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Feng Shui Top Tips For Clutter Clearing Article

I am always AMAZED by how full people's homes are, as if they have a blindfold on and work against themselves and don't recognise their own reality. Earlier this year a client decided to make a massive start on clearing her clutter prior to my visit to do a Feng Shui consultation. She later told me they had raised 1,200 from selling a lot of the items they no longer used or needed. Another client I worked with recently couldn't see just how full and overflowing her cupboards and rooms were, and she ALSO had a container full of her belongings in storage! Even when I began my training to become a Feng Shui Consultant I remember saying "I haven't got any clutter!", then ended up with a room full of stuff that I didn't want or no longer used, and my goodness what a liberating effect that had on my life! When you store SO many unwanted items from your past, life is on hold as you are not letting go and moving on, so let's begin the process and embrace your freedom by clearing some clutter! Here is some inspiration to help you on your way:


For most people this is your starting point when consciously introducing Feng Shui into your home. Whatever size our home is, we fill it with practical items, ornaments and artwork which create our environment. In fact everyone uses Feng Shui as this is your personal choice of how you live in your home and work environment. Some people naturally and intuitively create a good supportive living space, and others can sabotage themselves at times. As we are perpetually students at the University of Life, whatever experience we have, we are always learning. Ideal Feng Shui principles create a nurturing and supportive sanctuary which encourage a relaxing atmosphere where we re-charge our batteries. Look around your home with a new pair of eyes and what do you see? Now consider what's happening in your life, and acknowledge similarities in the symbolism of whatever surrounds you. The fact is the longer we live in a home, the more likely it is to become full of items we have grown out of and really don't need anymore.

These three words are very powerful in every aspects of your life; "Less is more". As you begin to re-define your life you become more focused on your goals. If any part of your home is so full you can't cram anything else into it, this reflects there is no room for new opportunities to come into your life. A huge clutter clear helps you to jump start your life and release old memories and attachments, and helps you embrace the future with a new found freedom. Make a habit that as soon as you bring something new into the home, you let go of something you no longer need. This way energy continues to move on, and so will you! It's like a vacuum effect, as you let go of the past, you welcome in a new and vibrant future.


The Oxford Dictionary defines clutter as a "crowded and untidy collection of things". All clutter is stuck energy. If you surround yourself with clutter then life can feel stuck in some way. Clutter can slow you down and make you feel tired. Clearing makes you feel lighter and gives you an instant energy boost. Energy levels also drop if you are surrounded by items that are broken or incomplete, as this again is a reflection of something within you that is broken or incomplete. Be very disciplined with yourself and fix, complete or bin them. Let go of that mental list of clutter too and clear your mind and become focused!

Categories of clutter are:

Items that you do not use or love

Items which are untidy or dis-organised

Too many things in too small a space

Anything unfinished or broken

The clutter test is:

Does it lift my energy when I think about it or look at it?

Do I absolutely love it and is it genuinely useful?


These are often full of items we never use and can be cleared quickly without causing major disruption to your living space. Bookshelves store books that will often never be read again. The same can be said of CD, DVD and video collections. Move them all on and make space for new experiences.

Tops Of Wardrobes and Dressers
Items stored on top of wardrobes and dressers can energetically stop your growth. Keep them clear.

Under Beds
Clutter stored under beds creates a very stale energy and can affect sleep patterns. Have a look under yours and see what you find, especially if you have a teenager in the home? Keep this area clear!

Under The Stairs
I have seen these cupboards full to bursting point of items that haven't moved for years! Completely empty them and freshen up the area with a light shade of paint, and only put back items that are used regularly to keep energy moving.

Behind Doors
When doors have hooks on the back often random items such as bags and dressing gowns are hung on them, then the door cannot open fully. This reflects not being able to fully open yourself to opportunities in life.

Bedroom and Kitchen Draws
How often do you have a quick tidy up before a visitor arrives, and eventually end up with a drawer full of bits and pieces, which can range from elastic bands to unopened mail, and everything in between. Have a regular clear and sort out, and then you'll always be on top of everything.

It is a well known fact we normally wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time. How many wardrobes have items stored in them that are out of fashion, don't fit any more, are worn out, full of one colour (often black!), or colours that the person no longer wears? Clearing your wardrobe is great as it can help us have a new look at our image, and as you review and renew you can re-model yourself into a whole new energised person.

You can even read a person by the contents of their handbag! Are you willing to open yourself to the world?

This area of your home reflects your higher aspirations, you aims and ideals. If it's full and overloaded, you have an invisible weight bearing down on you which energetically blocks your growth. For many people this is the first massive clear out when introducing Feng Shui and is guaranteed every time to light the blue touch paper of life.

This area of your home reflects your lower aspirations, your foundation and where you've come from. Many cellars I've seen have been full of broken items. Clear it!

Garage / Shed / Garden
Often these spaces are full of untidy storage and broken items. Keep these spaces clear and tidy and make them work for you.


Every home tells it's own story with the symbolic choice of artwork and ornaments, and these are always a give away to what is happening in a persons' life. When you look at each of your pictures, ask yourself; "Do I really love it?" and" How do I feel when I look at it?". If you cannot give a positive response to either of these questions, then it's time to move these images on and let them be the first to go when you begin your clearing process. Also, look at the symbolism of the pictures and ensure they are in alignment with your current aims and intentions. I find single people often surround themselves with pictures of people alone, often naked or semi-naked looking dreamy and sad, and guess what - this is what is happening to them! Displays of single items indicate independence, loneliness and isolation, so place your ornaments in pairs to encourage unity, harmony and togetherness in your life. Pictures of battle scenes reflect aggressive behaviour and reflect constant aggressive situations. Ultimately in your new Feng Shui life, choose to surround yourself with pleasing imagery and items that you love to ensure a smooth flowing and harmonious lifestyle, as everything in your home is a mirror and reflection of your current emotional situation.


My best advice is clutter clear everything you own. I've come across people who have paid to keep items in storage units for years, and even in other peoples' homes! Understand all of your belongings are a part of you, and until you sort them out they will hold you in the past. Let go and free yourself and embrace a whole new you! When items are no longer useful to you, it's time to let go! Even if you dedicate only 5 minutes a day to your clearing, this adds up to 35 minutes in a week. Once you start clutter clearing it can be very addictive! It is important to stay focused and not get sentimental with emotional attachments while you are clearing. Be disciplined and handle things only once, and decide what to do with it straight away:!

Give it to a charity shop
Offer it to someone who will make use of it
Put it in the bin
Re-cycle it if possible or take it to the rubbish tip

When you have cleared your clutter take it away as soon as possible. Avoid storing it in the home as this will defeat the whole object of the exercise. !!!


It's amazing how much lighter you will feel as you clear your space of the physical baggage. Keep up the good work on an ongoing basis and look forward to a new found freedom and embrace the new opportunities that come to you!


With the general availability of technology in today's world, I believe we will embrace a natural trend of becoming lighter and freer, as individuals travel more and keep a lot of resources on their computers, overriding the need for reference books. This will also be more eco-friendly and supportive to the environment as we will need less paper, and the future of the rain-forests will be secured. Also, having cleared a number of homes for family members who have passed on, I am very certain I don't want anyone looking through ALL my personal belongings! I recommend you keep up to date with your life and do the same!

Recommended reading: Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston              ISBN 0-7499-1824-1

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