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Feng Shui Tips for Moving Home Article

Change is always guaranteed in life whether it's through choice or circumstance, and one of our biggest life changes is moving home. One friend of mine moved home every year, and always within 3 hours of moving in it was like she had always lived in that space. Another friend made a massive move to Portugal, learning to speak Portuguese within 6 months and setting up a business of house sitting in this new country, and she is SO happy. When one door closes endless more can open and sometimes we are pushed into an uncomfortable change that turns out to be the best thing that could ever happen.

If you find yourself in a position where you have to move home, here is some Feng Shui guidance to help you release your current home and find your perfect new living space, whether it's to rent or buy:

  • There is a lovely saying; "Where intention goes energy flows", so your number one priority is to set your intention and define precisely why you wish to move. I notice sometimes that houses are put on the market and seem to take a while to sell, and often it is because the person/s are still emotionally connected to the property, not sure where they want to move to, or they simply don't like change. Then a stale mate is caused and nothing happens. As soon as you have a new level of clarity of where you wish to go this seems to free up any blocked energy and sets everything in motion.

  • Visualise exactly where you wish to move to and and the sort of experiences you would like to invite into your new life. For example you can list the number of rooms and the style of home you would like, and if you wish to be located in a city, town, village or open countryside. Writing and sketching with pen and paper cements your subconscious desires, so invite your imagination to run wild and create the home of your dreams and your new life.

  • Clear your belongings before you move and only take with you whatever you will use and cherish in your new home and future. I have seen people move into homes with MASSIVE lorries overflowing with items which take weeks and months to sort, and go into some sort of storage area blocking energy in rooms or lofts, only to clear it a few months or even years later, or even worse still never using any of it and then moving it to their next home and going through the same pattern again, and increasing removal costs too!!

  • A traditional Feng Shui method to release your home and raise your intention is to place a splinter of wood and a piece of plaster in a red envelope (perhaps from the loft or under the stairs). Choose a river near to you that is clear and free flowing, and if it's tidal make sure the tide is going out. In your own words in your mind thank your home for looking after you and the sense of security it has given you and all the good and happy times you have spent there. When you're ready release the red envelope into the river and set your home free, and ask that the new occupants quickly find this home and love, honour and respect the home as it deserves. Ensure the envelope will flow away quickly and cleanly and not get caught up in reeds or circular currents, as this reflects the quicker the envelope floats away, the quicker and easier the sale. This is quite a liberating process too and will help to lift your Spirits and raise your intension.

  • Often homes repeat the same experiences again and again. When you're looking for your new space an important question to ask is "What happened to the previous occupants?" If they stayed for many years and were happy and healthy, had a great career and family life and lots of happy friendships, then moved on to something bigger and better, or downsized and retired, this is what is called a good predecessor energy. Alternatively beware if the past occupants regularly moved on due to poor health, unhappy relationships or problems with their career. If you have already moved into this sort of home and are experiencing similar circumstances, then it will be beneficial to invite a specialist like myself to clear any historical energy and help raise the vibration and give you a fresh start and a new beginning, and also review your choices to help you rebalance the energy of your home and clearly set your intention for your future. We can have a life review based on the Feng Shui Bagua grid and set your intention for your career and life path, relationships, the past, your wealth and blessing, health, friendships cashflow and travel, your future, knowledge and spirituality, and fame and recognition.

  • If you find yourself moving often and always experiencing similar circumstances wherever you go, perhaps you need to move deeper into your subconscious mind and recognise the route of your emotions, and why you are choosing this repetitive experience, and what you have to learn.

  • When you find your beautiful new space visualise yourself living there happily and achieving all your aims during the next part of your journey. Our home is a mirror of our lives and as we create our new comfortable and inviting space we have the opportunity to surround ourselves with a living treasure map. Ensure you choose to fill your beautiful new home with colour and items that you love and that visually support your aims and are meaningful to your intentions.

In reflection we realise that everything happens at the perfect time and we are always in the perfect place for our continued self development in life. Good luck with this process as and when you move, and as always I wish you every happiness in your home and may it overflow with an abundance of "Love and Happiness", good health, good luck and continued success and prosperity in all that you do. Be blessed.

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