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Feng Shui For Horses Article

One of the aspects of my Feng Shui work is dealing with geopathic stress, and from time to time I've been invited to work with horses within their stable environments, and had very interesting experiences when implementing earth healing techniques. Of course horses don't have furniture or artwork to influence their wellbeing, yet they can be very much affected by geopathic stress and other historical negative energy affecting their stables and environments. I describe two of my personal experiences for your enlightenment and understanding.

One lady had an 11 year old heavyweight piebald mare called Molly kept at livery. The mare continually had a history of ill health, culminating with respiratory problems, bouts of colic, general loss of weight, a miserable temperament and was off colour with no sparkle in her eyes. The vet had by now made several visits, but was unable to diagnose why she kept having these illnesses. After asking my client a series of questions, I suspected there was most likely geopathic stress affecting her stable.

Geopathic stress is caused by the natural radiation that rises through the earth becoming distorted. As humans, if we sleep or work in an area affected by geopathic stress we can feel ill, restless, argumentative or run down, and it can eventually lead to more serious illnesses. When we sleep at night our body should be in a state of relaxation so that it can replace the millions of cells necessary to stay healthy. If our body is fighting negative energy it is unable to do this necessary work. Of course animals as well as humans can be affected by this draining energy, and from this lady's description of her horse, I thought this could be the situation.

I arranged to visit the stable and detected 3 lines of geopathic stress which formed a triangle and completely surrounded the mare when she was in the stable, and there was no way for her to avoid the draining energy they created. In fact the mare resisted going into the stable anyway, so she knew the environment wasn't good for her wellbeing. All of these lines were very high strength and the combined force would have had an incredibly draining effect on her body. I implemented the earth healing work that afternoon.

Within 3 weeks I was thrilled to hear the horse was much better, so much so that her owner had been unable to hold her from galloping flat out towards home on a recent ride! She was also happy to go into her stable and had made a very quick recovery, regaining her vitality and enthusiasm for life after the geopathic stress and historical energy had been cleared.

On another occasion I was invited to a different livery yard to work on one of the horses who was listless and had no energy, and yet again there was no obvious diagnosis and reason for his behaviour. In this case there were 3 stables together in a row, the horse who I had been called to help occupied Stable 1, a very bad tempered gelding was in Stable 2, and another horse who was very agitated and wore a crib biting gadget on her neck was in Stable 3.

As I spent time in this yard clearing the energy all the horses became very calm and interested in what I was doing as I carried out my earth acupuncture techniques, to the point where the horse in Stable 2 became very friendly and amicable, and the horse in Stable 3 became quite still. I was later told the crib biting gadget was taken off the horse in Stable 3 a couple of weeks later, the unfriendly horse in Stable 2 had completely changed character and was very happy, and the horse that had been the catalyst for my visit was unrecognisable at a show 3 weeks later when some friends of his owner swore he was a different horse!

Animals are extremely sensitive to energy. I used to ride horses a lot in my formative years and often found they would always shy and react in the same spot, and in my ignorance at that time I thought they were just playing up! Whether they see energy or feel it we will never know. Our human intellect will often tell us there is nothing there if we can't see it, yet in these scenarios we can see the results and the benefits of this gentle and sensitive work.

I am really happy to say I have many similar stories of people I have been able to help too, and I also teach these skills on my Earth Healing workshops. There are several books on the subject which describe this energy well from a human perspective with many real life experiences and case studies to back up the theory. In my opinion the most straight forward and easy to understand are; "Are you sleeping in a safe place" by Rolf Gordon, and "Healing Sick Houses" by Roy and Ann Procter.

Finally, I fully respect that this treatment is not a substitute for conventional medicine, yet from my personal experience, as with other "complementary therapies", it has it's place and can be extremely helpful.

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