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It's Good To Know a Celebrity!

I first met Jane Sheehan at a Health Fair in Milton Keynes in November 2002. It was as if we had always known each other with our permanent smiley faces telling all! Jane, and our now mutual friend Sylvia Ferguson, then arranged my "Introduction to Feng Shui" day to run at Weedon School Rooms on 8 March 2003, followed by my "Inner Feng Shui: Improve Your Life and Prosperity with the Power of Positive Thinking" day on Saturday 21 June 2003 (ooops! Summer Solstice - what a powerful day to run a workshop!). Since that time Jane has experienced many massive life changes and very soon after those workshops she gave up her job and became full time self employed in Foot Reading and Reflexology. On the first day of her self employment she did a television interview on the "Good Morning Show" which was a brilliant start to her new career, and since then she has made many television and radio appearances, run workshops around the world, published numerous books and is currently working on the next one, and creates a monthly email newsletter - and this is just what I know! Go Janie go**

In the summer of 2006 I was invited to accompany Jane on a working opportunity in Dubai at the Dubai Ladies Club. We met at Heathrow and Jane had just returned from working in America and was already experiencing jet lag. As we were waiting for the flight she explained a "Jet lag eliminator" process, but by then it was really late and I probably wasn't concentrating! We were blessed to fly with Emerate airlines which I LOVE as the staff are always FAB and it's very comfortable. We had individual television screens and watched a film called the "Last Holiday" where the lady is told she has 7 days to live, spends all her money and then meets man of her dreams! At the end of the film it was around 2.00am UK time, we were giggling and Jane realised we hadn't done "The jet lag eliminator!" (I still can't remember what it is!)! We were laughing so much we started to cry and people around us woke up, the stewardesses came over and we couldn't explain the reason we were laughing so much, but at least we put their mind at rest we were OK! We did wonder if you can be thrown off a Jumbo jet for disruption?!

After the smoothest flight by Captain Angelos (Yes it's true - can you really believe his name?), I noticed in Dubai airport as we walked through the Arrivals area of the building that all the advertising slogans were written in a very positive way, engaging the sub-conscious mind to invite success and prosperity, such as;
Your dreams are unlimited. Go beyond

Take your meeting to the next level

Driven by legendary passion

Dubai smiles all summer long

Discover a world of rewards and privileges
We did all of this during our visit and experienced so many lovely events and happenings as we focused our intention and created many instant realities and manifestations. We would often swim in the pool which was like luxuriously bathing in a huge WARM bath. We'd have a rest and a chat at each end and read the feet of the people on the sun beds, or if we were in the lift with our eyes down we'd have much to talk about when we were on our own again. You can imagine there was never a dull or quiet moment. We were lucky to have separate rooms or else we'd have been giggling all night! One day at breakfast we decided we wanted to meet someone interesting and inspirational for the morning. Within minutes an Indian lady and her daughter held open the lift door in politeness for us to share the elevator, and hey presto - we shared the morning with them. The family were moving to Dubai and looking for accommodation. She was a dress designer who had owned her own shop and set up her local Chamber of Commerce. She was also working with a laser acupuncture treatment so we had a lot of holistic interests in common too. Another contact was made and so it went on.


Another evening we were invited to an Iranian restaurant for supper. This gave us an introduction to the culture and we were led to eat upstairs in the family room. They put a screen between us and other diners as I think we were frowned upon for laughing so much! During an extremely entertaining evening we worked out everyone's Ki numbers and it was really interesting to see the accuracy of personality traits and where they were in their 9 year cycle, and also how all the personalities moulded into the evening and worked together - or not!

1.6.9    3.6.2   5.2.8   8.4.9   8.8.5

For those of you already in the know I give you one guess at who kept changing the conversation and talking about herself! I find this system very easy to learn and so insightful in gaining a deeper understanding of relationships, and gaining insights on how to get the best out of everyone.

Every bedtime we indulged ourselves in a feel good bedtime ritual of a warming cup of "Yogi" liquorice tea and the treat of a "Merci" chocolate. We were blessed with such a wonderful time and found ourselves giggling more and staying up later. On our final day as we were travelling to the airport we decided to manifest someone interesting to talk to, so we'd booked in and were enjoying a coffee and Jane noticed a lovely gentleman who'd been staying at our hotel, and he looked over and gave her a smile of recognition. After a few minutes Jane decided to visit the rest room and I told her when she comes back I'll be sitting with him! (What a challenge I'd set myself!) Then out of the blue a huge Asian lady in a brown burka sat in the seat that Jane had just vacated! As she looked quite stern and uncommunicative (and there were other seats available), I looked over to our very lovely gentleman who was by now giggling too, and said "Can we come and sit with you please?" So of course when Jane returned she couldn't believe her eyes and we all sat together and shared a lovely conversation with lots more giggling. When it was time for him to leave he said if his flight was delayed he'd come back, and we joke with him "Be careful what you wish for?" So then it was Vanessa's turn to go to the restroom leaving the challenge with Jane to manifest someone fun to talk to, and of course he came back for more!

Eventually we got on the flight ready to go home but were sad to realise Captain Angelos wasn't with us. That day there had been massive rainstorms in the south of the UK and when we arrived the runways at Heathrow airport were closed. We were diverted to Gatwick to re-fuel, but we had to stay sitting in the plane! We took off again much later and circled London many times, and we were looking out of the windows and also at the small screens; captains view and under carriage view cameras! We were just about to land and could see the runway arrow lights and even the detail in the tarmac, then the screens went completely blank and we heard a HUGE engine noise and realised the plane was taking off in the air again! This is the only time in my life I've looked at Janie's face and it was not so MARVELLOUS!

How blessed we were with a wonderful golden time bubbly of happy memories to share. I recommend if you ever receive an invitation to join a friend, embrace the gift and enjoy.

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