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A very warm welcome to Vanessa Edwards, who lives in the lovely wide expanses of Lincolnshire. Studying Feng Shui in the 1990's, Vanessa at first considered it an excellent complement to her interior design interest, but as she began to appreciate the fullness of the subject her journey truly began; she now holds courses and workshops not only in Feng Shui but Earth healing, working with Angels and much more, helping many people realise the power for transformation within them.

Her Prayer for World Peace, featured in the September Newsletter, and which she considers the pinnacle of her work during the last 10 years, is being distributed across the globe in a heartfelt desire to spread these positive, beautiful words to as many people as possible. Copies have been sent to Nelson Mandela, HRH the Prince of Wales and other prominent figures who try to effect positive change in the world.

As a respected teacher of Feng Shui and other areas of energy work, do you find the old adage 'To teach is to learn,' to be true for you and would you like to share with us an example?

I find my work so inspirational as I continue to learn in every moment of every day, wherever I am and whoever I'm with. I have enjoyed the great pleasure of working with people from all walks of life from the homeless to the very wealthy. Developing a way of using all my senses in heightened ways has proved to be my best asset to improve my skills of communication and understanding, therefore always continuing to expand my education.

Was there a specific event or realisation that prompted you to expand your Feng Shui work from its original use as an aid to interior design?

When I first began to study Feng Shui I was incredibly ignorant about the subject and in my complete innocence thought it was just an extension of interior design. This was probably very lucky for me because if you had told me at the beginning of my training that within a very short time my speciality would be working with energy that you can't see, that I would lead a more spiritual life, and that I would work with Angels and Ascended Masters I would have run a mile. Fortunately for me I journeyed into my awakening with an open mind and a willing heart. I was then gently led onwards and upwards on an accelerated path with a massive blindfold on! I am SO very grateful to all my inspiring Mentors I met along the way.

You have said Feng Shui is the basis for all your work, but was it also the beginning of your involvement with energy, such as Angels and Spirit rescue, or were they already a part of your life?

When I initially registered for my training I didn't consciously realise Angels and Spirit release would be such a huge part of my work. Very early on I realised they were part of the package. Thereafter it became very natural for me to embrace this work and play my part as a conduit for transformation and transmutation in creating an easy passage for Souls to find their way to they Light.

Do you use Angels/Angelic guidance in your Feng Shui consultations?

Yes, I am very lucky to have developed an awareness that provides an amazing level of guidance in all that I do. I often describe myself as the wire between the plug (Source energy) and the hoover (the person or place I am working with). I am very fortunate that a sense of serenity and peace accompanies me wherever I go.

During a consultation have you ever encountered a Spirit energy and were you able to help that energy move on?

Yes this has often happened. Whenever I am asked to do a consultation I ask the person sends me a floor plan of their home or business with a map pinpointing the exact location of the building. This enables me to begin the process from a distance and ensures when I arrive the energy of the home is bright and clear and I can focus on using Feng Shui with the client to help them define their intentions for the future and suggest ways the home can support this process. I have worked distantly on healing homes around the world with some amazing results. As this work is profound and intangible it is only the positive feedback from clients that motivates me to continue to expand and share this ability with those who wish to learn. I continue to have incredible experiences in the many different aspects of my work.

At this time of financial uncertainty in the world, do you think Feng Shui will become more popular in the business world?

As more people become educated about the benefits of Feng Shui I sense the subject will enjoy a renewed popularity. People are ready for change and it is up to us as professionals to take every opportunity to share our experiences of the many benefits introducing Feng Shui into your life can bring.  It is truly a transformational tool of change and can help accelerate your path towards your unlimited potential. I have worked with many businesses over the years with some great results including dental practices, a chiropractics, a garage, a media company and many more. A very important part of business Feng Shui is the design of the company logo and the use of positive promotional slogans. For a cattery I suggested "Happy pets make happy people".  The word "happy" comes from a Celtic word "happ" which means blessing, so we incorporated a double blessing. The phrase "We make life easy" was used for another company that refits cars for disabled people.

