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Get Your Feng Shui Right and You Can Have It All!

If you had sat me down when I initially began to study for my Diploma in Feng Shui and told me within a few years I would:

  • change my life beyond recognition and become a catalyst in helping others to completely transform their lives too

  • be blessed with a career I truly love and be self employed, specialising in working with energy you often can't physically see

  • lead a more spiritual life and work with Divine inspiration

  • have the confidence to speak to large numbers of people about a subject of which I have gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge and which I am truly passionate about

  • embrace opportunities to share my knowledge with people from all walks of life

  • travel internationally with my work

...... I would seriously have thought you were talking to the wrong person, and looking back now I can't even recognise the person I was at that time! My saving grace has been being able to develop an open Heart and mind, stepping into a flexible and open attitude and completely reprogramming my thought patterns and language, and also the realisation that every experience in my earlier years made me the person I am today. Around that time one of my closest friends innocently penned a very playful verse about Feng Shui and little did they know the relevance of their words at the time!
"Crystals from the ceiling
Mirrors in the hall
Get your Feng Shui right and
You can have it all!"

One of my most life changing experiences happened when I attended a Professional Development weekend in my early days of studying for my Feng Shui Diploma. The first session on the Saturday morning was given by the actress Serena Gordon on the subject of public speaking. There were about 200 people in the room and I had chosen to sit on a chair in the back row. However, just before she began there were 6 empty seats on the front row and 6 of us were ushered to fill these spaces. About half way through her session she asked the 6 people in question one at a time (including me) to introduce ourselves, for instance; "Good morning, my name's Vanessa", and sit down again - so far so good. Then of course she came back down the line and worked with us as individuals. I have to admit I've blanked out what happened to everyone else. When it was my turn she again asked me to introduce myself and I said "Good morning, my name's Vanessa", and she said "Very nice but I can't hear you, can you say it again please and speak up?" I said it again and she said "Very nice but I still can't hear you can you shout?". I shouted and then a man's voice from the other side of the room was heard to say "If that's you shouting I wish you were my wife!" and of course the room erupted in laughter, at which point I wished the earth would open and swallow me up never to be seen again! However, Serena then said "That's better, now turn around and tell everyone else" - which of course I did! So you can absolutely imagine how that AMAZING moment changed my life and was a huge catalyst for me to enjoy speaking at public events ever since.

Of course there have been many more life changing experiences for me since the one described above as my quest for learning and self development continues to evolve and grow everyday. Since I embraced Feng Sui philosophy and this way of being, my total transformation has been the equivalent of a Mouse metamorphosing into a LION, and I now literally support a belief that I can speak to a crowded Wembley stadium given the opportunity!

None of us knows what is in store as we journey through life and what the future holds, who we will meet and all the adventures we will experience. Common sense tells us if we had a time table and a plan we could be more ready for some of life's twists and turns. Yet perhaps one of life's thrills is not actually knowing what will happen next, and allowing these beautiful surprises to fuel our fire and passion, and light the blue touch paper to help us recognise our purpose and jump out of bed in the morning to embrace our new day, as every healthy sunshine day is a great blessing.

One of the most inspirational You Tube clips I've seen is Steve Jobs giving a graduation speech at Stanford University in 2005. It's only about 15 minutes and he suggests it's not until we look back in life that we can join up the dots and understand what happened when it did and why it did, and he ends with the words "Stay hungry, stay foolish" - which I LOVE! I've listened to these words of wisdom time and again and always find them very inspirational and hear something a little bit differently every time.

I am deeply grateful I am at a stage in my life now where I lace my everyday with love and positivity wherever I am and whatever I'm doing, and have developed the gift of an ascended understanding in my life, and accept why my past experiences happened to me, and how every moment in my life has made me who I am now. As we all develop and evolve our consciousness we are gifted a key to live happier and more fulfilling lives, and my wish for everyone is to be blessed with an abundance of the "Love and Happiness" vibe everyday, and my advice to everyone is to live life, LOVE it, be LOVE, LOVE all, enjoy your days and have it ALL.

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