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Feng Shui

The literal translation of "Feng Shui" is "Wind Water". These are the two most powerful forces in nature and the fundamental elements of life.  If we did not have air (wind) we could not breathe, and if we did not have water we would dehydrate and die. So this literal translation gives us a clue that introducing this theory and philosophy into your home and way of life, is working with the natural elements around us, and sometimes the energy that we cannot physically see, to bring balance and harmony into our lives and heal our homes. Some describe it as the art of placement and manifesting prosperity. I feel that working with Feng Shui gives us the gift of a powerful tool of transformation and is a catalyst for change.

In simplistic terms we can visualise a noughts and crosses energy grid. This is known as "The Bagua". It can be placed over the ground floor of your home or garden, or even in an individual room, and each of the squares within the grid represents one of our life's aspirations. These are our:
  • Career and path through Life
  • Relationships with everyone; our partner, family, friends and work colleagues
  • Ancestors and the Past
  • Wealth, Blessings and Good Luck
  • Health
  • Helpful Friends, Travel and Cash Flow
  • Children, Creativity and the Future
  • Knowledge and Spirituality
  • Fame and Recognition
Your home is a mirror of your life

Ideally your home should be a sanctuary where you return after a days work to relax and gain nurturing and support. Give yourself the gift of a new pair of eyes and walk into your home as if you were a stranger. Look around you and see what this home says about the occupants, and compare it with your life.  Is it neat, tidy and organised with harmonious colour schemes and decor and tastefully arranged artwork and ornaments. If so this will mirror an orderly and relaxed lifestyle with opportunities which find you easily. Alternatively, if it is untidy with too many things in too small a space, your life could be blocked and congested and you may feel lost, confused and in a rut.

Clear your clutter

The most effective and easiest way to begin is start to clear your clutter.  Make a space in your life for something bigger and better to jump in, like a vacuum effect.  Most of us have more than we can use within our day to day living space.  For instance it is a well known fact that most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time.  How many people move house and leave boxes of storage in their loft for years, or fill their garage and shed with items that they do not use, need or love?  You can do yourself a huge favour by clearing space around you and allowing energy to flow more easily within your home and life.

Symbolism of Artwork

As you begin to understand how to work with this energy pattern within your home, and how your choice of artwork invites similar events into your life, you may start to choose your pictures more carefully. Often people who are single and would like to find a partner, have surrounded themselves with single imagery such as pictures of single people, single items, or empty beds, and similarly introduced loneliness and isolation into their lives. People who display ornaments in groups of three, often find they experience disloyalty or a love triangle. The home can tell you so much without the occupier saying anything.

Start to choose and place you images carefully. If you want to enjoy more passion in your life, make sure you surround yourself by pictures or ornaments of couples in tender embraces, especially in your bedroom and the Relationship sector of your home. If you have a dream to own a thatched cottage in the country, a black thoroughbred horse, a particular sports car, or even a beach house in Malibu, place your dream picture in the Future area of your home to invite this energy into your life.

Inner Feng Shui and the Power of Intention

As you progress with this new understanding in life, you start to realise how your intention can be so effective. Often people manifest events in their lives because they think things might happen, and programme themselves sub-consciously with language, positively or negatively. As you start to understand the principle of "thought creates matter" you realise the power of thought, and the only person who really stops you achieving anything in life is you.  If you find yourself saying you "can't" do something, turn your thought process around, and begin to allow yourself to enjoy thoughts of abundance into your life in the form of time, friendships or opportunities. And when you hang that new passionate picture in your Relationships corner, ask it to re-ignite the passion in your life and see what happens!


Colours have their own natural energies and we can look at the colours in nature for a clue.  The colour of a beautiful pink rose, which represents Aphrodite the Goddess of Love, carries the energy of unconditional love.  Bright red is a colour of energy and passion. In the spring the new leaves grow as a light green, the colour of growth, newness and freshness. Darker green denotes more long nurtured traditions. Warm sunshine shades of yellow and orange are good to enhance communication and harmony within the home and work environment.

You can also look at the energy of your own date of birth with a system such as Nine Star Ki Astrology, to confirm the colours you wear support you on a day to day basis.


Mirrors always magnify whatever they reflect. They are good in shops if they reflect the till as they magnify the income, but not so good in offices where they may magnify the paperwork but not necessarily the profits. If they reflect the dining room table they will magnify your wellbeing, but be careful not to keep your bills and post here!  Mirrors placed opposite each other can cause distorted energy, which can make people feel uncomfortable and lead to arguments. Keep them sparkly clean to ensure your image is whole, perfect and untainted. Avoid split mirrors or mirror tiles in order to avoid a broken and imperfect reflection of yourself.

Geopathic stress and other earth energies

Your home is like a tape recorder on permanent record. When you buy a new home it is important to find out what happened to the previous occupants.  The ideal situation is that the predecessors would have moved to a bigger home or experienced many happy years in that home.  However, if the home has experienced problems with relationships breaking up or with people losing jobs, you could be inviting a similar repetitive event in your own life. Even if your home is new and you are the first occupier, the unseen energy can still cause disruption in your life. 

If you are experiencing problems with your health, incurring bad luck, have noticed blocked opportunities in life, or if you are selling your home and has it been on the market for some time with no interested buyers, you may be affected by geopathic stress or some other form of historical negative and disruptive energy.  This energy can be released and re-balanced by using Earth Healing and Space Clearing techniques to cleanse and clear, and therefore wiping the slate clean and having a fresh start. It is very important to do this prior to introducing any Feng Shui cures into your home, otherwise this could exacerbate problems before you start.


The basics of using Feng Shui in the home is down to good maintenance, house keeping, common sense and design, then when you start to fine tune the Bagua energies around your home you pay attention to detail. In all of this it is important to keep a balance and not have too many Feng Shui cures, such as an excess of mirrors, wind chimes or too much of the same colour within your home. Alternatively an empty home portrays an empty life.

Why we can work with Feng Shui in the 21st Century

Although this philosophy is thousands of years old we can use it today to bring balance and harmony into our lives and heal our homes. In ancient China it is said "If there is harmony in the home, there will be order in the nation.  If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world". Each person can individually make a difference in our world today by personally raising their expectations of love and living with care, consideration and gratitude.  When you give unconditionally with love, you open yourself to receive in unlimited ways. Remember, whatever you put out comes back to you.

If you want to stay as you are, do as you've always done. But if you do want to change your life, using the principles of Feng Shui can open many doors for you and give you a whole new ticket for life.

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