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Alarm Bell Moments and Rebirthing Yourself to Create a New You Article

Sometimes we find ourselves going through life and blaming everyone else for what ever is not happening to us, and feeling like we are banging our head against a brick wall and shooting ourselves in the foot? This was happening to me years ago when I had experienced a random career, never felt I was in the right place at the right time, perceived glass ceilings wherever I worked, and ultimately felt totally at a loss and very frustrated with myself.

Then ... I was lucky to have a wake up call when a number of coincidences happened and allowed the REAL Vanessa to stand up and be counted.
  • My first alarm bell moment was when I was on holiday visiting a friend who was living in Thailand. He told me that he had been working in an office in Malaysia. He arrived one day to find the "Feng Shui Master" at work. As he could not speak the language and didn't have a clue what was happening he could have no input. The outcome was the entrance doors were re-hung (I imagine the energy could then flow into the building easier) and the Managing Director's office was relocated together with his sitting position (so he could be positioned in his natural area and face his direction for Prosperity). Apparently this office continues to do well today.
  • On returning from holiday I began to hear radio interviews and see television programmes about the benefits of using Feng Shui. Then in "Cosmopolitan" magazine there was a five page article on the subject. As I read and re-read the words I could feel my body telling me that I knew this information already! At the end of the article there was a suggestion that if you wanted to train as a Feng Shui Consultant (completely outside my comfort zone at the time as I had never been to college or university, and I had no confidence or self esteem) contact Feng Shui Network International. I took the easier option and ordered the book titled "Feng Shui Made Easy" by William Spear. At the time there were only 7 books about Feng Shui available and I had to order this book from W H Smith, and it took a month to arrive! Even when the book arrived I told myself I was too busy to read it! It wasn't until I was completely run down and ill that I took time off work and gave myself time to read it. My first two days were spent recovery sleeping in bed, and as I began to regain my energy I read the book, when of course my alarm bells began to shrill even louder. At the end of the book there was the reminder of Feng Shui Network International and becoming a Consultant ...
  • I recovered and returned to work, and one day forced myself to have a lunch break as I needed to purchase a birthday card for a friend. On arriving at the shop there was a postcard rack and at eye height a photograph of a beautiful blue sky with the words: "Focus on your strengths, Decide what you want, Unlock your potential". I innocently thought to myself how true, and bought two copies and placed one on my dressing table and one beside my computer screen at work (I later went back and bought them all and gave them to my friends and family). When I read and reread the first section "Focus on your strengths", the voice in my head was telling me that I wasn't good at anything. However the other part of me which was becoming stronger took a piece of paper and titled it "Strengths", and I began to make a list of everything I could do from making a cup of tea, to catering for a huge number of people, to having a clean driving licence, et al. Then the next question was to decide what I wanted?
  • At the time I was beginning to experience what I now call "wake up dreams" where I receive some very vivid messages. On this occasion as daylight was breaking, I saw a very tall person walking beside my bed wringing their hands in a very agitated way and saying: "For goodness sake will you get on with this, as if you don't do it now you will have missed another opportunity in life"! Of course, that was the day I found the courage to pick up the phone and register for my Feng Shui Diploma, and the rest is history ...
The next 18 month period was one of the best and most magical times in my life and I had some incredible experiences (every one of them a story on it's own) and made some amazing new friends, and my life became easier and improved beyond measure as I moved into the flow. After my training I experienced another level of education as I began to put my knowledge into action. I now feel extremely fortunate in life as I remain as passionate and excited about my work today as I was on the first day of my training, and am blessed with immeasurable reward and fulfilment in all that I do. In my head I thought I'd visit some lovely homes and meet some amazing people, as my work would be an extension of interior design. I had NO idea of the depth of the subject and all of the different concepts and ideas I would learn about, and as my intention and level of spirituality deepened, there was an element that enabled me to communicate my insights, and help to be a catalyst of change and transformation to others. These days I consider Feng Shui as a process to help you decide what you want in life and evaluate your home to ensure your sub-conscious mind is supporting your intentions.

In my formative years I recognise I was completely inflexible and rigid in my views and was my own worst enemy. I believe anyone can change, and it is only when you work on yourself and walk your talk, that you can help others. The empowering words: "Focus on your strengths, Decide what you want, Unlock your potential", can work for us all. As we change and begin to believe the seeds we are sowing, we realise that whatever we think and say we create that reality. When I began my training the hardest words for me to say were: "I'm a Feng Shui Consultant" (as for a while the voice in my head said "... but your not!!"). These words are very easy for me to say now as during my transformation I changed from a mouse to a LION, as I woke up to my true purpose and potential of being in service in life, and created my Happy New Me!

I encourage you to look out for your own signposts, and wish you every success in finding your purpose and new you, and a life overflowing with happiness, love, magic and unlimited adventures as you embrace your potential and live life to the full. Soar the heights and fly sky high.

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