home I disciplined myself to do a regular daily practice of meditation too. I began by lighting a candle in a safe space as a tool of focus, and to calm myself within my surroundings before I closed my eyes. I would ask myself a question such as "What is the most important thing I need to know today?", and there would be an answer form in my mind during this still, calm and peaceful process.

During the 18 months of my initial Feng Shui training period I was blessed to experience two 10 day residential projects where I was able to bathe myself in these "new to me" philosophies. Each time I returned home I was a different person again, gradually transforming, evolving and embracing my butterfly wings, and I cannot begin to describe and explain the complete uplifting and liberating gift this whole process gave to me.

As my training period completed I became totally immersed in my new and rewarding way of life, with meditation becoming a very big part of it. However, I do not sit for hours meditating and seemingly doing nothing. I strongly feel for me a quality 3 minute period is all I need to connect with my Higher Soul Self in unity, and I often practise this connection by sitting in the sunshine beside the pond in my garden, walking in the countryside, when going to sleep at night or waking up in the morning. To encourage my mind to be still and empty I focus on one vision such as a the flame of a candle, or a mantra I whisper to myself very slowly such as; "I am peace, I am still, I am love".

My practise of meditation has opened many doors for me along The Way. Our "Global Peace Prayer" came to me one day after I saw the news headlines and I asked the question; "What can I do to make a difference?" I was guided to do a meditation once a month where I spread a map of the world on my table and used candles, crystals, incense and prayers of forgiveness and peace. At the end of each session I wrote down a sentence which came to me and committed a date in my diary to do the same the following month. Towards the end of the 12 month period our "Global Peace Prayer" had been gifted (see:

I also regularly use the practise of meditation when I am asked to do distant healing work for homes and businesses. My clients send me a floor plan and a location map and again I use meditation and prayer to clear and cleanse homes of old stagnant historical energy, and refresh, renew and fill the space with the power of love and positive intention.

My clients often visit my home for a one to one spiritual development session when for part of the process I am guided to use my voice in meditation for a one off personal message and a tool to help them embrace a new future. A lot of my ladies go home looking at least 10 years younger. This part of my work also inspired me to record meditations as a tool to help my clients reconnect to how they feel when they are with me, and these are available as downloads on my website (see

One of the loveliest rewards from learning to meditate is random inspiration that comes to me, sometimes as Iím waking up in the morning, and often when Iím driving (when I have to park my car and write the words down to record them!). 3 powerful words I was given when driving years ago are; "Creativity Awakens Consciousness", which goes to show you donít need a lot of words to share wisdom, just a few words that count and seed a deeper thought process.

These days I often find I am in a space such as a school where I can encourage young people to experience the power of meditation through slowing the mind and finding their inner quite space. It is so very magical when you are in a class of around 30 children and you can hear a pin drop. Often when I have led them through a visualisation, afterwards they will enthuse about the colours of the birds they saw and the experience of being in a beautiful natural space, which in turn has led to some very inspiring creative writing sessions.

Yes I am still a girlie who loves to run before she can walk, and I guess I always will be. Yet through meditation I have been blessed with an ability to slow down and develop a very calm and loving persona which I am able to share with our world wherever I travel and with whoever I meet, and also gained a wonderful tool to BE in the moment and enhance my intuition and psychic ability. I often say I would love to bottle this feeling as an essence and share it liberally. However, this gift and skill is a talent we can only develop as individuals from the inside out. I trust my words inspire you today to find your own "Pathway to Meditation and Finding Inner Peace" and a new level of joy in life. Enjoy**

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