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Feng Shui Angels In Action Article

In working with Feng Shui and healing earth energies I never cease to be amazed at the synchronicity and coincidence of events in my many every day experiences. I would like to share a recent story.

At the end of May I held an "Introduction to Feng Shui" course at a venue near Boston in Lincolnshire. The format of my courses is very open and informal, and I normally start the day by asking each attendee to light a candle, chose an Angel card, and introduce themselves to the group and say what they expect to get out of the day. On this particular course there was a mother and daughter. The daughter introduced herself saying that she had come along with her mother for a day out together, and she was an Engineer by trade. She then very politely explained that if there wasn't some form of proof in the form of a formula, equation or explanation for this theory and philosophy, she would find it hard to accept it's effectiveness. Her Angel card was "Integrity".  The Oxford Dictionary defines this as moral uprightness, honesty, wholeness. The Angel Card book suggests "Stand up for what you believe in. Act in congruence with your values and follow through on your commitments". I silently thought I would have my work cut out that day!!!

The day went very well in it's normal format, and as it turned out to be a beautiful sunny afternoon we decided to have the final session in the garden. So we had a break to get some refreshment, and by "coincidence" the lady who had organised the event had an unexpected visitor. He was one of her clients who turned up on a Yamaha 1300cc motorbike. He had just casually called by to leave something with her, and curiously asked what the meeting was about. She briefly explained the subject of the day. As we sat down to reconvene he introduced himself to the group, and told them he had a Feng Shui consultation about 2 years previously. At the time he was focusing on his work and wanted a salary increase. He lately secured a promotion and an "obscene" pay rise!!!  He then went on to say how much he admired all the people there who had given up their day to learn about the subject and emphasised that his experience in working with Feng Shui had proved it to be a very powerful tool of transformation. I asked him if he would share his date of birth with us as we had just briefly discussed the subject of Nine Star Kiology as a group. He freely gave us this information which enabled me to give a brief character description and suggest the energies of the year he was probably experiencing. It was amazing how positively he kept agreeing with my analogy. I was silently thanking the Angels for sending him!!!

As he jovially went on his way, I very light heartedly said "I'll send my Angels with you on that bike!" At the end of the day I mentioned to the organiser how amazing it was that whenever you needed proof it appeared. We had also both noticed he had some Angels wings embroidered on his leather jacket!!! To finish this part of the story, the young lady who questioned the subject earlier in the day had taken a deep interest more and more throughout the day, especially after the positive input from our visitor.

A few weeks later I called the lady who had organised the event, and during our conversation she told me that a couple of weeks after the course, our unexpected visitor had been involved in a very near miss accident on his bike. I have since spoken to him and he explained there was a group of about ten bikers travelling at speed on a joy ride along the country lanes. A couple of the bikes in front had noisy exhausts, and unfortunately spooked two horses and riders to cause an incident. A car had stopped to try to help, and as our motorbike friend came over the brow of the hill within a split second he saw the scene and had to take desperate evasive action. He braked and skidded the bike, experiencing his head banging on his arm and struggling to avoid a major catastrophe. When he came to a halt all his friends were expecting the worst, and were amazed when he just stood up without any obvious injuries.  His crash helmet was split, his ankle was sprained and he had two small burns on his arms. No one else was injured, but his bike was a complete right off. In fact when the insurance loss adjusters saw it they confirmed there was not a single piece which was salvageable. When the group regained their senses he got on one of his friend's motorbikes to get home. He said that when it was happening all he could hear were the words "I'll send my Angels with you on that bike!" 

So thank you Angels for all the unseen help you give us whenever we need it, during minor and major crises ...

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