The Prayer for World Peace featured in the last Newsletter is both moving and powerful, and I know over 20,000 copies have been distributed throughout the world. What inspired you to put this together?

These positive words are a culmination of my work and what I believe every living person deserves, should they wish to ask for these many blessings.  The power of prayer is your magnified intention. When I was learning to clear energy it was always emphasised we needed to put something lovely back in as the new foundation. I was inspired to create the prayer as I felt that consistently using the same words would help to focus my attention and create magnified results. There are so many people doing fantastic work towards world peace. I felt that this prayer would be my small part to add to the swell of consciousness in action, and a consistent way to guarantee success. The words have been on the back of my brochure and on my website since 2006.  Earlier this year I was inspired to have them printed in postcard form to help accelerate their travel around our world. I have been overwhelmed and immeasurably grateful for everyone's love and support in sharing them around our world. Thank you everyone.

Women are invariably in the majority at energy workshops, yet men still dominate the world stage. In these challenging times, do you believe feminine qualities will play an increasing part in changing the world consciousness?

Yes, the Divine Feminine energy of unconditional love is making its presence felt throughout society, touching the depths of everyone's hearts. Love is the gentlest energy, yet in that gentleness the most powerful and empowering force. Our world population is changing every day beyond measure, as each person is making a difference as individuals, and this change in energy vibration and consciousness is magnifying and expanding across the world.   Perhaps Barack Obama's success was partly due to the words "Yes we can". The change is now here and we can embrace a new way of being in a love of life.

I have had more women attend my workshops than men over the years. However, the men that I have worked with and take the philosophy seriously have proven to be my most successful clients. We must always remember that men have a feminine side too.

Have you a memorable Feng Shui consultation, perhaps transformational or amusing, that you can share with us?

I have many real life transformational stories to tell it is very difficult to choose which one to share. However, I have chosen this one as it has some very powerful messages.

I initially did a consultation for a successful lady in October 2002 who at the time was living in a terraced stone cottage.  Afterwards she experienced a wonderful string of events and successes. Early in 2005 she moved into a more modern home and we immediately did a consultation, and again she experienced many positive changes. However, in January 2006 she started to have a run of bad luck: She followed her satellite navigation system on the M25, to be led to a police only area and received a ticket. She experienced credit card fraud to the sum of 1,000. She split up from her partner. Most of all she had this over-riding feeling that she was going to die and all the life force was draining away from her. Not a good situation!

Having worked with this lady for some time I felt she had already undertaken a good understanding of the subject. I kept asking her if she had introduced something into the home that was having a powerful detrimental effect on her sub-conscious mind, such as a picture or ornament showing destruction and death, but she categorically said "no". She was feeling so awful that I agreed to go and check the pictures and do a second space clearing.  As soon as I arrived I found the main problem as a photograph that was at the top of the stairs and representing the "Future" area of her home.  Her partner who she had recently split up from was a game-keeper and culled animals when necessary. The photograph was of his son who had shot his first deer.  The deer was very big, his son was beside the dying animal and the weapon used was lying across the body of the deer with the barrel of the gun pointing at the son's head!  Fortunately I know the lady so well, there was no faking my horror that she had allowed the picture to be placed anywhere in her home!  As soon as we took it down she instantly felt so much better. Later that day she chose a picture of a group of people enjoying food and wine together in a luxurious setting and having lots of fun. 

Needless to say this lady's life hastily got back on track and life very quickly returned to MANY fabulous experiences! 

The following week when she was out with a group of girlfriends, she met her future husband. Within 6 months she had sold her house and moved in with him into his flat.  They then sold that and bought a beautiful new home and enjoyed a fairy tale wedding in October 2007. How lovely!  Suffice to say the first thing she did when she moved into both the flat and their new home was to have a full consultation to create a very solid foundation for their new life together!

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