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Feng Shui In the Garden Article

When introducing Feng Shui into your home and way of life, you can then go one step further and work with the same principles in the garden.

The garden is an extension of your home and sanctuary to nurture and feed your energy. It can be a very relaxing place and great pleasure is derived from spending time in a beautiful garden with your family and friends.

Flowing energy and variety

Be aware of how energy flows in your garden and introduce curved pathways, flower beds and borders. This will add interest to the garden and encourage you to feel relaxed and at ease. Introduce variety with a choice of different plants and shrubs, and use height and colour to bring depth and contrast into this extension of your home.

Water features

In Feng Shui water represents wealth, and fish represent abundance, so garden ponds can work very well for you especially in the Wealth and Blessings area. Make sure that any flowing water is directed back towards the home, as this is symbolic of a continual flow of wealth and good luck coming back to you. If you have a water feature where water flows away from the home, money can come in but go out just as quickly! Also, avoid placing a water feature in your Fame and Recognition area as this sector is represented by Fire and you will put out the flame of your natural illumination and people will ignore you!


Garden lighting can help to extend the use of the garden into late summer evenings. Different moods can be created with your choice of lighting arrangements and candles in illuminating pathways, water, garden features and statues. Lighting can also help to balance and correct the energy of an irregular shaped house.

Wind chimes and mobiles

These are normally made of metal, wood or ceramic material. When buying a new wind chime the most important thing is to like the sound. If you find the noise of the chime irritating you will have defeated the object, so chose a mellow tone that you find relaxing to hear.  When deciding where to place your wind chime you can refer to "The Bagua" pattern of energy to ensure it is most effective. Wooden chimes are best used in Ancestors and the Past, Wealth and Blessings and Fame and Recognition sectors as Wood and Fire areas. Metal chimes are best used in Helpful Friends, the Future and Career sectors as Metal and Water areas.

Garden statues

Be aware of the symbolism of the statues you chose for your garden and the energies and experiences you attract into your life.  A pair of Chinese Fu dogs placed either side of an entrance can act as guardians of the property and attract good luck. Statues of fish, a three legged frog, turtle and stork are classed as auspicious imagery. A stone Buddha can bring in the essence of peace, balance and harmony into your surroundings. Garden statues of loving couples can help to enhance your relationship with your partner.

Use your senses

Heighten your awareness in connecting with your natural surroundings and use your senses more acutely when spending time in the garden. Allow your eyes to see and recognise the beauty around you with the variety of plant life and depth and shades of colour in the flowers and greenery. Smell the sweet scents and fragrances of nature in the different flowers. Tune in and hear more acutely the garden sounds of running water, insects, the rustling leaves, bells and wind chimes. Taste the fresh and delicious flavours of your home grown fruit and vegetables. Feel with greater sensitivity the texture of the flower petals and leaves, and when working with the earth to keep your garden tidy and manageable, allow it to help ground your energies and maintain balance in life.

As a rule

Make sure all the trees and plants are living and healthy and keep the garden generally free of rubbish and clutter, otherwise this can affect the energies of specific areas of "The Bagua". A tidy and well kept garden will provide an abundance of fulfilment, satisfaction and pleasure.

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