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Are You Recognising Your Signposts Article

I am very blessed to have cultivated a wonderful circle of supportive friendships in my life. Last year I was visiting a friend who lives near Glastonbury as I had some unexpected free time, and she took me see one of the corn circles from last summer and of course took some photographic evidence! This year when I had a window of opportunity I paid another visit and repeated our now mandatory summer corn circle adventure. There is a super website called where they give the latest up to date information and photographs, and also the grid reference to help you exactly locate the site. However, the satellite navigation system we were using was unable to be set to find the grid reference. Hence you can imagine two ladies driving very slowly up and down a country lane several times trying to spot a corn circle!!

On this occasion we didn't find what we were looking for! However, The Universe chose to send another message instead. We decided we were going to have just one more look and drove very slowly up the lane one last time. Then a hare scampered into the road right in from of us, and sat looking at the car for what seemed like forever. Of course I stopped the car and when the hare moved off into an open gateway I slowly drove the car and parked in the gateway. Again he sat looking at us for some time, and by this time I'm beginning to ponder on the esoteric meaning of the hare.

As our corn circle search had failed dismally, we made a decision to travel to Salisbury and have a look around there instead. As we drove on the country lane began to get narrower and narrower and then in front of us were a mare and foal which had obviously escaped and were on the run, as the mare had a halter on her head and a lightweight rug on her back. Although I stopped the car I wasn't quick enough to get out and catch them, and they gaily trotted past embracing their freedom, which was most likely mirroring my own feeling of freedom at that time! We sensed the owner couldn't be far away so drove around the corner and told them we had seen the escape party, and left the drama to continue as we travelled on towards Salisbury.

The coincidence was during the previous month I had visited the south of the country and been taken to two very large livery yards, and I'd also been to the north of the country and visited a very large horse sanctuary. Again I was reminded to consider the esoteric meaning of the horse!

When we arrived at Salisbury we decided to have a look at the Cathedral. To our great surprise there was a magnificent sculpture exhibition of HUGE pieces of art created by Sophie Ryder and some of them around 16 feet high! I know by now you know EXACTLY what the subject matter was - yes - the horse and the hare!! Here are a couple of web links you may be interested to have a peek at and see some of the amazing and inspirational sculpting yourself:!salisbury-cathedral/alyye or

As soon as I arrived home I had a look at my book of "Animal Wisdom" by Susie Green. In a nutshell the Hare represents travelling lightly with discernment, and the Horse represents speaking your passions aloud with nobility, freedom and grace. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

That however still wasn't the end of the "Hare" story, as about 4 weeks later I visited another friend who lives near Manchester and we went on our regular visit to Alderley Edge to harvest the natural mineral water. Afterwards as we were on our way to Prestbury to meet her sister for lunch, she was inspired to take me to Hare Hill (see which has an abundance of wooden carvings of - you got it in one - HARES!!!

I look out for my signposts everyday especially when I'm travelling and often see rainbows and also take notice of the signage on lorries and vans. These messages at least make me smile and on a deeper level are a wonderful way of communicating with my higher self and honing my intuition. So keep an eye out for your own signposts and you never know what messages you may receive and where you may be led to the next piece of the jigsaw puzzle for your own journey. There is an abundance of information available on the internet if you simply ask "Google" for the esoteric meaning of whatever you've spotted. I also refer to Denise Lyn's wisdom too and have her "Signposts" and "Alters" books on my reference library. So start to get quizzical about your messages and expand your horizons. Thank you Universe for all your beautiful gifts of confirmation and keeping me awake and alert to your signposts. I promise I AM listening.

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